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Cold and Flu

Children are susceptible to the highly contagious cold and flu as they are closeted in classrooms and easily mingle with infected children in school or playgrounds . This viral infection creates symptoms like high temperature, shivers, aching joints and limbs, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Homeopathic relief in the form of Dr. Willmar Schwabe’s Nisikind  or Alpha-CF, Dr. Reckeweg R 6 is highly recommended in such cases

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Schwabe Rinikind globules for Rhinitis, stuffy nose in children
Schwabe Nisikind globules for Cold, Cough, Muscle pain & fever in Children
Dr.Reckeweg R 6 Influenza drops -Pack of 3
Healwell Coldheal Pills - Eases Cold and Stuffiness Naturally
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Healwell Fluheal Pills
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Healwell Fluheal Pills for Fever
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Bakson Kof Aid (Paediatric Pack for Children)
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