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Top Homeopathy Hair Loss, Regrowth Medicines

Which are the best Homeopathy medicines for hair fall control and regrowth?

Homeopathy has a proven track record in clinically treated cases. The following 12 homeopathic medicines are well known for their remarkable therapeutic action concerning all aspects of hair loss in men and women. One of the prime causes of hair fall is the adverse effect of male and female sex hormones. Homeopathy medicines (Testes) reverses this with its anti hormonal effect, (Juglans) checks the rise of improper fatty acids and fat metabolism that leads to impure blood and consequently hair loss. Homeopathy has a therapeutic effect of reducing blood toxicity, favorably influence nutrition to hair follicles (alfalfa), reduces sticky secretions that weakens hair root (sulphur), influences hair pigmentation resulting in hair becomes darker (weisbaden). Among its other notable effect on hair fall treatment is stimulating liver function and colon detox (cynara scolmus), reverse toxemia (graphites), any allergic reaction causing hair fall (sarothamnus scoparius), metabolic regulation that effects alopecia areata (thallium aceticum). Homeopathy medicines like hypophysis have a stabilizing effect during the hair growth phase (also called Anagen) resulting in good regrowth of hair. Kali Phosphorricum is a well known biochemic salt that addresses body cell salt imbalances which is essential for hair restoration. Another remarkable homeopathy medicine for hair loss treatment is ustilago maydis which is certified by doctors for strong hair loss symptoms in the whole body accompanied by bad skin conditions all triggered by metabolic intoxification process. 

what are the homeopathic medicines for hair loss in females?

Hair fall in women usually occurs during pregnancy and immediately after child birth. This hair loss is attributed to a spike in hormones which is a normal process. However hormonal spikes as those caused by androgens (male hormones) cause disease like cysts in ovaries (PCOS) as also hair loss. Also females are more susceptible to emotional triggers like stress, tension and lifestyle activities like crash diets (anorexia) leading to anemia and hair fall. Homeopathy medicines like Lycopodium, Sepia  are good remedies for hair fall during pregnancy, after child birth (post partem). Lactuca sativa, Lecithinum, Oenothera biennes provide anti hormonal effect to contain hair loss in females

Can homeopathy cure hair fall in beard, eye brows, pubic hair etc?

Yes specific homeopathic remedies can be applied in case of beard hair loss (Sphingurus mar), eczema of beard (arsenicum iod), pustular eruptions on beard ( hepar sulphuris), Aurum Mur (itching tickling). Acidum phosphoricum is not only good for hair fall from head but also in eyebrows, genetalia, Kali Carb (brittle dry hair)

Which is the best homeopathy hair oil for hair growth

Arnica and Jaborandi are two very well known and popular homeopathy herbs  used in hair oils. Concentrate of Jaborandi, Calendula Off, Cinchona Off, Cantharis, Arnica Mont are used in hair oils because it stimulates hair follicles, enrich hair bulbs and nourish hair shafts. Homeopathic twin packs like (Allen Arnica Triofer, Wheezal Hairgro) that offer IN & OUT care (internal medicines and external applications) and are quite popular

Doctor recommended homeopathic medicines for hair fall treatment here

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SBL homeopathy Drops No.1 for Hair fall , premature grey hair
Dr Reckeweg Wiesbaden Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M
Dr.Reckeweg R89 drops, Homeopathy remedy for hair loss
homeopathy medicine kit for male pattern baldness with R89 Thuja Jaborandi Best homeopathy medicines for male pattern baldness
Adel 9 CRI-regen drops - Natural remedies for hair loss
Schwabe Zauberol for alopecia hairloss premature hair fall
Agom Kesharanjana Pills for Hair Problems
Hair fall Treatment herbal Mother Tincture Mixture, topical hairloss formula
schwabe Ustilago Maydis Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M
Blooume 4 Biohair drops for Hairfall, Acid Phos, Wiesbaden, Lycopodium
Schwabe B&T Hair Growth Oil with Arnica, Jaborandi, Olive & Sabal Serrulata
Bhargava Bals homeopathy Tablets for Hair Loss, Premature Graying and Dandruff
REPL10 ALOPCIAA drops for Alopecia, Hair fall, Hair loss, Grey Hair
Allens Homeopathy ArnicaPlus with Triofer tab
Wheezal Arnica Hair Treatment (Oil)
Medisynth K Tablets for Dandruff, Hair loss and Brittle Nails
SBL homeopathy Scalptone Tablets,, Hair Fall, Dandruff, Grey Hair
Wheezal Jaborandi Hair Treatment Oil, best homeopathy hair oil for hair fall, grey hair, dry scalp
schwabe Thallium Metallicum Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M
Allens Homeopathy Arnica Plus Hair vitalizer
Bakson homeopathy hair nail aid tablets
Bakson AC9 Tablets
Allen A53 Alopecia Drops - Homeopathic medicine for Baldness
Agom Kesharanjana Oil tailark for Hair Fall
Fourrts Hairgro Gel
SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil TJC for Premature Graying, Dandruff 15% Off
Bakson Sunny Herbals Hair Serum
Medisynth Arnikesh Scalp Treatment Oil for hair fall, burning eyes, insomnia
SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil
SBL Jaborandi Hair Oil
Wheezal Haigro Drops for Hairfall, Bald Spots, Grey Hair
Baksons AC4 Tablets for dandruff free hair
Baksons AC4 Tablets for dandruff free hair
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SBL Amla Forte Hair Oil Strengthen Hair and Nourishes Scalp - Natural Hair Tonic
schwabe Lecithinum 3x, 6x Homeopathy Trituration Tablets
66 results
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