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Alcohol and nicotine abuse is the result of addiction since they invoke regular and repeated body cravings.  Addiction can be cured through homeopathy since its  natural herbal ingredients remove the craving for these substances thereby diminishing or removing the dependency. 

Strychninum nitricum:  indicated for alcohol poisoning or affections caused by excess alcohol

Querecus gland spiritus:  removes alcohol craving

Caladium: removes nicotine craving

Daphne Indica:  modifies alcohol craving

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Wheezal De-Toxin Drops for after effects of Narcotics
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Dr.Reckeweg R77 anti-Smoking drops for withdrawal symptoms, Smokers hangover
Bach flower Agrimony for addiction, unhappiness, anxiety, insomnia.
Schwabe Quercus Robur 1x Tablets for alcohol addiction, Spleen problems
Schwabe Daphne Indica 1X tablets for Tobacco de-addiction, Quit smoking
Lords Toxkure drops for smoking cessation and alcoholism
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Baksons Go Tox de-addiction drops
Baksons Go Tox de-addiction drops
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