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About Us: Your Trusted Online Homeopathy Pharmacy for Quality Remedies & Expert Care

Discover the Holistic Healing of Homeopathy with Homeomart’s Exclusive Range

Homeopathy stands as a testament to the power of a holistic healing approach, intertwining the wisdom of nature with the precision of modern science. At INDIBUY PVT LTD, our mission is to illuminate this path of natural wellness through our dedicated online portal, homeomart.com, bringing together an unparalleled selection of the finest homeopathic brands and products from across the globe. Our vision is clear: to cement our status as the premier online destination for all things homeopathy, providing top-tier medicines and services at unbeatable prices.

Our journey has resonated with individuals worldwide, drawing over a million visitors each month to explore the vast healing potential of homeopathy. As a globally recognized brand, our presence spans the USA, Barbados, and Ghana, reflecting our commitment to making homeopathic remedies accessible to a diverse international audience.

Our achievements in the digital realm are noteworthy, with homeomart.com ranking on Page 1 of organic web searches, a testament to our prominence as one of the leading online homeopathy brands. This achievement is further bolstered by the trust and endorsement of India's renowned homeopathic doctors, including influential YouTubers and a network of over 500 affiliates.

Our platform is a beacon for those seeking guidance on homeopathic treatments, with over 10,000 inquiries addressed through our official blog. Daily, we bridge the gap between need and access by fulfilling orders from India and beyond, emphasizing the convenience of mail, Whatsapp, and telephone orders to ensure a seamless experience for our clients.

Our Achievements: Celebrating Recognition and Trust from Around the Globe

The accolades we've received from prestigious institutions in India, the US, and the UK reflect our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Our Homeomart homeopathy Kits and medicated globules have not only captured the market on Amazon (US) but also the hearts of those seeking holistic health solutions.

At INDIBUY PVT LTD., we pledge to continue earning your trust and confidence through transparent practices, dedicated service, and a relentless pursuit of quality. Join us on this journey at homeomart.com, where the art of homeopathy meets the heart of healing.

What our logo represents?

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Our Mission: Pioneering Excellence in Online Homeopathy Pharmacy

Homeomart stands as a beacon in the homeopathic community, offering an unparalleled spectrum of products that cater to every aspect of homeopathic care. Our inventory spans the full range of homeopathic necessities, from Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, and Triturations to Tablets, Drops, Biochemics & Biocombinations. Beyond these essentials, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive selection of Speciality products, Creams, Gels, and an array of homeopathic Cosmetic products, ensuring that every homeopathic need is met under one virtual roof.

Understanding the critical role of professional guidance in homeopathic treatment, Homeomart bridges the gap between individuals seeking holistic healing and the experts capable of providing it. We connect you with well-qualified and reputed homeopathic practitioners through an online platform that promises convenience without compromising on the effectiveness of the treatment.

At Homeomart, the commitment to excellence is reflected not only in the quality of our products but also in the entirety of the shopping experience. We guarantee:

  • Access to the Best Doctors: Our network includes highly qualified and reputable homeopathic practitioners, ensuring that you receive knowledgeable and personalized care.
  • Highest Quality Medicines: We source our products from trusted manufacturers, ensuring that each item in our vast inventory meets stringent quality standards.
  • Competitive Prices: Our mission is to make homeopathic treatment accessible to all, which is why we offer the most competitive prices in the market.
  • Excellent Packaging: We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of homeopathic remedies during transit. Our packaging is designed to protect your purchases and ensure they reach you in perfect condition.
  • Door Delivery Services: Convenience is key at Homeomart. Our efficient door delivery system ensures that your homeopathic supplies are delivered right to your doorstep, no matter where you are.

Explore the holistic world of homeopathy with Homeomart.com, where quality, convenience, and care converge to offer you the best in homeopathic treatment and products


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10 Good Reasons To Choose Homeomart as Your Preferred Online Pharmacy

Choosing Homeomart for your online homeopathy needs is a decision that brings with it numerous benefits, underpinned by our commitment to quality, authenticity, and customer satisfaction. Here are ten compelling reasons why Homeomart should be your go-to online portal for homeopathic remedies:

  1. Dedicated Homeopathy Focus: Unlike other platforms that dilute their offerings with a myriad of medical disciplines, Homeomart is devoted exclusively to homeopathy, ensuring a specialized and knowledgeable approach.

  2. Guaranteed Authenticity: We procure our medicines directly from the manufacturers, ensuring that you receive only genuine products from the latest batches.

  3. Strong Social Endorsement: Our customers’ positive experiences shared via word-of-mouth and social media attest to our quality and reliability, highlighting our reputation built on genuine customer satisfaction.

  4. Award-Winning Service: Our accolades include being named the best start-up by KEONICS-ICMG in 2016, ranking #5 worldwide in Homeopathy blogs by Feedspot USA, and receiving the title of India's best homeopathy retailer in 2021 by GHP, underscoring our excellence and leadership in the field.

  5. Regulatory Compliance: Shopping with us means you're engaging with a licensed and legally compliant pharmacy, ensuring peace of mind regarding the legitimacy and safety of your purchases.

  6. Beyond Transactions - Building Relationships: Our commitment goes beyond mere sales; we offer both free and paid guidance on homeopathic treatment and pride ourselves on responsive customer service across calls, emails, WhatsApp, social media, blogs, and mail inquiries, fostering lasting relationships with our customers.

  7. Expert Guidance: Our team includes experienced homeopaths who contribute their vast knowledge and expertise, ensuring you receive informed advice on product selection and treatment options.

  8. Transparent Deals: We stand against marketing gimmicks, offering genuine discounts on our products and charging actual rates for shipping, reflecting our honesty and integrity.

  9. Efficient Processing: Our fully computerized operations mean your orders are processed quickly and efficiently in-house, ensuring faster turnaround times and reducing the risk of delays.

  10. Unmatched Product Range: With the most extensive portfolio of homeopathic brands and rare medicines not available elsewhere, we provide an unparalleled selection at competitive prices, making us the definitive source for all your homeopathic needs.

At Homeomart, we're not just selling products; we're offering a pathway to better health through the holistic principles of homeopathy, supported by our unwavering dedication to our customers' well-being

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