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Homeopathy Medicines List for Back Pain, Lumbago

Homeopathy Medicines List for Back Pain, Lumbago

Dr. H.S Khaneja, a well known homeopath and author of best selling book "Illustrated Guide to Homeopathic Treatment" has recommended the following medicines for back pain treatment

Aceticum acidum (tds) Pain in the back relieved only on lying on the abdomen   Conium mac. (tds) Backache from coition. Backache due to bruises and shocks to the spine
Aconitum nap. (tds)  Sudden backache on exposure to cold, dry winds. Stiffness and shooting pain in lower back.   Dulcamara (tds), N atrium sulph. (tds)  Backache due to living in damp houses and in dwellers of basements
Aesculus hip. (tds)  Backache in the lower region due to constipa-tion and piles. Patient feels better by standing. Backache due to hard work.   Eupatorium perf (tds)  Backache due to pain in the spinal bones
Agaricus mus. (tds)  Stiffness of the whole spine. Immense shoot-ing and burning pains worse stooping. Sensa-tion of cold needles pricking the back.   Eupionum (tds) Severe backache. Pains extend to pelvis. Back-ache is followed by yellowish leucorrhea which is worse after menses. Backache is relieved by hard pressure. 
Ammonium Carb. (tds) Pain in the lumbar region.    Gnaphalium (tds) Chronic rheumatic character of the muscles of the back and neck. Worse continued motion, better resting, specially on back. The more chronic the backache, the more indicated this remedy. It is specially useful when the pain is associated with numbness
Antimonium tart. (tds)  Backache from fatigue specially in the lower back. Any movement may cause vomiting.   Hypericum (tds) Backache due to injuries to the nerves. Violent pain and inability to walk or stoop after a fall on coccyx. 
Arnica  Mont (tds) Backache due to over-exertion or an accident.    Kalium carb. (tds) Backache in the lower part of the back and in pregnant women. Pain is constant and the back and legs give out. The patient has to sit. Sweating. 
Berberis Vulgaris (tds) Backache due to stones in the kidney and due to urinal troubles. Pain radiates in all direc-tions with numbness. Pain and numbness in back during menses.    Kalmia lat. (tds)  Backache with numbness. Pain extends to the scapula. Pains are descending
Bryonia alba (tds)  Backache worse from motion and better by rest and pressure. Lachesis (tds)  Coccyx and sacrum pain especially on rising from a sitting position
Calcarea carb. (tds) Backache on rising from a seat and due to an old injury. It may be given after Arnica has been tried. Backache as a result of bathing in a river or lake. Pain in the lower back and weak-ness. Back of neck rigid and stiff.     Lycopodium  Backache in the region of kidneys; worse be-fore urination. Ceases after the flow. Urine slow in coming
Calcarea fluor. 12x (tds)  Chronic backache in the lower part aggravated on beginning to move and ameliorated on con-tinued motion. Worse during rest and better by heat and warm applications   Magnesium phos. (tds) Pain better by heat and pressure, and worse in cold. 
Calcarea phos. (tds), Natrium mur. 6x (tds)  Backache due to leucorrhea. Better by putting hard things under the back   Medorrhinum 200 (hs), Repeat after a week  Backache from neck to sacrum
Cannabis Ind. (tds)  Backache after sexual intercourse   Natrium mur. (tds) Backache better by hard pressure. The patient walks with hands around his hips and back.
Causticum (tds)  Pain in back during menses. Pressing, cramp-like pain in small of back and renal region while sitting , better after rising   Nux vomica (tds)  Backache in the bed on lying. Must sit up or turn side.Pain is located in the lumbar region. Hemorrhoids may be present. Backache in chilly, constipated patients who lead a sedentary life. 
China off. (tds)  Backache extending to the hollow of the knee.Worse morning and sitting. Better standing   Rhus tox. (tds)  Backache resulting from an old injury. Backache due to sprain, exposure, sleeping with damp clothes or on damp ground or getting wet in rains or taking bath when perspiring or over-lifting. Worse rising from a seat and better by movement.
Cimicifuga (tds)  Rheumatic pains in the back, neck, sacral region extending to thighs. Pain in the scapula and right shoulder. Restlessness and sleepless-ness. Pain in the pelvic region. Pains better by warmth and eating   Symphytum off. (od) A dose of this remedy in 30 potency - once a day eases backache resulting from violent motion such as wrestling, excessive sexual indulgence
Colocynthis (tds) Pain in the back, buttock and thighs. Severe burning along the sacrum   Sulphur (od)  Pain between shoulders. Stiffness in the nape of the neck. Backache after physical exertion, cannot straighten up immediately after the ex ertion. Backache worse standing. Severe pain in the lower back and coccyx. Cannot walk erect. Pain worse night and cold.
tds - thrice daily, hs - onedose only, od - one dose daily, bd - twice a day
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Homeopathy Cancer Medicines List

Homeopathy Cancer Medicines List

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YouTube Video on most common Cancers and homeopathy medicines here

Cancer Medicines with Indications List

Arsenicum Alb 1M Given stat; Repeat every 3rd day Cancer of the testicles. Give two doses a day, when no other general symptom of the remedy are present.
Arsenicum iod. 3x (tds), Asterias rub. (tds) Cancer of breasts when ulceration has started.
Asterias rub. 1x (tds) It acts on cancer of both breasts but better left. Breasts are hard and painful. Patient is fleshy with a red face. It has a great influence in cancer diseases.
Bellis per. (tds) Cancer of stomach with burning pain in the esophagus.
Cadmium phos. (tds) Cancer of testicles.
Cadmium sulph. (tds) Cancer of stomach with persistant vomiting and constant bleeding of black fluid. Also for cancer of prostate gland.
Cistus can., (tds) Crotalus hor. (tds) For cancer of prostate gland.
Calcarea sulph. (tds) Fibroma of uterus with very offensive yellowish bleeding and cystic tumors.
Calendula off. Q (tds) Has a remarkable power to reduce local bleeding of a cancer and helps to make acrid discharge healthy and free. Use it as an intercurrent remedy whenever healing is required after exudation.
Carcinosinum 30-200 (hs) This fluid extract of specifically breast cancers is very useful in the treatment of carcinoma of mammary glands, with great pain and hardness of glands, also that of uterus. The fetid discharge, bleeding and pain are greatly relieved. One dose a night after a week. Repeat after a week
Carduus mar. Q. (tds) Cancer of the liver. It reduces pain of cancer. It also reduces the inflammation of the liver. Diarrhea due to cancer, specially that of the rectum.
Chininum sulph. (tds) Cancerous ulcer due to suppression of malaria.
Cholesterinum 3x (tds) For cancer of the liver.
Cholinum Q (tds) It gives encouraging results in treatment of cancer of the bladder. Use 1-2 ml of the fluid extract. There is a sensation of bubbles bursting in the bowels.
Cistus can. (tds) Cancer of glands of the neck with sensation of coldness in various parts.
Cobaltum (tds) Cancer of the lungs.
Conium mac. 1M (hs) Cancer of breasts and testicles. Tumor of the abdomen. Repeat after a week.
Cundurango Q (tds) Cancer of esophagus and stomach. Relieves pain of cancer. Even touch of a finger on the affected site gives pain.
Crotalus hor. (tds) Cancer of stomach with vomiting of bloody, slimy mucus.
Echinacea Q (tds) 10-15 drops in a little warm water reduces the pain of cancer in the last stages. Bleeding is foul smelling.
Galium aparine (tds) For cancerous ulcers and nodulated tumors of the tongue.
Graphites (od) Cancer of pylorus and duodenum.
Hekla lava 3x (tds) Cancer of the bones.
Hoang nan Q (tds) 5-25 drops in 1/2 cup of water It is useful in cancer of any glandular or secreting organ (glands) whether bleeding or not. Start with 5 drops thrice daily and gradually increase the dose to 25 drops. It removes the foul smell and revives the healing process.
Hydrastis (tds) Cancer of breasts before start of ulceration. Cancer of the uterus. It can be used for douching - 10 drops in a tumbler of luke warm water.
Kalium ars. (tds) Skin cancer without any visible symptoms. Many small nodules under the skin.
Kalium cyan. (tds) Cancer of the tongue and rectum.
Kalium phos. (tds) When cancer has been removed surgically and the healing process has started but the skin is drawn tight over the wound causing inconvenience, use of this remedy eases the patient.
Kreosotum (tds) Cancer of the vagina and prostate. Dribbling of urine. Cannot control the urge to urinate.
Malandrinum 1M (hs) It is efficacious in clearing the remains of the cancerous deposits. Only 1 dose is given at the end of the treatment when cancer has been cured.
Morphinum (bd) Pain of cancer is relieved when the patient is very sensitive and restless, jerks the limbs. Convulsions are threatened.
Ornithogalum Q (hs) Cancer of intestinal tract specially of stomach in its lower part and at the start of the intestines. Depression of spirits, complete prostration. Painful contraction and duodenal distention. Pains increase when food passes the pyloric outlet. Cancer of abdomen. Give a single dose of 10-15 drops and repeat only after seeing results. Cancer of cecum.
Ova tosta 3x (tds) Relieves pain of cancer anywhere when backache is present.
Phosphorus (tds) Excessively bleeding fibroids and cancer specially in the stomach. Cancer of pancreas or of bones, specially lower jaw and tibia.
Phytolacca dec. Q (tds) Tumors or cancer of breasts. Enlarged axillary glands. Sore spot in the right hypochondrium.
Psoralea bit. (tds) Uterine tumors. It also reduces pain of cancer.
Radium brom. (tds) Cancer of skin with itching, great burning and restlessness better by a hot bath and moving about.
Ruta (tds) Carcinoma of lower bowels and rectum.
Sanguinaria (tds) Cancer of rectum.
Scrophularia nodose Q (tds) It is a powerful remedy for tumors of the breasts. 10 drops a dose, thrice daily causes disappearance in a few months.
Strychnos Q (tds) Removes offensive odor and hemorrhage of cancer.
Symphytum off. (tds) Cancer of bones, periosteum, specially of joints.
Taraxacum Q (tds) Cancer of the bladder.
Tarentula cub. (tds) It reduces pain of cancer.
Ustilago may. Q (tds) Cancer of cervix with a sensation as if there is boiling water is flowing along the back. Bleeding easily.
Viburnum prun. Q (tds) For cancer of the tongue.
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