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Dr.Bakshi B1 drops for Influenza and Fever
Dr.Bakshi B37 Endocrine Drops Female
Dr.Bakshi B37 Endocrine Drops Female
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Dr.Bakshi B34 Tumour drops for glandular swellings
Dr.Bakshi B9 Hemorrhoidal Drops,  Anal fissure
Dr.Bakshi 24 Nausea Drops for Vomiting sensation, Gastritis
Dr.Bakshi B33 Cough Drops for Respiratory tract infection, Asthma
Dr.Bakshi B13 Prostatitis drops (Prostate)
Dr.Bakshi B15  Female drops for Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea
Dr.Bakshi B30 Nocturnal enuresis drops for bed wetting
Dr.Bakshi B2 Stomach drops for Gastritis, Ulcers
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Dr.Bakshi B22 Sinus Drops for nose discharge, sneezing, sinusitis
Dr.Bakshi B27 Worm drops - Vermifuge for all types of worms
Dr.Bakshi B31 Mensin drops for painful menstruation
Dr.Bakshi B36 Endocrine Drops Male
Dr.Bakshi B36 Endocrine Drops Male
Rs. 125.00 Rs. 135.00
Dr.Bakshi 23 Skin Drops for itching, eruptions, rashes, Eczema
Dr.Bakshi B17 Bone Drops for Osteoporosis, Rickets
Dr.Bakshi B19 Colic drops for abdominal pain, flatulence, Constipation
Dr.Bakshi B20 Sugar Drops for Diabetes symptoms, Hyperglycemia
Dr.Bakshi B40 Pleurisy drops for chest pain, difficult breathing
Dr.Bakshi B11 Pain drops - Homeopathy Analgesic, Pain Killer
Dr.Bakshi B56 Thyrotoxic Drops for perspiration, tremors, heat
Dr.Bakshi B29 Intercostal Neuralgia drops for ribs pain
Dr.Bakshi B5 Gold drops for Angina, Arryhthmia, Cardia Neurosis
Dr.Bakshi B50 Stimulant Drops, Tones Heart Muscles
Dr.Bakshi B51 Laryngeal Drops for Voice Hoarseness, Laryngitis
Dr.Bakshi B35 Urinary Drops for bloody urine, UTI
Dr.Bakshi B38 Reactivating Drops for weak immunity, skin affections
Dr.Bakshi B60 Inflamed Mucosa drops for eye irritation, skin rashes, catarrh
Dr.Bakshi B63 Kidney drops for renal pain, proteinuria, albuminuria
Dr.Bakshi B64 Dermato Drops for scaly skin, psoriasis, fungal skin infection
Dr.Bakshi B8 Calcification Drops for Arteriosclerosis, Vertigo, Weak Memory
Dr.Bakshi 32 Lax n Liv drops for constipation
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Dr.Bakshi  B68 Neuralgia drops for nerve damage pain
Dr.Bakshi B12 Headache Drops for Migraine, Nervous Headaches
Dr.Bakshi B16 Vertigo Drops for dizziness, travel sickness
Dr.Bakshi B52 Arthralgia drops for neck pain, back pain, arthritis
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