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Kent Gas Formula: Homeopathic Solution for Flatulence, Acidity & Indigestion Relief

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Embrace Natural Relief with Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines

Are you troubled by bloating, discomfort, and excessive gas? Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines are here to provide you with a natural and effective solution. Crafted with expertise, these medicines are designed to facilitate your body's ability to manage stomach acid and digestive enzymes, offering relief from excess gas. Key ingredients like Pulsatilla, Robinia, and Antimonium crud bring fast and gentle respite from gas-related discomfort.

Why Kent Gas Homeopathy Medicines Are Your Ideal Choice?

- Targeted Relief: Specifically formulated to address the root causes of gas, ensuring quick and effective alleviation of bloating and discomfort.
- Natural Healing: Leverages the power of homeopathy to stimulate your body's digestive processes, fostering a balanced response to gas issues.
- Comprehensive Digestive Care: Addresses a range of symptoms including gas pain, sour belching, and reactions to spicy and fatty foods, offering a holistic approach to digestive well-being.

     Key Benefits:

    - Rapid Relief from Gas Pain: Pulsatilla is renowned for its ability to quickly ease gas pain.
    - Sour Belching Remedy: Robinia effectively combats sour belching, aiding in digestive calmness.
    - Counteracting Gas-Inducing Foods: Antimonium crud works against the effects of gas-producing foods, allowing worry-free enjoyment of meals.

    About Homeopathy Kent Gas Combination

    This combination, recommended by doctors, comprises four homeopathic medicines at 6c potency, yielding remarkable results in managing indigestion, acidity, and gas. Inspired by Dr. Kent's homeopathy repertory, these medicines provide a holistic approach to digestive issues. Dr. Kirti's YouTube video "Kent gas combination! Homeopathic Combination for gas acidity & indigestion??" offers more insights.

    Understanding Gas Formation and Relief:

    - Upper Intestinal Gas Causes: Includes swallowing air, overeating, smoking, or chewing gum.
    - Lower Intestinal Gas Causes: Results from certain foods, indigestion, or gut bacteria disruption.
    - Chronic Conditions: Excess gas can indicate conditions like diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, or Crohn's disease.

    Dr. Vikas Sharma's Insights:

    Everyone experiences gas, but it affects some more due to their gastrointestinal conditions or eating habits," explains Dr. Sharma. The Kent combination, including Carbo Veg, Pulsatilla, Robinia, and Antimonium Crudum, is designed to expel trapped gas naturally and manage discomfort.

    How to make Kent Combination?

    Create a 30 ml mixture using equal parts of Robinia pseudacacia, Pulsatilla, Antimonium Crudum, and Carbo vegetabilis (7.5 ml each). Dosage includes 2-3 drops in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

    Individual Remedy Benefits:

    1. - Carbo Veg: Addresses upper abdominal gas, sour belching, and obstructive flatulency.
    2. - Pulsatilla: Effective for gas with foul-smelling burps and sensations of abdominal fullness.
    3. - Robinia: Ideal for nighttime heartburn and sour belching.
    4. - Antimonium Crudum: Helps those who overeat, especially spicy and fatty foods, and experience chronic indigestion and gas.

      Other homeopathy first aid remedies that help in removing gas from stomach instantly - by Dr.Shiv Dua

      Dr. says only three first aid remedies are recommended:

      Source: book excerpts from Dr.Shiv Dua's 'Homoeopathic self healing guide for beginners' 

      • When the wind is locked up in the upper portion of abdomen causing pain in the chest and difficulty in breathing, eructations, heaviness, fullness and sleepiness and abdomen greatly distended; better passing wind: Carbo vegetabilis 30, four times a day for two days. Reduce the dosage to three times a day from third to sixth day.
      • Gas with slight pain in the abdomen, weight in the stomach after eating, takes more of tea and hence ill effects of tea, belching of bitter fluid gives no relief to gas, hiccoughs and gas is neither coming out from mouth in the form of eructations or passing down from the anus as flatus: China officinalis 30 in the same above manner.
      • Gas due to taking fermented food, cabbage or beans, fullness, burning eructations rise to throat which burns for hours, abdomen js bloated and full: Lycopodium 30, three times a day for three days only,

      Note. : Doctor also adds a word of caution, He says 'consult a Homeopath after a week of taking above Medicines when there is no relief'

      Kit contents: Dr.Shiv Dua Gas relief first aid Kit contains 3 medicated pills in 2 dram glass vials

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        Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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