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Doliosis D27 for Indigestion gas acidity

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Size: 30ml

About Doliosis D27 INDIGESTION, GAS ACIDITY drops

Doliosis D27- Indigestion, gas acidity drops help to controls dyspepsia. It relieves stomach pain, bloating, heartburn and pain from acid built up. Also relieves gas troubles and symptoms due to poor assimilation. Indigestion and Acidity Drops are indicated in cases of inflamed mucosa of the stomach, heartburn, bad taste in the mouth, acute and chronic gastritis, dyspepsia, stomach pain, and gas trouble. 

Indications of Doliosis D27 -Indigestion Gas Acidity

  • Flatulence and fullness with weak digestion. 
  • Heartburn, sour eructation. 
  • The acidity of the stomach. 
  • Increases digestion power. 

Uses of Doliosis D27 -Indigestion Gas Acidity

  • It clears and cleanses bowels. 
  • Resolves the flatulence and fullness with weak digestion. 
  • Relieves the fullness in the abdomen. 


1 to 2 Drops half hour before eating, Three times a day, or as directed by a physician

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