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Homeopathic tonics and malts are the right answers for your tired and stressed body. Because your diet does not guarantee you the nutrients your body needs to beat anxiety, insomnia (sleeplessness), improper digestion, general weakness etc.  Homeopathic health supplements come with natural amino acids, potent herbal tinctures, and minerals to restore physical well being and stimulate mental activity thereby promoting well being.


Homeopathy offers an effective formula for weight control, it regulates body metabolism, exerts favourable influences on digestion and increases capillary circulation. Top homeopathic herbs like Phytolacca berry (effects fibrous tissues,osseous tissues), Syzigium jambolanum (antihyperglycemic action), Fucus Vesiculosus (metabolic regulator). Calotropis Gigantea (sudorific effect) are very useful in obesity management.


The body regularly loses vitality due to improper nourishment, contaminated food,impure air, excessive bodily and mental exercises, exposure to adverse weather conditions, mental imbalances and genetic predispositions. Homeopathic dietary supplements restore the body's vital force and produce wonderful results in rapid development in growing children, increase energy, improve appetite and rectify nervous debility, sleplessness and improve body weight.


We offer homeopathic personal care range products from leading Indian and imported brands that are well known for their Quality and efficacy. The products are 100% natural, safe and efective and formulated with the goodness of herbal ingresdients like arnica, cantharis and jaborandi for hair care, berberis and calendula for skin care. These products enjoy high success rates in clinical trials so that you get the most effective products at equally reasonale rates.

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Dr.Reckeweg R15 Vita C Forte Tonic for Depression, Lack of Energy, Impotency, Nerve Weakness
Geripep - Geriatric Tonic
Adel Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng for general Weakness, Appetite Loss
Allen Malt Chocolate for nutrition, weight gain
Allen Alvine Restorative Nervine Tonic
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Adel 85 Neu regen (ampoule) for Chronic fatigue, Restorative Tonic
Adel 79 Ferrodona tonic for Anaemia & Iron Deficiency (Low hemoglobin)
Hahnemann pharma Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng
Hahnemann pharma complete health tonic with Alfalfa
Medisynth Alfalfa Forte Syrup - Health Restorative Tonic for All Ages
Blooume 48 Five Phos Tonic
Blooume 48 Five Phos Tonic
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Bakson Pentaphos Liquid (Five Phos Tonic) for Wholesome Strength
Alfalfa Super Tonic (with Vitamins A, B, C and D)
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