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SBL Ferrumsip Syrup Iron Tonic, Anemia, Iron deficiency, Weakness

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SBL Ferrumsip Iron Tonic - Homeopathic Blood builder Syrup

SBL Ferrumsip Syrup is indicated for anaemic condition, anaemia during pregnancy and lactation, anaemia due to heavy menstrual bleeding. It improves iron absorption and increases hemoglobin count.

SBL Ferrumsip is formulated with well balanced homoeopathic medicines that improve the absorption of Iron in the food by enhancing the capacity of the cells to absorb the nutrients. SBL Ferrumsip is a clinically proven formulation that increases hemoglobin and removes debility. Ferrumsip improves the nutrient absorption process by directly enhancing the nutrient binding capacity of the cells, thereby relieving the signs and symptoms of anaemia.

Ferrumsip in Hindi: Dr Kirti says " yeah iron tonic bahot effective Tonic hai anemic patient ke liye Jinka hemoglobin and iron level kam hota hai . yeah medicine iron level or hemoglobin level ko badhati hai or anemia ko theek karti hai" 

About AnaemiaAnaemia is the condition when there is a decrease in number of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) or less than the normal quantity of haemoglobin in the blood. It can affect adults and children of both the sexes, although pregnant and adolescent girls are more susceptible to it.

During pregnancy and lactation, the requirement of nutrients increases manifold. Anaemia can be caused due to dietary deficiency or malnutrition, Poor absorption of iron, multiple pregnancies, increased blood loss due to piles (haemorrhoids) or heavy menstrual bleeding resulting in fatigue, poor concentration or reduced work capacity, shortness of breath.

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Composition of Ferrumsip: Ferrm Phosphoricum 3X, Ferrum Muriaticum 3x, Cinchona Officinalis 3x, Natrum Phosphoricum 3x, Kali phosphoricum 3x, Ferrum metallicum 3x. Alcohol: 10% v/v

Action of Composition used in Ferrumsip Syrup:

  • Ferrum Phosphoricum : 3 x 5% w/v:   It help to increases haemoglobin by improving the appetite and  useful in pale, anaemic subjects with violent local congestions. In absolute loss of appetite, ferrum met improves the appetite.
  • Cinchona Officinalis : 3x 5% w/v: Great debility, trembling, with numb sensation. Averse to exercise; sensitive to touch. Weakness after excess of fluid loos from the body.
  • Kalium Phosphoricum : 3x 0.2% w/v:  It is effective against cerebral anaemia, an anaemic condition of the brain causing undue nervousness and spinal anaemia resulting from exhausting diseases such as diphtheria, reflex paraplegia with aching pains.
  • Ferrum Metallicum : 3x 1.66% w/v: Where there is no repair, no assimilation or slow recovery from exhausting diseases, ferrum metallicum acts well.
  • Natrum Phosphoricum : 1x 0.2% w/v:  It is a salt found in the blood, muscles, nerve and braincells. Natrum phosphoricum is the best remedy for conditions arising from excess of lactic acid.

SBL Ferrumsip Syrup price: Rs 95 (115ml), Rs 145 (180ml), Rs 345 (500ml). Get 10% off 

SBL Ferrumsip Syrup side effects: Nil. No side effects or contra indications reported

SBL Ferrumsip Syrup reviews: this medicine has been well reviewed by Dr Rukmani (Ferrumsyp Best Homeopathic Medicine-Anemia खून कि कमी का जड़ से इलाज?फेरमसिप दवा ) and Dr Pranjali (खून बढ़ाने की सिरप | खून की कमी दूर करने का उपाय | खून बढ़ाने का तरीका | खून बढ़ाने की दवा) on You Tube

Dr Kirti Vikram reviews Ferrumsip as a good Iron tonic for low haemoglobin and iron levels in blood.  Watch his You Tube video titled "Homeopathic Iron tonic ? for iron deficiency Anaemia " to know more

Dosage 1 teaspoon, 3-4 times a day for adults & 1/2 of it for children.
Contra indications No known contra indications
Manufacturer SBL Pvt.Ltd
Form Liquid, Bottle of 115ml, 180ml and 500ml.


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