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Pain Relief

Pain attacks every organ system in the human body and its intensity varies from mild, acute to chronic. Damaged nerve fibers, Chest pain, Burns, foot pain, hand pain, knee pain, back pain are some of the common forms of body pain. Anything from injury, illness, stomach ulcers or even a bad mattress can cause chronic pain. Homeopathy offers non addicting pain relief which is safe and without side effects. Conventional pharmacological analgesia in management of pain syndromes carries the risk of drug interactions, dependency, side effects, abuse and addiction which can be avoided with homeopathy.

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PainOil Super, Herbal Pain Relief Medicine with 9 active herbs
Adel 27 Inflamyar drops for Inflammation, Sports Injuries, Arthritis, Muscle Pain, Sprains
Fourrts Rubor Gel for Sprains, Strains, Low Back Pain
Bhargava Rhomo Oil Roll On - Natural Pain Reliever
Vashisht Arnica Gel for Effective Pain Relief
Savi Rheu Magic Massage Oil for muscular pain relief, stiff joint
Dr.Bakshi B11 Pain drops - Homeopathy Analgesic, Pain Killer
Dr Raj JointAche Tablets for relief from joint pain, rheumatism
Baksons Rheum Aid Syrup for Joint pains, Stiffness and Swelling
Vashisht Hypericum Gel For Nerve Pain Relief
SBL Drops No.6 for Joint Pain
 Allen A19 Homeopathy Drops for Joints Pains
Allen Relax Pain Killer Oil
SBL Orthomuv Spray for Joint and Muscle Pain
Allens Paintox Drops
SBL Arnica Act Pain relief Spray
SBL Arnica Act Pain Relief Spray 15% Off
From Rs. 87.00 Rs. 90.00
Homeopathy Arnica mont 2 Dram Pills 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M
Hevert Pain relief
Wheezal WL 21 Homeopathic Joint Relief Drops
Schwabe German Bryorheum Drops for Rheumatism, Swelling & Joint Pain
Dr Raj Arthro Gold Massage Oil for Rheumatism, Sciatica, Spondylitis
 Lords Rheuma Koll Pain Relief Oil for Quick Relief from Pain
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Baksons Rheum Aid Tablets for Gout, Joint Pains, Slip Disc and Muscular Weakness
Wheezal Rheumotex Tablets for Back Pain and Arthritis
Wheezal WL6 Cervical Spondylitis Drops - Instant relief from neck pain
Allen Relax Pain Killer Balm - An Ideal Homeopathic Pain Reliever
Agom Vat-Nashak Oil & Sandhishodhana Pill for joint pain and swelling
Wheezal Hymusa Syrup for Pain and Inflammation of Joints
Lords Rheuma Koll Gel for Quick Relief from Pain and Restores Mobility of Joints
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Wheezal WL 30 Homeopathic Pain Gone Drops
Blooume  29  RHEUMASAN
Blooume 129 (Rheumasan Tablets)
Allen Balm -Pack of 3
Agom Vat-Nashak Oil for Joint Pain and Swelling
Agom Sandhishodhana Pills for Joint Pain and Swelling
59 results
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