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Homeopathy Diabetes Medicines

Conventional medicine addresses diabetes as a replacement therapy, i.e., often insulin is used in the treatment of diabetes. This method induces lifelong dependency. In homeopathy the focus is on pancreatic functions and the production of insulin in a efficient manner. It deploys medicines of varying potencies at all the stages of the disease. Homeopathic stimulates the body’s self-healing powers by resolving the metabolic disturbances that lead to diabetes. Its ingredients are safe for long term use and provide the right therapeutic measure to treat the metabolic disorders

Diabetes Insipidus - Polyuria (Profuse urine without sugar)


Insulin dependent diabetes: Type 2 Diabetes

Aceticum acidum (tds) Polyuria with a lot of thirst and weakness   Acidum phos. 1 x or 2x (tds) Diabetes in nervous patients. Physical soreness due to grief, worry and anxiety. If given in the early stages of the disease, it cures.
Acidum phos. Q (bd) The patient passes urine several times during he night only This cures diabetes of all kinds in early stages   Arsenicum alb. (tds) Persistent, unquenchable thirst. Sips water in small quantities and at short intervals.The mouth is generally dry. Itching of the body and pruritus. Here use Ars-br.
Alfalfa (tds) If Q, 10 drops twice a day Polyuria. Frequent desire to urinate. Urine contains abnormal amounts of urea and phosphates   Avena sat. Oats help protecting the rise of glucose levels in blood by slowing down sugar absorption.
Argentum nit. (tds) Frequent and profuse urination. May be passed unconsciously, day and night. Dribbling of urine. Urine may contain sugar or may not contain sugar. It is useful for polyuria in diabetes mellitus or diabetes insipdus. The patient has a great desire for sweets.   Cantharidinum Q (tds) Blood sugar increases with high blood pressure. Give 10 drops in water, three times a day.
Eupatorium perf. (tds) Burning in bladder and urethra on urinating. Constant desire.   Cephalandra Q (tds) It works in both types of diabetes. Give 10 drops in water, thrice daily.
Kalium carb. Has to urinate several times during night; pressure in the bladder long before the urine comes.   Crataegus oxy Q (tds) Diabetes in children. Thrice daily - one to fifteen drops a dose according to age. It gives results after about 15 days of its use - then it should be continued till cured.
Murex purp. (tds) Strong smelling urine passed several times at night.   Crataegus oxy Q Rauwolfia Q, Passiflora Q. (tds) 15 drops in 1/2 cup of water These three remedies mixed in equal quantities are good for diabetes with hypertension. It brings down the blood pressure and sugar level in blood within a few days
Squilla maritima (tds) Urine is passed several times during the day and at night. Much urging to urinate. Involuntary spurting of urine while coughing or sneezing.   Fenugreek Q (tds) (East Indian methi) Mother tincture prepared from the yellow seeds and given in 10-15 drops a dose, thrice daily controls diabetes and reduces sugar in blood and urine. Also controls simple polyuria.
    Ginseng Q (tds) It helps maintain blood sugar levels in non-diabetics and lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics - improves blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. :
  Gymnema syl. Q (tds) 5-10 drops, four hourly. It is specially useful when the patient has an (Gur mar) abolished taste for bitter things. Reduces glucose in blood. Sexual debility. Large quantities of urine make the patient weak.
  Helonias Q (tds) It is useful for both mellitus and insipidus diabetes when there is excessive thirst, restlessness, melancholia and emaciation.
  Insulinum 3x (tds) Used in the beginning of the treatment and thereafter intercurrently. It helps production of adequate quantity of insulin in the proper form. If administered at suitable occasions, it maintains the normal level of sugar.
  Iris vers. (tds) Diabetes in patients suffering from disease of the pancreas, with burning in its region and vomiting. Acidity. Diarrhea or constipation
  Lacticum acidum (tds) Persistent hunger and dry tongue. Copious urine, nausea, debility, great hunger, gastralgia and rheumatic pains in joints of shoulders, knees, wrists with great weakness.
  Mercurius sol (tds) Persistent unquenchable thirst though there is much moisture (saliva) in the mouth.
  Natrium mur. Pancreatinum It is useful in diabetes when other symptoms agree with the remedy.
  Pancreatinum This pancreatic extract is useful when diabetes is due to a malfunction or disease of the pancreas.
  Pepsinum lx to 3x (tds) Diabetes due to the illness of the pancreas. Gout. Marasmus of children and emaciation.
  Phlorizinum 2x 15 drops of it taken three times a day checks increase in blood sugar and cures excessive sugar in blood and urine. For best results. It should be given with Syzygium jamb. Q simultaneously
  Phaseolus (tds) Diabetes with gout.
  Phosphorus (bd) Diabetes in tubercular patients, or in patients suffering from rheumatism. The pancreas is diseased and does not function properly. Increased quantity of urine and the patient desires cold water on account of extreme dryness of the mouth. Useful in atrophy of the pancreas in diabetic patients
  Ratanhia (tds) Diabetes, but with scanty urine.
  Syzygium jamb. Q (tds) Uranium nit. 3x (tds) Both combined or given separately in alternation, three hourly, reduce sugar in blood and urine speedily. Usually result is available in ten days. Uranium nit. also controls high blood pressure. Syzygium jamb. Q is a very useful remedy and works in two ways. It strengthens the blood vessels which are weakened by the disease and helps prevent related eye sight problems.
  Tarentula his. (tds) Rapid weight loss. Irritability with violent impulses. Copious urine.
  Thyreoidinum (tds Diabetes mellitus when there is great weakness and rapid change of symptoms.
  Uranium nit. 3x (tds) Diabetes due to defective digestion. There is much thirst and enormous appetite, yet the patient continues to emaciate.
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