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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Diabetes Treatment

Top 10 Homeopathic Remedies for Effective Diabetes Management

Diabetes treatment medicines in homeopathy work by regulating sugar metabolism and has been validated in clinical studies. 

  1. Abroma Augusta Q: Natural Solution for Diabetes-Induced Weakness

    • Abroma Augusta Q: Best for weight loss and weakness due to diabetes. Increases thirst, appetite, and frequent urination. Helpful for sleeplessness and skin issues like boils in diabetic patients.
  2. Cephalandra Indica Q: Homeopathic Relief for Diabetic Thirst

    • Cephalandra Indica Q: Specifically targets diabetes symptoms like dry mouth and intense thirst.
  3. Phosphorus 200: Vision Support for Diabetics

    • Phosphorus 200: Suited for diabetes patients with vision weakness, effectiveness depending on individual constitutional symptoms.
  4. Rhus Aromatica Q: Homeopathic Approach to Diabetic Urinary Issues

    • Rhus Aromatica Q: Effective for diabetes with characteristic symptoms of passing large amounts of low specific gravity urine.
  5. Syzygium Jambolanum Q: A Comprehensive Diabetic Care Remedy

    • Syzygium Jambolanum Q: Excellent for reducing sugar levels, addressing excessive thirst and urination, and treating long-standing ulcers in diabetes.
  6. Phaseolus 3X: Heart-Healthy Diabetes Treatment

    • Phaseolus 3X: Useful for diabetes accompanied by heart diseases.
  7. Phosphoric Acid Q: Combatting Diabetes-Related Weakness & Memory Loss

    • Phosphoric Acid Q: Ideal for diabetes patients with extreme physical or mental weakness, memory issues, and a history of grief. Also treats numbness of feet.
  8. Memordica Charantia Q: Specialized Diabetes Remedy

    • Memordica Charantia Q: An effective specific remedy for diabetes.
  9. Gymnema Sylvestre Q: Revitalizing Health in Diabetic Patients

    • Gymnema Sylvestre Q: Beneficial for diabetic patients experiencing weight loss, weakness, and exhaustion. Acts as a tonic, improving overall health and energy levels.
  10. Uranium Nitricum 3X: Addressing Weight Loss in Diabetes

    • Uranium Nitricum 3X: Addresses diabetes with symptoms of weakness and flesh loss.

                      Each remedy is chosen based on individual symptoms and constitution in homeopathy. Know the results, FAQ, top diabetes homeopathy medicines by indications, doctor recommendations and more here

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