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Hahnemann Pharmaceuticals Homeopathy - Trusted Natural Remedies

About Hahnemann Pharmaceuticals: Pioneers in Homeopathic Healing

Welcome to Hahnemann Pharmaceuticals (P) Ltd., an ISO 9001:2006 and GMP-certified beacon in the field of homeopathic and herbal products. Our journey began in the 1980s when homeopathy started gaining ground in India, and there was a burgeoning demand for high-quality homeopathic drugs. It was this need that inspired our founder, Late Shri K K Narula, to establish a pharmaceutical unit dedicated to creating government-certified homeopathic medicines, with a singular mission to serve humanity.

Our Premium Range: Homeopathic and Herbal Essentials

We take pride in our extensive assortment of homeopathic solutions, ranging from well-received syrups to the esteemed Bach Flower Remedies imported from the UK. Our products span various potencies, including 30, 200, 1M, 10M, and 50M, and we provide a full spectrum of Mother Tinctures from categories A to F. In addition, our selection extends to herbal ointments and cosmetic products, featuring our acclaimed Arnica Silky Shine Oil, Arnica Silky Shine Shampoo, and Herbal Henna, to name a few.

Leadership and Vision

Under the visionary leadership of our Managing Director, Mrs. Neeru Narula, Hahnemann Pharmaceuticals has reached impressive milestones and upheld the finest practices within India's homeopathic landscape. We collaborate with a network of brokers, distributors, and retail chains, ensuring our medicines reach a diverse clientele, from individual consumers to healthcare professionals, both in India and internationally.

Commitment to Quality

Our headquarters, nestled in the Naraina Industrial Area, continues to be the cornerstone of our manufacturing and distribution operations. Here, each product is subjected to rigorous quality checks and clinical testing to guarantee safety and efficacy for our customers. Our dedication to providing remedies that meet the highest standards of homeopathic practice is unwavering, overseen by our team of certified and drug-approved chemists.

Get the Hahnemann Homeopathy medicine catalogue with product list by indications, composition, price.

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Best Bach Flower remedies in India online
Hahnemann Bach flower Mimulus for fear, shyness, lack of courage
Hahnemann Bach flower Cherry plum for fear of losing control, mental breakdown
Hahnemann pharma Hahnegra Nervine tonic for men
Hahnemann Bach flower remedy Gentian for discouraged, depressed
Hahnemann Bach flower remedy Olive for exhaustion, fatigue
Bach flower remedy  Elm for Depression overwhelmed by responsibilities, exhausted
Thuja Occ Ointment in Homeopathy for warts and corns
Hahnemann Bach flower Rock Rose for frozen fear, terror
Hahnemann Bach flower remedy Clematis, Daydreaming, inattentive.
Calendula Ointment - Homeopathy Antiseptic Cream
Hahnemann pharmahomeopathy Reumorin for rheumatoid arthritis
Bach flower remedy Rock Water for self repression, self perfection
Hahnemann Pharma Slim Trim Drops - Homeopathic Remedy for Weight Loss & Energy
Bach flower remedy Pine for guilt, self-reproach, humble, shame, undeserving
leucoderma cream in homeopathy
Hahnemann pharma Avena Tonic for men - Rejuvenator
Hahnemann Pharma Glow More Complexion Drops for Acne, Dark Circles
Hahnemann Homoeo Card Gold homeopathy drops for Heart Health
Hahnemann pharma Super Digesto Syrup for Indigestion, Acidity homeopathic appetizer
Hahnemann pharma Glow More Complexion Cream for Acne & Scars
Hahnemann pharma Alfalfa Tonic with Ginseng
Hahnemann Livo Liv Liver tonic, Remedy for Enlarged liver
Hahnemann pharma Face Care drops for pimples, dark circles, scars
Hahnemann pharma Petroleum Ointment for cracks heels & dry skin
Hahnemann pharma Graphites ointment for Chronic Eczema & Dermatitis
Memoric Care Homeopathy Drops: Enhancing Memory & Confidence in Children
Arnica silky shine herbal shampoo gentle, non-irritating formula is perfectly pH-balanced
 Enso Aid Sleep Drops - Natural Sleep Aid
Hahnemann Sulphur antibacterial skin cream
Hahnemann pharma Menso syrup - women health tonic
Hahnemann pharma Kof Nil cough syrup
Hahnemann Arnica Hair Oil - Homeopathy for Hair Fall, Dandruff, and Grey Hair
Hahnemann pharma Femolin Tonic for leucorrhoea, menstrual problems
Hahnemann Pharma Alfalfa Tonic - A Complete Health Tonic
Hahnemann pharma Asma Cure Syrup - An expectorant and bronchodilator
42 results
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