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Unlock the Secret to Lustrous Hair with Hahnemann Arnica Silky Shine Hair Oil

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Revitalize Your Hair with Nature’s Best – Hahnemann Arnica Hair Oil

Step into a world where hair woes are a thing of the past. With Hahnemann Arnica Hair Oil, you're not just oiling your hair, you're embarking on a journey to rediscover the healthiest, most vibrant version of your hair. Say goodbye to hair fall, dandruff, and premature greying, and hello to a head full of strong, shiny, and silky hair. Choose Hahnemann, where nature meets science in perfect harmony for your hair's well-being

Hahnemann Arnica Hair Oil - Natural Solution for Hair Fall, Dandruff, and Grey Hair

Discover the transformative power of Hahnemann Arnica Silky Shine Hair Oil, a meticulously crafted formula combining the essence of potent medicinal herbs. This hair oil is designed not only to nourish your hair from the roots but also to bestow a luxurious luster that speaks of its deep, revitalizing action.

Hahnemann Arnica Silky Shine Hair Oil is fortified with hair nourishing medical herbs which impart strength to hair roots and luster to hair

Hahnemann pharma Arnica hair oil is highly effective in arresting hair fall, dandruff and permature greying.

Experience the Magic of Herbal Ingredients for Strong and Shiny Hair

Hahnemann pharma Arnica hair oil contains Arnica, amla, Cantharis, China, Sandalwood and jaborandi put together in a base of pure ground nut oil base.

  • Arnica: Known for its hair rejuvenating properties, Arnica strengthens the hair roots and promotes healthy hair growth.
  • Amla: Rich in vitamins and minerals, Amla imparts a natural shine and aids in reducing hair fall.
  • Cantharis: Promotes scalp health and contributes to reducing hair fall.
  • China: Helps in improving hair texture and combating premature greying.
  • Sandalwood: Soothes the scalp and imparts a pleasant fragrance.
  • Jaborandi: A unique ingredient known for its efficacy in reducing dandruff and enhancing hair strength.
  • Pure Groundnut Oil Base: Provides a nourishing and moisturizing foundation, ensuring deep penetration of the herbal actives.

Application and Usage:

To experience the full benefits of Hahnemann Arnica Hair Oil, massage a sufficient quantity into your scalp once daily. For optimal results, pair it with Hahnemann Silky Shine Hair Shampoo, which comes with a mild conditioner. This combination ensures a holistic approach to hair care, addressing various hair concerns effectively.


Available in a convenient 200ml packaging, Hahnemann Arnica Hair Oil is a luxurious addition to your hair care regimen, promising not just treatment but a transformation. Embrace the natural path to radiant, healthy hair with Hahnemann.

Tip: For best results wash hair with Arnica silky shine herbal hair shampoo with conditioner 9pH balanced) before aplying this hair oil. Available in combo offer

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