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Pet Medicine

Animals are continually stressed by the challenges  to live by the rules of the human world . Our pet care range addresses the growing need of animal guardians and pet lovers seeking a holistic and natural approach for the care and well being of their loved ones. The pet oral delivery system is the modern , more effective way to deliver medicines as it directly absorbs on the tongue.

The homeopathic pet care range offers a unique blend of well-chosen homeopathic drugs in following areas

  • Support your pet’s digestive system and absorption of nutrition in pet foods
  • for treatment of diarrhea and bacterial enteritis
  • health supplement to improve weakness, debility, lethargy
  • wound healing and treatment of cuts, burns etc
  • skin treatment in cases itching, redness, dermatitis etc
  • infertility treatment
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St George Animo Wound Mix, Veterinary Medicine for Wounds, Cuts and Bruises
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St George Animo Anti Constipate Mix Veterinary Medicine for Constipation and Loss of appetite
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St George Animo Indigest Mix, Veterinary Indigestion Medicine for Cows, Dogs
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Medisynth Alfa Vet Syrup Tonic for Veterinary Use
Dr Raj Masto Drops for Mastitis in animals
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