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Alfavet Syrup - All-in-One Nutritional Tonic for Pets and Livestock

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Homeopathic Alfavet Syrup: The Ultimate Nutritional Boost for Your Animals

Unleash the Power of Nature and Science for Your Beloved Pets and Livestock!

Key Ingredients:

- Alfalfa 3x & Calcarea phosphorica 6: Each constituting 6% in a purified water base.
- Alcohol Content: 12% v/v, ensuring optimal preservation and efficacy.

Ideal for:

- Household Pets (Dogs, Cats, Birds)
- Dairy, Poultry, and Farm Animals/Birds

Why Choose Alfavet Syrup?

- General Tonic for Weight Gain: Specifically formulated to promote healthy weight gain, Alfavet Syrup ensures your animals not only gain weight but do so in a healthy and sustainable manner.

- Enhanced Nutrition: Its unique blend favourably influences nutrition, ensuring your pets and livestock get the most out of their feed.

- Digestive Tonic: It tones up the digestive system, making food absorption more efficient, and leading to better overall health.

- Muscle and Meat Development: Promotes weight gain in muscle and meat, vital for the healthy growth of animals.

- Boosts Lactation in Dairy Animals: A boon for dairy farmers, this syrup helps increase lactation, ensuring a healthier and more productive dairy herd.

- Strong Bone Structure: Essential for livestock, it aids in the formation of a strong and healthy bone structure, supporting their overall wellbeing.

Your Companion for a Healthy and Happy Animal Family!

Medical Bulletin - Homeopathy Alfa Vet

Medisynth Alfa Vet Veterinary Syrup is effective for household pets like Dogs, Cats, Birds etc and for dairy, poultry, farm animals / birds. 

Alfalfa is a well known general Tonic for weight gain. It favorably influences nutrition, tones up the digestion, corrects tissue waste, improves assimilation with weight gain in muscle and meat, increases stamina in working and stud animals, increases lactation in dairy animals, improves the tint of egg-yolk.

Calcarea Phosphorica is a rapidly assimilable form of calcium which favours the formation of a strong and healthy bone structure in livestock particularly at the growing stage. Improves soft or thin bones structure of adult livestock. Improves the strength off eggshells.

This tonic will also be useful to build up the natural resistance of livestock to ailments which are attributable to exposure to damp and wet conditions, cold or rainy weather, or to melting snow.

Medisynth Alfa Vet Syrup Indications: 

  • General Tonic for Weight Gain
  • Favourably influences nutrition
  • Tones up Digestion
  • Improves assimilation with Weight Gain in Muscle and Meat
  • Helps to increase Lactation in Dairy Animals
  • Helps formation of Strong and Healthy Bone Structure in Livestock

This tonic will also be useful to build up the natural resistance of livestock to ailments which are attributable to exposure to damp and wet conditions, cold or rainy . Weather or to melting snow.

Medisynth Alfa Vet Syrup  Ingredients

 Alfalfa 3x, Calcarea phosphorica 6 each 6% in purified water q.s Alcohol 12%v/v

Additional Information

Dosage Thoroughly mix Medisynth Alfa Vet indicated quantity in one water feed Dose: Large Animals: 50 to 100 ml, Small Animals: 20 ml, Alternate days for these animals - Poultry chicks: 10 ml, Layers: 25 ml, Growers: 20 ml
Size 450 ml Pet Bottle
Manufacturer Medisynth Ch. Pvt. Ltd



Combo Offer (Alfavet+Hepakoll) - Two Homoeopathic supplements to treat health problems like digestion & gastric troubles, loss of appetite, and weakness in your pets. 

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