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Haslab Gensoleng XXX
Bico-33 Ringworm
Haslab Bico-33 Ringworm
From Rs. 54.00 Rs. 60.00
Haslab Ear Drops
Only 4 left!
Haslab Ear Drops (Mullein)
Rs. 84.00 Rs. 120.00
Haslab Mamira drops  (for Eyes ) -Pack of 3
Haslab Mamira eye drops
Rs. 50.00 Rs. 55.00
Haslab Nervocalm Drops (Sleep Stimulator)
Haslab Vermifugo Drops for Worms
Haslab Vermifugo Drops for Worms
Rs. 126.00 Rs. 140.00
Angio Drops (for Low BP)
Haslab Angio Drops for Low BP
From Rs. 112.00 Rs. 140.00
Bico 32 Tuberculosis
Haslab Bico 32 Tuberculosis 25% Off
From Rs. 59.00 Rs. 65.00
Haslab Cineraria Maritima (senecio) Eye drops
Haslab Digesto  (Antacid and Digestive Tonic)
Haslab Drox-34 Febro (for Fever)
Haslab Drox-34 Febro (for Fever)
From Rs. 126.00 Rs. 140.00
Haslab HC 73 Uranium Nitricum Complex Tablets
Haslab Sexon Complex Drops (for Amenorrhoea)
Haslab Baby Tone up (Baby builder Tonic)
Haslab Diacard Drops -Heart Tonic 25% Off
From Rs. 140.00 Rs. 150.00
Haslab Drox 24 - Sciatec Drops
Haslab Drox-14 Goutrin for Gout Drops
Haslab Drox-23 Renocal (for Renal Calculi)
Only 4 left!
Haslab Drox-25 Tova(for Ovarian Tumors)
Only 4 left!
Haslab Drox-33 Catarin (for  Catract Drops)
Only 5 left!
Haslab HC-16 Helonias Complex Tablet
Haslab HC-2 Aesculus Complex Tablet for Piles
Haslab HC-25  Santalum  Complex Tablet
Haslab HC-26 China Complex Tablet
Only 2 left!
Haslab HC-32 Hmamelis Complex Tablets for Bleedingam
Haslab HC-44 Santonine Complex Tablets for Worms
Haslab HC-46 Homoeo Vitamin-A Complex Tablets
Haslab HC-49 Homoeo Vitamin-D  Complex Tablets
Haslab HC-50 Homoea Vitamin-E Complex Tablets
Haslab HC-67 Homolax Tablets for Laxative Tablet
Haslab HC-68 CalcareaComplexTablets for Cataract
Haslab HC-82 Skoocum Complex Tablets for Herpes
Only 3 left!
Haslab HC-83 Lolium Complex Tablets for Paralysis
Haslab HC85 Complex Tablets for Leucoderma, Vitiligo
Haslab HC 91 Camphor Complex Tablets
Only 2 left!
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