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Homeopathic Remedies for Alcohol Withdrawal & Addiction | Doctor-Recommended

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Transform Your Path to Recovery: Explore our Expert-Recommended Homeopathic Solutions for Alcohol Withdrawal and Addiction. Embrace a natural, effective approach to overcome dependency, supported by the wisdom of renowned homeopaths. With our carefully curated homeopathy kits, your journey towards a healthier, alcohol-free life is just a few clicks away. Say goodbye to cravings and embrace renewal with Homeopathy.

Expert-Recommended Homeopathic Medicines for Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Homeopathy offers a solution for breaking the cycle of alcohol dependence, addressing issues such as difficulty in controlling drinking habits, constant preoccupation with alcohol, and persistent alcohol use despite facing negative consequences. It effectively reduces cravings that drive the need for increased alcohol consumption to achieve the same effects, and provides relief from withdrawal symptoms experienced during a rapid decrease or cessation of alcohol intake

Comprehensive Homeopathy Kits for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Dr. Kirti Vikram's Insights on Beating Alcohol Addiction with Homeopathy

In his enlightening YouTube video, 'Homeopathic medicine for Alcohol Addiction & Alcohol Withdrawal? Quercus Glandium,' Dr. Kirti Vikram shares insights on how Quercus Glandium can combat alcohol addiction.

Prescription Details:

  • Quercus Glandium Q, Take 10 drops mixed with half a cup of water, three times daily for 3 to 4 months. Dr. K.S Gopi recognizes Quercus as specifically beneficial for treating alcoholism, noting its effectiveness against dropsy, liver conditions, and its ability to neutralize the harmful effects of alcohol.
  • Quercus Glandium 30C, Administer 2 drops at night.
  • Sulphur 200, Use 2 drops every Sunday morning. This remedy is particularly suited for individuals with a constant craving for alcohol, experiencing a loss of appetite and a persistent weak, faint feeling around 11 am, necessitating food intake.

Kit contents: 3 units, 2 dilutions of 30ml and 1 mother ticture 30ml (all sealed units)

In another YouTube video titled 'Homeopathic medicine Sterculia लेने के बाद आप शराब नहीं पी पाएंगे ! Alcohol Addiction Treatment' he also recommends Sterculia Mother tincture

His Rx is as follow

Dr. Pranjali's Holistic Treatment Plan for Alcohol Dependency

In her comprehensive YouTube presentation, 'sharab chudane ke upay | sharab chudane ka homeopathic medicine | sharab chhudane की दवा,' Dr. Pranjali explores homeopathic remedies aimed at assisting individuals struggling with alcohol dependency. These remedies focus on alleviating cravings and mitigating the withdrawal symptoms associated with ceasing alcohol consumption.

Her Recommended Treatment Plan Includes:

  • Syphilinum 1m - Administer 2 drops monthly. Syphilinum is known for its deep-acting properties, addressing chronic conditions and influencing psychological dependencies. It's utilized for its potential to reset long-standing patterns of behavior, including addiction.
  • Sulphur 200 - Start with 2 drops each morning for the initial 15 days, followed by a weekly dose. Sulphur is often prescribed when other remedies do not yield the expected results. It's beneficial for individuals showing a predilection towards a particular substance, helping to balance out internal disharmonies and cravings.
  • Go-tox drop -Use 20 drops mixed with 1 teaspoon of water, twice daily. These drops are formulated to support detoxification processes, aiding in the elimination of toxins and reducing the urge for addictive substances.
  • Antidote medicine for alcohol,  Nux vomica 200 - 2 drops at night Agaricus mus 30 - 2 drops 3 times in a day. Nux Vomica is a key remedy for symptoms of overindulgence and dependence, helping to ease irritability, anxiety, and restlessness. Agaricus Muscarius complements this by addressing nervous system disorders, improving symptoms of twitching, and involuntary movements often seen in withdrawal phases.

Kit contents: 5 medicines, 4 dilutions of 30ml each and one patent medicine of 30ml (all sealed units)

Each of these components plays a crucial role in the holistic approach to overcoming alcohol dependency, focusing not only on the physical aspects of addiction but also on emotional and psychological healing

Tags: शराब छोड़ने की दवा, மது அடிமையை குணப்படுத்தும் மருந்து, మద్యం వ్యసనం నుండి విముక్తికి మందు, દારૂ છોડવાની દવા, মদ্যপান ছাড়ার ঔষধ, شراب چھوڑنے کی دوا

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on a suggestion made by a doctor on YouTube, Blog whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advice or prescriptions or suggest self-medications. This is a part of the customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines

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