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Wheezal Mixture Syrup. Bronchitis, Laryngitis, Cough expectorant

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Wheezal Mixture Syrup is indicated for wheezing and all types of cough. Helps reduces violent bouts of cough effectively. Apart from managing cough, it treats bronchitis, dyspnea, laryngitis and suffocative cough

Wheezal Mixture Syrup Range of Action

  • Helps to reduce cough with rattling of mucus in chest.
  • Reduces violent bouts of cough.
  • Effective expectorant and helps in evacuating phlegm.
  • Useful in pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma and suffocative cough.


  1. It may boost immunity and aid in the treatment of Vata-related diseases
  2. It aids in the relief of chest congestion
  3. It might help in the removal of phlegm
  4. It helps in the recovery from coughs and wheezes

Wheezal Mixture Syrup contains 

  • Bryonia Q: Bryonia is very beneficial to relieve pain in chest and head appearing while coughing. The cough is dry and gets worse after eating and drinking. 
  • Ipecac Q:  A person needing it has a spasmodic cough that ends in vomiting. It mostly worsens from eating. Along with this, mucus rattling in the chest is there. The chest feels tight, along with suffocation.
  • Sambucus Q:  Sambucus Nigra is a well indicated medicine for treating cough in children. The cough is usually of paroxysmal type. The most troublesome time for a cough is during the night. Sudden spells, mainly of a suffocative cough arise during night hours
  • Senega Q : Senega is of high value for treating cough in the elderly. A rattling in the chest with marked difficulty in raising the tough sputa arises along with the cough. Soreness and oppressed sensation in the chest may also assist. Pain in the back on coughing could be present
  • Justicia Q: It is indicated for managing cases in which there is fluent coryza with constant sneezing. It is accompanied with watering from the eyes. Cough may also be present.
  • Aspidosperma Q: It is called digitalis of lungs, great remedy for shortness of breath from incessant cough
  • Iodium 3x, 
  • Hydrastis Q.

Dosage of Wheezal Mixture Syrup

Children One teaspoonful 3 to 5 times a day.

Adults One tablespoonful 3 to 5 times a day or as prescribed by the physician.


120ml bottle

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