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Top Natural Remedies for Leucorrhoea Treatment

Top Natural Remedies for Leucorrhoea Treatment

The vagina of a woman secretes a while discharge which when in small volume or having slight wetness is considered normal. However, when this increases, it is a symptom of a underlying problem. This can last from a few weeks to a few months. As a natural process. this discharge increases on the 14th or 15th day of her menstrual cycle, 4 days before she gets her period and during pregnancy. This does not need any treatment, In other cases, treatment is essential.

Reasons - I! could happen due to some problems with the uterus, when the uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes get inflamed or when there is some infection. This discharge secretes from the uterine and vaginal lining. In some cases, when the uterine Opening gets distorted during delivery or some injury caused at that time can result in infection which causes a yellowish-green discharge.

At time, when the uterus moves from its place, it causes a thin watery discharge. The most common reason is infection due to lack of hygiene. White discharge also results out of infections caused due to sexual intercourse.

Naturopathy Leucorrhoea Treatment

Biochemic Medicines (Barakshar)

A mixture of Calcarea Phos 6X, Kali Mur 6x,Natrum mut 12X is beneficial for Leucorrhoea Treatment

The basic principal of Barakshar in layman’s terms is that there are few basic cell salt constituents in our body which should be present in right quantity to maintain health. An imbalance in these constituents causes ailments. When we restore that balance with these medicines, the disease is cured.

Home made mixtures

  1. Soak the shin of the Amaranth root ('Amaranthus' of Family 'Amaranthaceae') in a quarter cup water. Strain this water and drink it every morning and evening.
  2. The skin of a ripe fig or even two ripe and dry.fruits mixed with a quarter spoon honey and pinch of sugar can be eaten
  3. Two big spoonful of fenugreek seeds must be soaked in a liter of water and then boil this water for half an hour This herbal tea can be had for great effect on this condition.
  4. Consume the water of cooked rice with some cumin seeds ( Jeera) and candied sugar.
  5. The skin of a pomegranate or a sweet lime (Mosambi) and the juice of gooseberries  can be mixed and taken regularly for white discharge.

Acupressure - Exert pressure on point number 11 to 15 daily for 2 minutes as per zone therapy

Others: Take adequate rest and reduce exertion. Avoid stale, oily foods, tea, coffee and Supari. Ensure that you include gooseberries, mosambi, carrots and milk in your diet. Control emotions like worry, sorrow and fear Exercise regularly. Yogasanas are the best. Avoid travels that are hectic

Leucorrhea Treatment in Homeopathy

Homeopathic remedies for Leucorrhea work to root out the underlying causes. The medicines are completely safe with no side effects as they are made of natural substances. Dr Pranjali, a well known homeopathic doctor based in Bangalore recommends 4 sets of remedies for Leucorrhoea; in children (teens), nursing mothers, menopausal females, and all other cases. Know more here

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How to remove Gallstones Naturally, Naturopathy Tips

How to remove Gallstones Naturally, Naturopathy Tips

Naturopathy tips and tricks that will help you dissolve gallstone naturally without operation. We present doctor advised tip below

Olive oil & Sunflower Oil - Olive oil that is not processed in any form and Sunflower oil are beneficial in treating Gall Stones. Drink a quarter of a cup full of sunflower oil on an empty stomach in the morning and immediately have a cup of grape juice. This treatment must be continued as required from a few days to a few weeks. This treatment also cures Urinary stones.

Pear - It is now easily available even in India. Eating this fruit or drinking its juice can cure all ailments of the Gall Bladder.

Chicory - The flowers, seeds and roots of this tree are used for Gall related ailments. Consume its quarter cup concentrate thrice a day which enables fresh Bile Juice to secrete and reduces its concentration. It is useful for both Liver and Gail Bladder.

Barakshar (Biochemics) - Mag phos 6X and Natrum Sulph 12x mixture is useful for Gall Stones

Yoga - Ardhamatsendriyasan, Bhujangasan, Gomukhasan, Janushirasan, Paschimottanasan, Pavanmuktasan as well as Pranayam are useful.

Diet - Start by fasting for 2 days. Then start by drinking the juices of Beet, Fruits and some vegetables. Proceed by consuming a balanced diet after two days. Cooked vegetables and fruit juices must be emphasized. Include some curd and a spoonful of sunflower oil in your daily food. The patient must avoid non-vegetarian food and processed food (Like bread, cake, chocolates, packaged food, etc.). Also avoid oily, spicy food, alcohol, sugar based foods, coffee, pickles, etc. Avoid eating to stomach’s full at once. Have balanced moderate food.

Homeopathic medicines list for Gallstones treatment 


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Piles Treatment at Home - Try these natural remedies

Piles Treatment at Home - Try these natural remedies

Piles is not an ailment in itself but the result of several problems. Hence, timely treatment is essential. You can start the recovery at home by avoiding certain foods that aggravate piles, making lifestyle changes and starting naturopathy treatment that is simple yet effective. With these remedies you can cure piles quickly by reducing its symptoms and avoid surgery.

Naturopathy Remedies for Piles or Hemorrhoids Treatment

  • Soak dry figs overnight and consume them by crushing in the morning along with water. Dried figs have more dietary fiber than most other common fruits, it is a  high source of fiber containing both soluble and insoluble fiber which ensures smooth bowel movement
  • Twice a day, consume grated radish with a spoonful of honey. Radish is a vegetable rich in source of dietary fiber, which not only helps in softening the stools by adding bulk to the stools. Its mixture with honey significantly reduces pain and itching, as well as bleeding in hemorrhoids or piles as per study
  • One can also apply the paste of the root of bitter gourd on the piles for relief. A decoction of sesame seeds is also beneficial. Boil 20 grams of sesame seeds in three and a half cups of water and boil it to a third volume. Now grind the seeds and mix with butter and serve the patient. Sesame has natural oil that greases up and soothes the stomach related tract. It cleanses the colon and  helps in easing the pressure on the anal muscles, helping you to pass stools without pain and discomfort.
  • Wheat germ juice helps remove toxins from the intestine. One must drink fresh wheat- germ juice early in the morning daily.

Barakshar-  in native language means 12 Tissue remedies (in homeopathy it is called Biochemic remedies or Dr.Schussler Salts). Its based on the principle that there are few basic constituents in our body which should be present in right quantity to maintain health. An imbalance in these constituents causes ailments. When we restore that balance with these medicines, the disease is cured.

A mixture of Calcarea Fluor 3X, Ferrum Phos 3X, Kali mur3X, Calcarea phos3X works wonders for treating piles. This mixture is available in the form of Biocombination BC17 tablets

Homeopathy Medicines for Piles, Hemorrhoids


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Naturopathy treatment for Pyorrhea or Gum Disease

Naturopathy treatment for Pyorrhea or Gum Disease

Get Pyorrhea treatment at home with no extra cost from these naturopathy remedies recommended below 

Naturopathic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that promotes self healing by removing obstacles to recovery and allows for natural healing. This system uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself by embracing many therapies, including herbs

Naturopathy treatment for Pyorrhea or Gum Disease 

  • Chewing the young leaves of the Guava stops bleeding from the gums
  • Boil the roots and bark pieces of the guava tree In water and gargle with this concoction,
  • Eating raw guava gives great massage to the gums and teeth.
  • Mix the powder of the dried skin of a pomegranate with pepper powder and use as tooth powder.
  • Chew lettuce leaves immediately after food.
  • Consume the juice of carrot and spinach in a proportion of 125 ml. every day, which strengthens the gums.

Avoid these food for Pyorrhea - Avoid consumption of tea, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, chocolates, meat, etc. Avoid white pav, packaged and processed food as much as possible

Diet recommended for Pyorrhea: Fresh fruits, green salads, lemons, boiled vegetables, dry fruits, milk, whole wheal bread or rotis, roasted corn on the cob must be included in your diet. Chew the food properly. Eat raw fruits by chewing well. This strengthens the gums. Gargle after every meal.

Homeopathic remedies for Pyorrhea treatment. Know more 


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Nerve Damage Remedies in Homeopathy

Nerve Damage Remedies in Homeopathy

Nerve damage occurs from excessive pressure on nerve, nerve compression or nerve pinching. It can also occur from  diabetes, autoimmune diseases, or motor neuron disease.

Meralgia paresthetica also known as Bernhardt - Roth syndrome is a condition that causes numbness, tingling, burning and pain in the outer area of thigh due to pinching or damage to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve.  

Homeopathic remedies for nerve damage can help halt further progression and give symptomatic relief to a person. Selection of homeopathic nerve remedy depends upon the individuality of the patient , considering mental and physical symptoms.

Kali Phos - For Numbness of Hands and Feet. Also recommended to manage prickling sensation in hands and feet and muscle weakness 

Hypericum 200 - For tingling and burning sensation in Limbs. Best medicines for managing cases of nerve damage that arise from injury. Excessive nerve pain is the guiding symptom

Lac Defloratum 30  - is a well-indicated where numbness over the outer side of thighs is prominent with attendant pain. The pain appears after stepping on the floor out of bed in the morning.

Magnesium Phos 200 -  For Nerve Damage Attended with Pain which seem to change location, tend to come and go and can be unbearable. Nerve Pain relieved by warmth.

Arsenic Album – For Burning Pains in Limbs with accompanying Weakness and heaviness

Causticum – For Cases Presenting with Muscle Weakness. It helps manage cases of paralysis of limbs, facial muscles, tongue, eyelids, vocal cords and urinary bladder

Plumbum Met - For Muscle Weakness, Paralysis  along with Wasting of Muscle (atrophy)

Agaricus & Zincum Met - For Muscle Twitchings. Agaricus for twitchings that are marked in the eyes, eyelids, and facial muscles, cheeks, limbs. incum Met is indicated for cases having twitching's in face and limbs

Cuprum Met - For Muscle Cramps, affected part may be hot and very sensitive to touch.

Colocynth 200 -  For Pain Radiating from Lower Back to Back of Legs (Sciatica). Highly effective medicine to manage sciatica pain arising from nerve damage irritation or compression

Gnaphalium 30 - For Sciatica Pain and Numbness. It gets worse from motion and is better by resting

Kalmia Lat 200 - is prescribed when numbness along with nerve pain occurs.  Neuralgic pains, shoot downwards with numbness is characteristic to Kalmia.

Homeopathy medicines for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is another form of pinched nerve pain in the hands, know more  

What doctors recommend for pinched nerve, neuralgic pain

Dr.Arwa Bohra recommends Hypericum for nerve pain. In acute cases where nerve pain is severe due to nerve injury or weight lifting, she recommends hypericum 30. In chronic cases like slipped disc, sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia she recommends Hypericum 200. Watch her YouTube video here Nerve pain treatment।।नसों के दर्द के लिए बेस्ट दवा।।Homeopathic medicine. Know the indications, health benefits, side effects, patient profile and more of Hypericum Perf here

Dr.Kirti V Singh recommends Homeopathic medicines for numbness, 

  • Gelsemium 200 2 drops 2 times a day
  • Arnica 200 2 drops 2 times a day
  • Hypericum 200 2 drops 2 times a day
  • Argentum metallicum 30 2 drops 3 times a day
  • Agaricus muscarius 30 2 drops 3 times a day

Watch his Youtube video "Numbness, Tingling! Homeopathic medicine for Numbness?? explain?" for more information

 Nerve Injury Homeopathy Medicines list, Buy Online 


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Natural Remedies to pass Kidney Stones fast at Home

Natural Remedies to pass Kidney Stones fast at Home

Naturopathy tips to break up kidney stones naturally at home

These home remedies for kidney stones can help you pass Kidney Stones fast and safely without any side effects.

Kidney beans (Rajma) -These beans are very effective in treating kidney stones. Dr. Ram from Germany was the first person to demonstrate the effective treatment of ailments of the kidney and urinary tract by using Kidney beans. Take 60 grams of kidney beans and break them into pieces. Add them to 4 litres of water and boil on low flame for 4 hours. Strain this water through a cloth. Keep aside for 8 hours and then again strain without disturbing. Serve a glass of this water every two hours to the patient, Make a fresh batch every day and consume it within 24 hours. Pomegranate: Take a spoonful of pomegranate seeds and grind them ,. Take 2 spoons of Bengal gram and boil it in excess water to make a soup. Add the pomegranate paste to this and serve it to the patient. He will be relieved from urinary inflammation and urination will be normalized.

Water Melon - Among all fruits, water melon has the highest volume of water and is rich in potassium. It is found to be effective in treating kidney stones.

Apple - It is very effective in treating kidney stones, especially it juice made without adding any sugar which helps flush out kidney stones. Holy Basil

(Tulsi) - Consume a spoonful of the juice of these leaves mixed with equal amount of honey, early in the morning. It helps aid flushing of stones and reduces inflammation

Why Homeopathy is another better alternative to passing Kidney stones naturally?

When the patient is rolling on the floor writhing in pain and no painkiller seems to work, a Homeopathic medicine called Aconite is very effective. Two drops of this medicine magically reduces the pain.

A homeopathic medicine called Calcarea Renalis which is made by treating such stones themselves, is highly effective to treat the fundamental tendency of stone formation.

When the urine is reddish yellow and pain in the urethra, people who have a tendency of getting small sized stones, then a medicine called Calcarea carb can be used.

Some people feel the urge to urinate but the urine does not pass or does so in drops. Such people lack physical activity and mostly work in a sitting posture. For these patients, Nux vomica is an effective medicine.

When the urinary tract has a burning sensation with inflammation, then a medicine called Sarsaparilla can be used. In cases where urination completely stops or is in a small trickle, then Uva ursi is an effective medicine.

Apart from the above medicines, some other important Kidney stones are indicated below. Go to the complete list here


Homeopathy Medicines for Kidney Stone Treatment

Berberis vulg. Q This is the head remedy for kidney stones. There is acute pain in the region of kidneys and urethra with frequent desire to pass urine. Very useful for pains when the stone is in the left kidney. Give 10 drops every hour. Pareira brava Q (tds) 5 drops in 'A cup of water When stone is in the kidney for a long time and it is difficult to expel it, give 5 drops a dose every hour. It can be given mixed with Berberis vulg. Q.
Calcarea carb. 30 When there is difficulty and attack of pain on passing the stone. Give a dose every 15 minutes Serum anguillae (tds) In affections of the kidney when there is diminished urine or when it is completely suppressed due to failure of the kidneys. This remedy produces abundant urine, cures albuminuria and removes the infection.
Hydrangea Q (tds) 10 drops in 1/2 cup of water A remedy for gravel and for breaking stones enabling their easy passage. Can be mixed with Berberis Vulg. Q and pereira brava Q. When used after expulsion of stones, prevents their recurrence Urtica urens Q (tds) 10 drops in a cup of water Its use in expulsion of stones from kidneys is very old.It acts as a cleaning agent of the kidneys and eliminates gravel from them. When used after expulsion of stones, prevents their recurrence.
Lycopodium 1M (hs) Repeat after a week when the pain is due to a stone in the right kidney region. It expels it. Vesicaria Q General dropsy due to cessation of function of the kidney to secrete urine. It helps secretion of urine and removes swelling of hands, feet, etc. when given in 15-20 drops in a teaspoonful of water, every hour. The results can be seen within a week or so.
Ocimum can. (tds) Renal calculus specially in the right kidney with pain on the right side. Urine smells like musk and when allowed to stand for a while brick dust red or yellow sediment settles at the bottom. Urine contains uric acid.
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Homeopathy for eating disorders

Homeopathy for eating disorders

Eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating disorder can  be due to behavioral non compliance or brain disorder (Biopsychosocial). A homeopath assess the individuality of each person which is an important factor in assessing the most suitable approach for dealing with food refusal. Homeopathic medicines are very helpful in treating eating disorders because the remedy can be mapped to the personality of the individual that is the root cause

Antimonium crudum is very helpful for infants who vomit milk immediately after breast-feed. The child may be obstinate and cross, not easily satisfied

Lycopodium child may be very hungry, but eating very little food satiates him easily.

Nux vomica is another  appetite stimulant but should only be used with the advice of an expert homoeopath.

Sepia 200 is effective for eating disorder due to hormonal imbalance in teens especially in girls.  They have Acid dyspepsia with bloated abdomen and sour belching,  and a faint sinking feeling at epigastrium.

Arsenicum Alb 200 for irritable , oversensitive people who are paranoid about dirt, germs and being poisoned by food. Such people cannot bear the sight and smell of food. Nausea, retching and vomiting after eating and drinking.

Carcinosin 200 is suited for people suffering  obsessive compulsive disorder. The fear of becoming fat and have grief or fears related to body weight.

Ignatia Amara 200 is suited for people who give up eating from grief, fright, or emotional shocks , disappointments. They are hysterical persons , loss of control of emotions and they faint very easily. 

Natrum Mur 200 is suited for those who loose appetite and hunger from ear of being rejected or hurt emotionally. They have a special craving for salt. They feel better in an empty stomach. They have terrible headaches.

Phosphoric Acid is good for eating disorder  resulting from chronic diseases. They are indifferent to all emotions and food with loss of  hunger

Naturopathy treatment for anorexia

  1. Sour Grapes - Make chapattis by mixing the dough in the juice of sour grapes and serve the kids. This aids the strength of the intestinal muscles as also secretion of digestive juices.
  2. Prepare a mixture in the proportion of one spoonful of lime juice, one spoon of ginger juice, one gram sea salt and seal in a bottle to be kept in sunlight for 3 days. Serve a lick to the children just before meals. It aids digestion and stimulates appetite. 
  3. Apple: It aids the secretion of an enzyme called "Pepsin which aids digestions. It stimulates appetite.

Diet Planning tips for Parents (Indian)

Parents must pay attention to the kind of diet that the child has, since children mimic the elders, all must follow a similar diet plan. Schools these days start at around 9 o’clock in the morning. Wake the child at around 7. After his morning ablutions, serve him some tea with biscuits. Just before he leaves for school, serve him home made shira or uppit. People who consume non-veg can serve a boiled egg.

Add cup of tea or coffee prepared in milk. Pack a lunch of chapatti and vegetables along with groundnut chikki or a laddu  or even a fruit. After he returns from school, serve him a second round of chapatti/roti-vegetable or salad, rice, dal with a lemon. For evening snacks, if you can’t make him some fresh snacks, serve pre-made chivda, sandwich, bhadang, corn-chivda, etc. Fresh snacks like pohe (flattened rice), vermicelli (made like Maggi),Oatmeal. lahya (powdered puffed jowar like popcorn). Dinner can include something like dal-khichdi, kadhi, pulav with mixed vegetables, veg soups, leafy vegetables, Bhakri (Jowar), etc.

If you are inclined towards eating at a hotel, indulge yourself once a month only. Avoid serving hotel food in your kid’s lunch box completely. When you bring variety to home-made food, one is not inclined towards eating junk-food.

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Doctor recommended homeopathic medicines for treatment of Piles

Doctor recommended homeopathic medicines for treatment of Piles

Dr. H.S.Khaneja Recommended Piles Medicines 

Dr.Khaneja is the former president of Homeopathic medical association of India and has over 70 years of clinical experience. His book Illustrated Guide to the Homeopathic Treatment is a best seller. The below recommended medicines are listed here 

Piles Symptom Indicated medicine
Bleeding Hamamelis (tds): Hemorrhoids after confinement. Blood dark, profuse with soreness in the rectum, great weakness after bleeding.
Hypericum 1x (qid): Bleeding piles. It is a very specific remedy.
Mucuna Q (tds) 1-2 drops in a little water: One drop a dose is very near specific for bleeding piles. 4 doses will arrest the disease.
Calcarea fluor. (qid): Internal piles with constipation and backache. Much flatus in the colon. Bleeding piles with itching of anus, worse during pregnancy.
Millefolium (tds): Bleeding hemorrhoids. Blood bright red. Works better in tincture-5 drops a dose, thrice daily.
Sulphur 30/ morning (hs), Nux vornica/night (hs), Aesculus hip./afternoon (hs) : A dose of Sulphur in the morning and a dose of Nux vomica at bed time, and a dose of Aesculus at noon will cure piles, blind or bleeding in a short time.
Ficus rel. Q (qid) Ficus ind Q (qid) 5 drops in ½ cup of water: Either of the remedies maybe tried if Mucuna. fails. This will stop bleeding after about 4 doses of 5 drops each. Blood should be bright red.
Pain, itching Apis mel. (tds): Hemorrhoids with stinging pain as if from the bite of honey bees and after confinement.
Arsenicum alb. (tds): Hemorrhoids burn-like fire. Burning is relieved by sitting in hot water. Skin around anus ulcerated.
Paeonia off. (tds): This is given for piles and fissure of anus occurring together. Burning in the anus.
Pregnancy Collinsonia can. (tds): Sensation of sharp sticks in the rectum. Sense of constriction. Painful, bleeding piles or blind piles. Hemorrhoids with most obstinate constipation. Constipation and piles during pregnancy - alternating with diarrhea.
External Mimosa p. 1x (tds): A single dose of lx or 6x cures external piles. Its leaves made into a poultice with oil and tied on the anus causes immediate relief in pain and also causes receding of piles.
Podophyllum (tds): Internal and external piles. Prolapse of rectum. Constipation with hard, dry, difficult and whitish stools or constipation alternating with diarrhea.
Fissures Nitricum acidum, Sedum acre (tds): Hemorrhoids and fissures at the same time.


Dr. Pranjali recommended Piles Medicines 

Dr.Pranjali is one of India's leading homeopathic doctor based in Bengaluru, Karnataka. She is a well known Youtuber with over 1 Million followers. Her recommendations are listed below and may be bought online here

Aesculus Hip 30 is an excellent remedy for blind piles, pains after passing motion. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue 3 times a day. (Morning-Afternoon-Evening)
Aloe Soc 30 is a homeopathic remedy often used to treat piles, pains in the anus while passing stools. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue 3 times a day. (Morning-Afternoon-Evening)
Acid Nitricum 30 is an excellent medicine used to treat piles and anal fissure when there are tearing pains in the anus while passing stools. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue 3 times a day. (Morning-Afternoon-Evening)
Causticum 30 is a medicine used to treat large, swollen piles that hinder the passage of stool from the anus. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue 3 times a day. (Morning-Afternoon-Evening)
Lycopodium 200 is given for piles and fissures of anus occurring together. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue 3 times a day. (Morning-Afternoon-Evening) 
Aesculus Pentarkan drops is a homeopathic medicine indicated to treat symptoms of varicose veins and piles. It is effective in bleeding piles with burning pain and prolapse of rectum. It covers blind or bleeding haemorrhoids with or without pain. It is also very effective in haemorrhoids with constipation. It has key Ingredients like aesculus hippocastanum, arnica montana, calcarea fluorica, carduus marianus, etc. that acts on piles, varicose veins and other related problems. Dosage: 20 drops with ¼ cup of warm water 3 times a day (Morning-Afternoon-Evening). In the case of acute pain, the dosage can be taken every 1 hour.
FP-TABS help relieves pain and constipation, reduces the size of pile mass and blood loss thereby treating fissures and piles. It is indicated piles and fissures are caused due to chronic constipation or diarrhoea. Piles are the swollen blood vessels around the anus and in the rectum which stretch or bulge under pressure. Dosage: In the case of chronic pain, 2 tablets 3 times a day (Morning-Afternoon-Evening). In acute cases, 2 tablets every 3-4 hours.
Nux Vomica 200 relieves haemorrhoids caused by a sedentary lifestyle, and overeating and drinking, especially of spicy and rich foods and alcohol. It helps to improve digestion after eating spicy foods. A constant desire to pass stools may be there, but constipation and passing of scanty stool is the symptom. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue every night.
Sulphur 200 is an effective remedy for piles when there is itching, burning, oozing haemorrhoids accompanied by a feeling of fullness and pressure in the abdomen. The anus is inflamed and red and may protrude significantly. The person may feel worse from warmth and bathing and have flatulence with a strong, offensive odour. Dosage: 2 drops directly on the tongue every morning.
Calendula Officinalis Q is an antiseptic that heals the wound from outside. It helps stop bleeding hemorrhoids and provides pain-relieving healing comfort. Applying calendula to the affected area may reduce pain in people with anal tears. Application: 1 cap (bottle) of Calendula should be mixed in a tub containing warm water and the patient should sit in it for 10-15 minutes.
Pilen Cream is a unique formulation that acts in synergism for treatment of piles. It acts by reducing pressure, promoting emptying of haemorrhoidal veins into veins. Thereby reducing swelling of hemorrhoids, reduce bleeding. It is effective in both internal and external piles and provides relief in burning. It also promotes easy passage while evacuating stools. Application: Apply the cream after taking sitz baths, 2 times a day.
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Homeopathy Medicines for Bed Sores

Homeopathy Medicines for Bed Sores

Homeopathic medicines for Bed sores (Decubitus Ulcers) like Arnica, Apis Mel, Silicea and Pyrogenium offer a natural way to heal them by providing relief from pain and curing blisters and pus in ulcers

Homeomart Indibuy
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Homeopathy Medicines for Panic Attack and Anxiety

Homeopathy Medicines for Panic Attack and Anxiety

Homeopathic medicines offers a natural, healing alternative for panic attacks which can be simply described as severe episodes of sudden anxiety, apprehension or fear. These are not triggered by any real life event or danger situation. Certain situations such as trauma, past experience or phobia can act as triggers. However they evoke some form of physical reaction such as heart palpitations, dizziness, dyspnea, nausea and faintness. Panic attacks can leave the patient shaken and deeply upset and may trigger the panic mode in mind and make the person  loose  control over his reactions.

 Homeopathy Medicines for Panic Attack

The below mentioned medicines can be found here; Panic medicine collection 

Aconite and Kali Arsenicosum -For Acute Panic Attacks Aconite works best for panic attacks which come on suddenly and with great intensity. Where the symptoms include great restlessness, fear and inconsolable anxiety. In cases where the attack is accompanied by startled looks, anxious face and protruding eyes, Kali Arsenicosum is the most effective.Mental and physical restlessness accompanying an acute panic attack are treated best with this medicine
Arsenic Album, Phosphorus and Aconite -For Panic Attacks with Fear of Death Arsenic Album is well indicated for panic attacks with fear of death which worsens during the night. Phosphorus is most helpful in case of panic attacks with fear of death, especially when left alone.
Lycopodium and Argentum Nitricum -For Panic Attacks in Public Places In case of panic attacks during public speaking, fear of strangers, fear of men and fear of being alone, medicine Lycopodium is prescribed. Argentum Nitricum is most helpful in dealing with panic attacks from fear of high buildings, especially the fear of projecting corners of buildings.
Gelsemium and Rhus Tox -For Panic Attacks in Closed Spaces Gelsemium is well indicated for nervous dread of appearing in public. Rhus Tox is one of the most effective medicines for panic attacks in a closed room, especially at night.
Spongia and Kali Arsenicosum -For Panic Attacks from Fear of Heart Disease Spongia is one of the most effective medicines for panic attacks with great anxiety about the heart and fear of heart disease. Kali Arsenicosum is another of the marked medicines for panic attacks which result from fear of acquiring a life-threatening disease.



Anxiety & Panic Attack - Know the difference!

A panic attack happens because of heightened anxiety. However there is a difference; In anxiety attack, people may feel fearful, apprehensive, may feel their heart racing or feel short of breath, but it's very short lived, and when the stressor goes away, so does the anxiety attack. Panic attack on the other hand doesn't come in reaction to a stressor. It's unprovoked and unpredictable

Dr.Pranjali recommends the following Homeopathic medicines for anxiety treatment in homeopathy in her video here  वीडियो  में दिखाए गये दवाओं के नाम -

1 Ashwagandha mother tincture

2 Ginseng mother tincture

3 Hypericum mother tincture

4 Ocimum Sanctum mother tincture

Dosages (लेने का तरीका ): Mix all in equal quantity and take 20 drops with half cup of water 3 times in a day. सबको सामान मात्रा में मिला के 20 बूँद दिन में तीन बार आधे कप पानी में लें।

Bach Flower Remedies (BFR) for Anxiety, Panic Attack

Bach Flower Remedy ASPEN - for fear, worries, unknown scare. The person needing this bach flower remedy has vague unknown fears for which there can be given no explanation, no reason. It is a terror that something awful is going to happen even though it is unclear what exactly. These vague inexplicable fears may haunt by night or day. Sufferers may often be afraid to tell their trouble to others

Bach Flower Remedy MIMULUS - for fear, blushing, stammering, shyness, timid, sensitive, lack of courage.he person needing this bach flower remedy has fear of worldly things, illness, pain, accidents, poverty of dark of being alone of misfortune.The fears of everyday life. These people quietly an secretly bear their dread; they do not freely speak of it to others.

Bach Flower Remedy ROCK ROSE - Frozen fear, terror.. When you feel terror, or after a nightmare. The feeling that you cannot react or move.The remedy of emergency for cases where there even appears no hope. In accident serious or sudden illness, or when the patient is very frightened or terrified, or if the conditions is serious enough to cause great fear to those around. If the patient is not conscious the may be moistened with the remedy.

Bach Flower RESCUE REMEDY - A combination of cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose, star of bethehem. All purpose emergency mixture of shock, terror emergencies. May also be externally applied for burns, animal bites and sprains.

Homeopathy for Anxiety, Panic, Fear in Hindi

Doctors (Pranjali & Kirti) recommended two homeopathy anxiety relief combination of medicines to help you overcome intense, excessive and persistent worries and fear about everyday situations

डॉ. कीर्ति विक्रम सिंघ - इस वीडियो में एंग्जायटी या घबराहट के बारे में बताया है की कैसे एंग्जायटी होती है और क्या क्या होम्योपैथिक दवा है इस स्तिथि के लिए और हमें क्या करना चाहिए

He recommends the following Homeopathic medicines for anxiety treatment in homeopathy

1- Stramonium 30ch 2 drops in morning

2 - Rescue remedy 30ch 2 drops 3 times a day

3 - Aconite 30ch 2 drops 3 times a day

4- Tranquil 2 tablets 2 times a day

5- Argentum nitricum 30ch 2 drops 3 times a day

ऊपर बताई गई सभी दवाएं यहां उपलब्ध  हैं।

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Homeopathy Medicines List for Back Pain, Lumbago

Homeopathy Medicines List for Back Pain, Lumbago

Dr. H.S Khaneja, a well known homeopath and author of best selling book "Illustrated Guide to Homeopathic Treatment" has recommended the following medicines for back pain treatment

Aceticum acidum (tds) Pain in the back relieved only on lying on the abdomen   Conium mac. (tds) Backache from coition. Backache due to bruises and shocks to the spine
Aconitum nap. (tds)  Sudden backache on exposure to cold, dry winds. Stiffness and shooting pain in lower back.   Dulcamara (tds), N atrium sulph. (tds)  Backache due to living in damp houses and in dwellers of basements
Aesculus hip. (tds)  Backache in the lower region due to constipa-tion and piles. Patient feels better by standing. Backache due to hard work.   Eupatorium perf (tds)  Backache due to pain in the spinal bones
Agaricus mus. (tds)  Stiffness of the whole spine. Immense shoot-ing and burning pains worse stooping. Sensa-tion of cold needles pricking the back.   Eupionum (tds) Severe backache. Pains extend to pelvis. Back-ache is followed by yellowish leucorrhea which is worse after menses. Backache is relieved by hard pressure. 
Ammonium Carb. (tds) Pain in the lumbar region.    Gnaphalium (tds) Chronic rheumatic character of the muscles of the back and neck. Worse continued motion, better resting, specially on back. The more chronic the backache, the more indicated this remedy. It is specially useful when the pain is associated with numbness
Antimonium tart. (tds)  Backache from fatigue specially in the lower back. Any movement may cause vomiting.   Hypericum (tds) Backache due to injuries to the nerves. Violent pain and inability to walk or stoop after a fall on coccyx. 
Arnica  Mont (tds) Backache due to over-exertion or an accident.    Kalium carb. (tds) Backache in the lower part of the back and in pregnant women. Pain is constant and the back and legs give out. The patient has to sit. Sweating. 
Berberis Vulgaris (tds) Backache due to stones in the kidney and due to urinal troubles. Pain radiates in all direc-tions with numbness. Pain and numbness in back during menses.    Kalmia lat. (tds)  Backache with numbness. Pain extends to the scapula. Pains are descending
Bryonia alba (tds)  Backache worse from motion and better by rest and pressure. Lachesis (tds)  Coccyx and sacrum pain especially on rising from a sitting position
Calcarea carb. (tds) Backache on rising from a seat and due to an old injury. It may be given after Arnica has been tried. Backache as a result of bathing in a river or lake. Pain in the lower back and weak-ness. Back of neck rigid and stiff.     Lycopodium  Backache in the region of kidneys; worse be-fore urination. Ceases after the flow. Urine slow in coming
Calcarea fluor. 12x (tds)  Chronic backache in the lower part aggravated on beginning to move and ameliorated on con-tinued motion. Worse during rest and better by heat and warm applications   Magnesium phos. (tds) Pain better by heat and pressure, and worse in cold. 
Calcarea phos. (tds), Natrium mur. 6x (tds)  Backache due to leucorrhea. Better by putting hard things under the back   Medorrhinum 200 (hs), Repeat after a week  Backache from neck to sacrum
Cannabis Ind. (tds)  Backache after sexual intercourse   Natrium mur. (tds) Backache better by hard pressure. The patient walks with hands around his hips and back.
Causticum (tds)  Pain in back during menses. Pressing, cramp-like pain in small of back and renal region while sitting , better after rising   Nux vomica (tds)  Backache in the bed on lying. Must sit up or turn side.Pain is located in the lumbar region. Hemorrhoids may be present. Backache in chilly, constipated patients who lead a sedentary life. 
China off. (tds)  Backache extending to the hollow of the knee.Worse morning and sitting. Better standing   Rhus tox. (tds)  Backache resulting from an old injury. Backache due to sprain, exposure, sleeping with damp clothes or on damp ground or getting wet in rains or taking bath when perspiring or over-lifting. Worse rising from a seat and better by movement.
Cimicifuga (tds)  Rheumatic pains in the back, neck, sacral region extending to thighs. Pain in the scapula and right shoulder. Restlessness and sleepless-ness. Pain in the pelvic region. Pains better by warmth and eating   Symphytum off. (od) A dose of this remedy in 30 potency - once a day eases backache resulting from violent motion such as wrestling, excessive sexual indulgence
Colocynthis (tds) Pain in the back, buttock and thighs. Severe burning along the sacrum   Sulphur (od)  Pain between shoulders. Stiffness in the nape of the neck. Backache after physical exertion, cannot straighten up immediately after the ex ertion. Backache worse standing. Severe pain in the lower back and coccyx. Cannot walk erect. Pain worse night and cold.
tds - thrice daily, hs - onedose only, od - one dose daily, bd - twice a day
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Homeopathy Cancer Medicines List

Homeopathy Cancer Medicines List

Buy Homeopathy Cancer Medicines Online here

YouTube Video on most common Cancers and homeopathy medicines here

Cancer Medicines with Indications List

Arsenicum Alb 1M Given stat; Repeat every 3rd day Cancer of the testicles. Give two doses a day, when no other general symptom of the remedy are present.
Arsenicum iod. 3x (tds), Asterias rub. (tds) Cancer of breasts when ulceration has started.
Asterias rub. 1x (tds) It acts on cancer of both breasts but better left. Breasts are hard and painful. Patient is fleshy with a red face. It has a great influence in cancer diseases.
Bellis per. (tds) Cancer of stomach with burning pain in the esophagus.
Cadmium phos. (tds) Cancer of testicles.
Cadmium sulph. (tds) Cancer of stomach with persistant vomiting and constant bleeding of black fluid. Also for cancer of prostate gland.
Cistus can., (tds) Crotalus hor. (tds) For cancer of prostate gland.
Calcarea sulph. (tds) Fibroma of uterus with very offensive yellowish bleeding and cystic tumors.
Calendula off. Q (tds) Has a remarkable power to reduce local bleeding of a cancer and helps to make acrid discharge healthy and free. Use it as an intercurrent remedy whenever healing is required after exudation.
Carcinosinum 30-200 (hs) This fluid extract of specifically breast cancers is very useful in the treatment of carcinoma of mammary glands, with great pain and hardness of glands, also that of uterus. The fetid discharge, bleeding and pain are greatly relieved. One dose a night after a week. Repeat after a week
Carduus mar. Q. (tds) Cancer of the liver. It reduces pain of cancer. It also reduces the inflammation of the liver. Diarrhea due to cancer, specially that of the rectum.
Chininum sulph. (tds) Cancerous ulcer due to suppression of malaria.
Cholesterinum 3x (tds) For cancer of the liver.
Cholinum Q (tds) It gives encouraging results in treatment of cancer of the bladder. Use 1-2 ml of the fluid extract. There is a sensation of bubbles bursting in the bowels.
Cistus can. (tds) Cancer of glands of the neck with sensation of coldness in various parts.
Cobaltum (tds) Cancer of the lungs.
Conium mac. 1M (hs) Cancer of breasts and testicles. Tumor of the abdomen. Repeat after a week.
Cundurango Q (tds) Cancer of esophagus and stomach. Relieves pain of cancer. Even touch of a finger on the affected site gives pain.
Crotalus hor. (tds) Cancer of stomach with vomiting of bloody, slimy mucus.
Echinacea Q (tds) 10-15 drops in a little warm water reduces the pain of cancer in the last stages. Bleeding is foul smelling.
Galium aparine (tds) For cancerous ulcers and nodulated tumors of the tongue.
Graphites (od) Cancer of pylorus and duodenum.
Hekla lava 3x (tds) Cancer of the bones.
Hoang nan Q (tds) 5-25 drops in 1/2 cup of water It is useful in cancer of any glandular or secreting organ (glands) whether bleeding or not. Start with 5 drops thrice daily and gradually increase the dose to 25 drops. It removes the foul smell and revives the healing process.
Hydrastis (tds) Cancer of breasts before start of ulceration. Cancer of the uterus. It can be used for douching - 10 drops in a tumbler of luke warm water.
Kalium ars. (tds) Skin cancer without any visible symptoms. Many small nodules under the skin.
Kalium cyan. (tds) Cancer of the tongue and rectum.
Kalium phos. (tds) When cancer has been removed surgically and the healing process has started but the skin is drawn tight over the wound causing inconvenience, use of this remedy eases the patient.
Kreosotum (tds) Cancer of the vagina and prostate. Dribbling of urine. Cannot control the urge to urinate.
Malandrinum 1M (hs) It is efficacious in clearing the remains of the cancerous deposits. Only 1 dose is given at the end of the treatment when cancer has been cured.
Morphinum (bd) Pain of cancer is relieved when the patient is very sensitive and restless, jerks the limbs. Convulsions are threatened.
Ornithogalum Q (hs) Cancer of intestinal tract specially of stomach in its lower part and at the start of the intestines. Depression of spirits, complete prostration. Painful contraction and duodenal distention. Pains increase when food passes the pyloric outlet. Cancer of abdomen. Give a single dose of 10-15 drops and repeat only after seeing results. Cancer of cecum.
Ova tosta 3x (tds) Relieves pain of cancer anywhere when backache is present.
Phosphorus (tds) Excessively bleeding fibroids and cancer specially in the stomach. Cancer of pancreas or of bones, specially lower jaw and tibia.
Phytolacca dec. Q (tds) Tumors or cancer of breasts. Enlarged axillary glands. Sore spot in the right hypochondrium.
Psoralea bit. (tds) Uterine tumors. It also reduces pain of cancer.
Radium brom. (tds) Cancer of skin with itching, great burning and restlessness better by a hot bath and moving about.
Ruta (tds) Carcinoma of lower bowels and rectum.
Sanguinaria (tds) Cancer of rectum.
Scrophularia nodose Q (tds) It is a powerful remedy for tumors of the breasts. 10 drops a dose, thrice daily causes disappearance in a few months.
Strychnos Q (tds) Removes offensive odor and hemorrhage of cancer.
Symphytum off. (tds) Cancer of bones, periosteum, specially of joints.
Taraxacum Q (tds) Cancer of the bladder.
Tarentula cub. (tds) It reduces pain of cancer.
Ustilago may. Q (tds) Cancer of cervix with a sensation as if there is boiling water is flowing along the back. Bleeding easily.
Viburnum prun. Q (tds) For cancer of the tongue.
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