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Hahnemann Bach flower remedy Olive for exhaustion, fatigue

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Bach Flower Olive Indication: Complete exhaustion, extreme tiredness of mind and body.

Also known as Olea auropaca, Olive.

Emotional state: Extreme physical and mental fatigue after much suffering. No more strength to make an effort. Daily life is an effort without pleasure.

Person before Treatment : Washed out, no reserves, shell-shocked soldier, veteran, exhausted marathon runner

Person after Oak treatment: Great strength and vitality. In stressful situations draws on inner guidance to cope cheerfully.

About Bach Flower Remedy

Dr. Edward Bach a British doctor and homeopath concluded that sickness and diseases were not primarily  due to physical causes, but to some deeper disharmony within the sufferer himself.

He observed that body loses its natural resistance to diseases and become easy prey to any infection or from of illness due to distress in mind such as fear, worry, over anxiety, importance which depleted the vitality of an individual.

Between 1930 and 1936 he devoted his whole time to the search for harmless remedies amongst the wild flowers of countryside. He discovered 38 flower Remedies containing healing properties with the help of which the sufferer could again strength to overcome his anxieties, his fears, depression and so assist in his own healing in a natural way. He believed that flowers and plants contain energy that can heal emotional issues

Bach Flower Properties

Bach flowers Remedies affect the emotion and correct emotional disharmony, and imbalance in the person, which gave the feeling of physical well-being.

Salient Features:

  • Only 38 remedies therefore easy remembrance.
  • No elaborate head racking study. Easily understood
  • Very simple
  • Non-habit forming and absolutely without any side effects.
  • Can mix up to three medicines and be given for chronic diseases.
  • Can be repeated as often as required. Even up to 3-5 times a day as there is no problem of over closing.
  • No withdrawal symptoms.

Bach Flower Remedy Olive: Descriptive Materia Medica

The Olive tree benefits humanity through its leaves, bark, fruit, and the wood of its trunk, and has always been the symbol of peace and harmony. The remedy prepared from the Olive flowers has the power to restore peace to the tired mind and strength to the body exhausted by suffering. It is for those who have suffered a long time from worrying and adverse conditions or from long and serious illness and feel they are sapped of all vitality, that their minds are wearied and exhausted by their efforts and that they have no reserve to face further suffering. As one patient said: "I am suffering from utter weariness and complete lack of zest", and another, "I am exhausted to the point of tears."

This remedy help even too those people who have very full lives and much to do, with little leisure for relaxation and enjoyment, who tire easily and quickly and feel they have no strength left to carry on. Everything they do has become hard work for them, and, because they are so tired, they can no longer enjoy their work or the things that used to give them pleasure and interest.

The exhaustion of this remedy is different from that of Hornbeam. The latter is mainly "thought" tiredness and a disinclination to face the day or the future, for as the day progresses, the sufferer generally finds he can fulfill his task, whereas the exhaustion of the Olive type is so complete, the mind and body so utterly drained of strength, that the individual can make no effort. The Centaury people tend to become tired, for they do too much in their efforts to please others; this they could avoid by refusing to be too readily influenced. Olive is an excellent remedy to give during convalescence to restore vitality and strength and interest in life.

The positive aspect of this remedy is shown by those who rely, not upon personal effort to overcome their difficulties, but on the strength and vitality which Comes to them when they know without doubt that they will be guided and sustained to face all that comes their way It is seen in those who retain their peace of mind and interest in life although temporarily unable to be active. 

Bach Flower, Cases treated:

Mrs Raikar aged 63. Pier husband, child and brother died a few years ago and since then she had been extremely exhausted and said: "I am not particularly interested in anything and do not have the energy to do anything." She was sleeping badly and very depressed. For this extreme exhaustion, loss of interest and depression she was given the remedy Olive, which she took regularly for three months. After the first month she reported that she was sleeping better and for longer spells. She was also eating better and beginning to put on weight. At the end of three months she could say, "I am much better and getting about, and I sleep wonderfully well. The depression is a thing of the past."

Olive in Bach Flower Mixes:

  1. Bach Flower Remedy Mix Olive, Oak for Fatigue
  2. Bach Flower Remedy Mix Oak, Olive for Professional Exhaustion(Burnout)
  3. Bach Flower Remedy Mix Oak, Olive, Red chestnut for Pregnancy
  4. Bach Flower Remedy Mix Hornbeam, Olive for Baby Blues, Depression

Presentation: 30ml, 100ml

Price : Rs.99 for 30 ml, get upto 35% off for best price

Dosage 5-10 Drops 3-4 times day or as directed by physician.
Manufacturer Hahnemann Pharma
Form Drops

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