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Variolinum Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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Variolinum is a nosode prepared from small pox pustule. 

As per Dr Vaishali Jain "Variolinum is a very effective medicine in aiding, curing & preventing smallpox"

It has many other uses

Dr K S Gopi recommends Variolinum  for

Variolinum 200- Start small pox treatment with this remedy

Antimonium Tart 30 - After 24 hours the use of Variolinum , if fever is left , give it every two hours till the fever lasts

Variolinum 200 & Sarracenia Ix - These remedies are best for removing scars left by small pox , or chicken pox on the face

Hirsuitism;  Variolonum 200, Saracenia Pur 1x- Give Variolinum 200 every fortnight and Saracenia 1x twice daily except on the day when Variolinum is given

Variolinum as per Boericke Materia Medica

Lymph from Small-pox Pustule

Used for "internal vaccination." Seems to be efficacious in protecting against, modifying and aiding in the cure of smallpox. 

Head.--Morbid fear of small-pox. Deafness. Pain in occiput. Inflamed eyelids.

Respiratory.--Oppressed breathing. Throat feels closed. Cough with thick viscid, bloody mucus. Feeling of a lump in right side of throat.

Relationship.--Excruciating backache. Aching in legs. Tired all over with restlessness. Wrists pain. Pains shift from back to abdomen.

Fever.--Hot fever, with intense radiating heat. Profuse, bad-smelling sweat.

Skin.--Hot, dry. Eruption of pustules. Shingles.

Relationship.--Compare: Vaccin (same action); Malandrinum--the morbid product of the grease of the horse (a prophylactic of small-pox and a remedy for the ill-effects of vaccination; chronic eczema following vaccination).

Dose.--Sixth to thirtieth potency.

About Medisynth brand:

Established in 1935 as a pharmacy in Mumbai, the firm started manufacturing homoeopathic medicines in 1974 under the name of Beck & Koll laboratories. It has a modern, well-equipped and GMP compliant manufacturing facility is located in Navi Mumbai (India). More about its offerings here 

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