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Homeopathy Decongestant medicines for adults and children

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Breathe easy this season with our range of natural decongestant homeopathic remedies. Whether you're tackling a stubborn cold or fighting seasonal allergies, Homeomart has you covered with gentle yet effective solutions.

🌿 Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to holistic wellness. Our remedies work in harmony with your body, providing relief without the side effects. Experience the healing power of nature and keep your sinuses clear and your spirits high! 🌤️

Homeopathic medicines for chest congestion by symptoms: 

  1. Antimonium Tart 30 :

   - Treats chest congestion with excessive rattling of mucus.
   - Lungs overloaded with mucus, but little is expectorated.
   - Difficulty in breathing; patient takes short breaths.
   - Effective for congestion from working in damp basements.
   - Helps with difficult respiration in newborns.


  1. Arsenic Album 30:
   - Treats chest congestion with suffocative spells at night.
   - Wheezing or whistling sounds when breathing.
   - Cough improves with warm drinks.
   - Can treat congestion from cold drinks.


  1. Ipecac 30:
   - Effective for wheezing in the chest.
   - Chest full of mucus, but none comes out despite coughing.
   - Bluish face from suffocation.
   - Blood-stained mucus and persistent nausea.


  1. Phosphorus 200:
   - Treats chest pain with burning sensation.
   - Constrictive feeling in the chest.
   - Cough worsens by talking, laughing, and cold air.
   - Desire for cold drinks, ice creams, and juices.


  1. Bryonia Alba 30:
   - Treats cough with difficult breathing.
   - Breathing difficulty increases with motion.
   - Stitching chest pains during inspiration.
   - Mucus is thick and requires hawking.
   - Increased thirst for water.


  1. Senega 30:
   - Recommended for elderly with chest congestion.
   - Rattling of mucus with an oppressed feeling.
   - Mucus is tough and comes out with difficulty.
   - Extreme soreness in the chest.

Homeopathy Medicines for Nasal Congestion, Stuffy nose

- Nux Vomica 30:

  - Effective for nasal obstruction at night.
  - Nose discharges during the day but is blocked at night.
  - Nasal obstruction on one side with free discharge on the other.
  - Worsens in open air.


- Sambucus Nig. 30:

  - For nose blockage with dry nasal cavities.
  - Difficulty in breathing, especially at night.
  - Effective for infants with nasal blockage during feeding.


- Arsenicum Album 30:

  - Prescribed for nose blockage due to nasal allergies.
  - Burning watery nasal discharges with blockage.
  - Excoriating discharge from the nose.


- Gelsemium 30:

  - Prescribed for dull headache with a stopped feeling in nose blockage.
  - Fluent nose discharge.


- Sinapis Nigra 30:

  - For nasal congestion due to allergy.
  - Alternate nostrils blocked due to allergic reaction.
  - Discharge from nose and eyes.


- Calcarea Carb. 30:

  - Effective for nose blockage due to nasal polyp.
  - Indicated for left-sided nasal polyps.
  - Fetid yellow discharge from nose.


- Lemna Minor 30:

  - Top remedy for nasal blockage due to polyps.
  - Nasal stuffiness, loss of smell, and difficulty in breathing.
  - Effective for polyps worsening in wet weather.


- Sanguinaria Nitricum 3x:

  - Effective for nasal congestion due to polyp.
  - Watery nasal discharges that are burning in nature.


- Kali Bichromicum 30:

  - For nasal congestion due to sinusitis.
  - Thick, yellow, and possibly ropy discharge.
  - Headache above the eyes due to sinus infection.


- Silicea 30:

  - Nose blocked with dry, hard crusts.
  - Best for sinus infection with nasal stuffiness.
  - Bleeding on trying to remove crusts.


- Pulsatilla 30:

  - For stuffy nose with thick, yellowish or greenish mucus.
  - Congestion intensifies in the evening.


- Kali Iodide 30:

  - For thin nasal discharge due to sinus inflammation.
  - Watery discharge causing intense burning.


- Kali Mur 6x:

  - For nasal blockage due to cold.
  - White nasal discharge and sinus problems.


- Agraphis Nutans 3x:

  - For nasal blockage due to adenoids.
  - Obstruction of nostrils leading to mouth breathing.

- Mercurius Sol 30:

  - For nose blockage due to exostosis of bones.
  - Yellowish-green nasal discharge with burning.


- Rhus Toxicodendron 30:

  - For nasal congestion during cool, damp, or changing weather.
  - Restlessness with relief from motion and warmth.
  • Size: The medicines listed above are available in 2 dram medicated pills or 30ml sealer liquid containers.
  • Dosage: (Pills) Adult and children 2 years of age and older: Dissolve 4 pills under the tongue 3 times a day until relieved or as directed by a physician. (Drops): The usual dosage is 3-4 drops in a teaspoon of water 2-3 times daily. Dosage may vary depending on the conditions. Always consult a Homeopathic Physician before taking medicines

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    The medicines listed here are for general information only. It is not meant as substitute to consultation or prescription by doctor. Please take medicines under supervision of homeopath only

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