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Dr advise post nasal drip treatment in Homeopathy

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Homeopathy is considered effective in post nasal drip treatment as clinical feedback* indicates its efficacy in clearing nasal secretion, reducing nasal congestion, decreasing post-nasal drip, relieving sinus pain or headache, improving taste and smell, and improving sleep quality. It could be used by patients with good compliance and no side effects.

* Rhinomanometric measurement tests using nasal airflow are a standard parameter for measuring nasal airway patency, and therefore airway congestion

Post nasal drip and cough Post-nasal drip syndrome (PNDS) is quoted as a common cause of chronic cough. As per the study published Rhinology Eighty-nine percent of patients complained of post-nasal secretions. Eight had co-existing asthma, 3 had bronchiectasis, 1 had sarcoid and 2 had had a recent respiratory tract infection. Therefore 9 patients (8%) had purulent nasal secretions and cough with no other discernible pathology. Cough improved in 8 of the 9 patients following treatment

What do doctors prescribe for post-nasal drip treatment in Homeopathy?

Kit 1: Dr Kirti Singh talks of causes, symptoms, and treatment of post-nasal drip in his YouTube video titled 'Homeopathic medicine for PostNasal Drip ? sinusitis Rhinitis throat Infection'. He recommends

  1. Dr Reckeweg R49, 15 drops 3 times a day with some water. This German patent medicine has Calcarea Carb Hahnemani which is considered a constitutional remedy in inflammatory mediator production in nasal secretion i.e, swelling of glands and thick ropy mucosa production that is the main cause of post-nasal drip. 
  2. Kali Bichromicum30 2 drops 3 times a day. Kali bichromicum has a decongestive effect, it is an effective remedy for clearing of the throat with thick mucus in throat, which is tough and stringy, expelled on hawking. Secretions are thick, green, and ropy and the patient hawks a lot to clear the throat. The root of the nose and the frontal sinus is inflamed. The voice becomes worse, Throat becomes red and inflamed. Post nasal drip of phlegm in the throat in case of sinusitis. Tickling in the throat with cough, worse eating with belching, better heat.
  3. Sticta Pulmonaria 30, 2 drops 3 times a day. Sticta Pulmonaria affects inflammatory mediator production in nasal secretion. It proves effective when there is dripping of mucus in the posterior throat and blocked nose. Fullness at the root of the nose is prominent. Nasal blockage gets worse at night that disturbs sleep. There is mucus in the throat that dries soon forming scabs. There is an urge to blow the nose but no discharge occurs.

Kit 2: Dr.Ramdeo Lamoria an online homeopathic consultant recommends the following remedies, watch his YouTube video titled 'PND | Post Nasal Drip Treatment | गले में बार -बार बलगम आना | Homeopathic Treatment For PND' for more info

  • Arsenic Iodatum 30. This medicine is useful when there is watery discharge from the nose accompanied by intense burning sensation. The nasal discharge is so acrid that reddens the upper lip. Along with this, there is irritation and a tingling sensation in the nose. This is attended with a constant desire to sneeze. In some cases, discharge from posterior nares is there.
  • Kali Bich 30. Refer above 
  • Lemna Minor Q. Lemna Minor works well where there is obstruction of the nose and loss of smell from nasal polyps. Thick, yellow-white discharge from the nose is another attending feature. In some cases, mucopurulent nasal discharge is observed. In cases where nasal polyps worsen in wet weather too, Lemna Minor is the medicine to prescribe. It also treats swollen nasal turbinates very well.
  • Sanguinaria Nit 30. Sanguinaria Nitricum patient shows watery, nasal discharge or burning nature. Other symptomatic features are pressure over the root of the nose, plugged sensation in nostrils, enlarged nasal turbinates’, sneezing, and yellow, bloody mucus discharge from the nose.
  • Corallum rubrum 200. This medicine is indicated where a lot of mucus is secreted through the posterior nares. The patient expels or hawks up a lot of mucus accompanied by a cough that is dry and spasmodic. There may be nasal catarrh (nasal discharge from the front of the nose) with abundant secretions which makes the inhaled air feel very cold.

Related: Other conditions that may cause post nasal drip and its treatment

Nasal Polyp and post-nasal drip: Symptoms of nasal polyps (a benign growth on the lining of the nose or sinuses) include: a blocked nose. runny nose. constant need to swallow (post-nasal drip). Check what doctors advise to shrink nasal polyps in homeopathy

Allergic rhinitis and post-nasal drip: Post-nasal drip is one of the most common characteristics of chronic rhinitis, i.e., inflammation of the nasal passages that can cause a variety of annoying symptoms, including sneezing, itching, nasal congestion, runny nose, and sensation that mucus is draining from the sinuses down the back of the throat. Dr advises certain homeopathic medicines for allergic rhinitis treatment, know more here

Dust allergy and post-nasal drip:  Persistent coughing, and mucous dripping from the back of the nose to the throat may happen if you have an allergy to dust mites. Check what doctors recommend here for dust allergy treatment in homeopathy

Sinusitis and post-nasal drip: Sinusitis commonly causes post-nasal drip along with other characteristic symptoms like a runny nose (or blocked nose), facial pain/pressure, cough, and a loss of smell. After a sinus infection, severe post-nasal drip may linger for weeks or months if treatments fail. Homeopathy offers effective sinusitis treatment that addresses all concomitant symptom


Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on a suggestion made by a doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advice or prescriptions or suggest self-medications. This is a part of the customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines

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