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Dust Allergy Remedy Kit with Pothos Foetidus, Aralia racemosa

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Dust Allergy remedy kit is a combination of 3 most effective homeopathic medicines for treating the symptoms of dust allergy such as frequent sneezing, nose blockage, difficult breathing, pain in chest etc. It contains Pothos Foetidus, Aralia racemosa, and Lycopodium Clavatum in drops from which needs to be mixed proportionately & taken directly on the tongue as per dosage iindicated below

This remedy kit is recommended by Dr.Pranjali, for more details watch this video here;  Allergy treatment | allergy  homeopathic medicine | skin, food, dust allergy homeopathic treatment

Indications: Asthmatic attack, breathing problem by exposure to dust 

Mode of action of individual remedies in treating dust allergy remedy kit

  1. Pothos Foetidus is one of the best homeopathic medicines for dust allergy and asthma treatments. Pothos is very useful in addressing sneezing caused due to allergic condition to dust. There is sneezing with pain in throat. Also pain in chest with difficulty in breathing in asthma, relieved by stool. Other symptoms may include
  • Red swelling across the nose
  • Respiration trouble
  • Sneezing
  • Pain in throat
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Chest pain
  • Asthma
  • Aralia racemosa or American Spikenard originates from the Latin word racemus, meaning ’cluster‘ and refers to its clusters of flowers. It is widely employed by homeopaths for relief of symptoms related to dust mites. Aralia racemosa is recommended for the treatment of allergic rhinitis , hay fever and delicate cases of rhinitis caused by a cold snap. Symptoms: Frequent sneezing;  for tightness in chest
  • Lycopodium clavatum is obtained from spores of the plant clubmoss, the  drug is inert until the spores are crushed. Materia Medica Symptoms: Sense of smell very acute. feeling of dryness posteriorly. Scanty excoriating, discharge anteriorly. Ulcerated nostrils. Nose stopped up. Patient Snuffles
              1. Dosage of Dust Allergy Homeopathic Kit -  Mix these 3 medicines in a separate bottle and take 2 drops directly on tongue 3 times a day for one month. If Asthma problem is more then take it for one and half month.

                Contents: This kit contains 3 units of sealed 30ml drops of following medicines from either Schwabe, Reckeweg or SBL brand (depending on availability) ; Pothos Foetidus-1, Aralia racemosa-1, Lycopodium clavatum-1. 

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