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Homeopathy for Stuffy nose and Congestion, BC5, Sinapis nigra

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Nasal congestion or "stuffy nose" develops when nasal and its adjacent tissues and blood vessels become swollen with excess fluid, causing a "stuffy" plugged feeling. Nasal congestion may or may not include a nasal discharge or "runny nose." It is also medicalled called as Coryza

Coryza is a word describing the symptoms of a “cold. ” It describes the inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the nasal cavity which usually gives rise to the symptoms of nasal congestion"

If you are struggling with stuffy nose, Steam inhalation or saline sprays may give you symptomatic relief, but you need the goodness of Biochemic Cell salts; Ferrum phos (inflammatory febrile condition), Kali Mur (phlegm build up, coated tongue), Natrum Mur (Sneezing, watery discharge), Kali Sulph (obstruction of nasal, pharayngeal mucous membranes). Biocombination 5 or BC5 contains all these 4 salts to give you relief from stuffy nose and all associated conditions

Dr Aadil Chimthanwalla, a homeopath says 'to cure this nose blockage, we have the highest grade of homoeopathic remedy named Sinapis Nigra, famously known as black mustard. It addresses symptoms of nose blockage

  • Hay fever
  • Dry Nose & Inflamed Throat
  • Thick, Lumpy Scanty Secretion
  • Sweat On Upper Lip & Forehead + Lachrymation
  • Mild Sneezing
  • Hacking Cough Becomes Less while Lying Down

Dr Kirti Singh says Sinapis nigra is excellent medicine for blocked nose and burning of stomach, burning sensation in abdomen, bleaching in mouth and foul smell of mouth and some other cases

External: Wheezal Nosoline homeopathic Spray provides Quick relief from Nasal congestion, Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Sneezing, itching of nose, Blockage of Nose. Allergy due to dust, mites or environmental pollutants. Relieves inflammation of nasal mucosa, blockage from nasal polyp and or odema of nasal mucous membranes

Dr Kirti says Wheezal nosoline nasal spray is effective for nasal congestion  nasal blockage allergic rhinitis allergic sinusitis watery nose and some other cases. अगर नाक बंद होती है तो nosoline nasal spray बहुत ही effective hai.

Application: Adults: 1-2 Wheezal Nosoline Spray every 4 hours. Children: 1 spray every 6 hours. Or as advised by physician.

Kit Contents - 1 unit of BC5 (25gms) and 1 unit of 30ml dilution (all sealed units), 10Ml spray (external)

Dosage - Dr Kirti advises Sinapis nigra 30, 2 drops 3 times a day

BC5 Tablets -Adults 4, Children 2 tabs at a time, 4 times daily 

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Wheezal Nosoline Spray for Nasal congestion, Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Sneezing, itching of nose, Blockage of Nose. Allergy due to dust, mites or environmental pollutants.
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