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Tremors (Uncontrolled body shaking)

Agaricus Muscaris is useful in treating the essential tremors of hands, head and tongue. Patients who complain of excessive trembling of hands in motion, especially while writing, holding objects. Patient has white coated tongue along with an increased thirst for water along with trembling of tongue

Gelsemium Sempervirens treats essential tremors where the trembling of the affected part is  affected by excessive muscle weakness, tremors are intensified by emotional excitement or fears.

Zincum Met for weak nerves and who are very sensitive to noise., head suffers involuntary motion from side to side, essential tremors of hand complain of jerking of hands with excessive weakness especially while writing

Phosphorous for trembling of hands after exertion, patient extremely sensitive to external impressions like touch, light, odours and noise

Silicea for patients who face difficulty in doing fine work (like threading a needle) due to excessive. shaking of hands. Patient has very offensive foot sweat and is nervous, irritable, obstinate 

Plumbum Metallicum for treating essential tremors of hand that worsen while holding an object, eating or writing. shaking of hands is worsened by fear or any other emotional excitement.

Lachesis Mutus works very well in patients with dry, red and swollen tongue with excessive shaking.  Mercurius Sol if trembling of the tongue is accompanied by profuse saliva in the mouth.

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