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Homeopathy First Aid Kits, Dr advise Combinations

Homeopathy offers all types of first aid remedies for injuries, shock or trauma, gastro-intestinal complaints among others. Homeopathic combinations of medicines (all doctor advised) now available in kit form covering a range a range of ailments
116 results
best homeopathy medicines for hair regrowth
stye hordeolum treatment medicines in homeopathy
top ringworm treatment medicines in homeopathy, doctor advised, tellurium, sulphur, R82, BC20
Nail Fungus Nail Thickened, yellow-brown discoloration, Brittle, crumbly or ragged, Distorted in shape, Smelling slightly foul
best Best height growth medicine safe and natural
Doctor advise Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), Cystitis, Urethritis medicines , R18, Cantharis, Petroselinum, Berberis vulgaris, Terebinth
Homeopathy nasal polyp medicines nose blockage loss of smell post nasal drip
Doctor advise Homeopathy  Leucoderma Vitiligo Kit, Arsenic Sulf Flav, Babchi
Homeopathy medicines for Tinnitus ringing or buzzing noise in ear
Delayed Speech in Children, Alalia remedies
carpal tunnel treatment at home with homeopathy
Homeopathy Tonsillitis medicines kit BC10 Merc Iod ruber, Belladonna
Homeopathy loss of smell anosmia medicines kit
Dr.Banerji Protocol for Lung Cancer, Haemoptysis
Fibromyalgia (Body Pain) combination, Dr. R S Verma
Nocturia treatment homeopathy medicines Frequent urination at night female male  urinary incontinence
top  Leucorrhoea, Leukorrhea treatment medicines homeopathy
frozen shoulder treatment homeopathy medicine
homeopathy 5x man power formula for impotence sexual weakness premature ejaculation
mental weakness medicine
Dr advise Herpes Zoster, Shingles Homeopathy Treatment
how to get rid of phlegm from lungs, mucus in throat Bronchorrhea treatment
Dry eyes treatment homeopathy for keratoconjunctivitis sicca
spleen enlargement treatment in homeopathy
Gout uric acid homeopathy medicine Kit
kidney stone treatment without surgery, kidney stone pain relief
Homeopathy fatty liver treatment medicine kit by Dr.Pranjali and Dr.Kirti
Homeopathy back pain releief kit with arnica 200 Rhus tOx bellis per SBL vertefine
Homeopathy insomnia medicine kit for sleep disturbances with passiflora, coffea cruda, ignatia
Homeopathy medicine kit for Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis
best tooth pain relief mouthwash with four mother tinctures
Nash blood purifier combination, pimples eruption, skin diseases
Chronic Kidney Disease, Kidney Failure Homeopathy Combination
corns on feet hand treatment homeopathy medicines
muscle pain treatment at home remedies
Dr advise Homeopathic High Cholesterol Combination
116 results
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