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Dr advise Dry Skin, Xerosis Treatment, Petroleum, Sarsaparilla

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You have dry skin if it shows any of the following symptoms
  • A feeling of skin tightness
  • Skin that feels and looks rough
  • Itchiness (pruritus)
  • Slight to severe flaking skin, which causes the ashy look that can affect dry brown and black skin
  • Slight to severe scaling or peeling
  • Cracked "dry riverbed" look to leg
  • Fine lines or cracks

Homeopathic dry skin (Xerosis) medicines kit indicated by doctor is useful for those affected by seasonal weather (winters) or those with chronic skin dry conditions. In the latter case this combination of medicines provides relief after 2-3 months of treatment

The Kit contain external application calendula lotion that rehydrates skin and internal remedies that repair skin and regulate sebum production to normalize the skin texture and moisture

To know more about the topic and Dr.Kirti Singh suggestions watch his YouTube video titled " सुखी रूखी बेजान त्वचा के लिए होम्योपैथिक दवा । Homeopathic Medicine for dry skin?"

Moisturizing Lotion:  SBL Silk'n Stay body lotion is a light,non-greasy body lotion that soothes, nourishes, moisturizes and helps protect skin from everyday damage. Skin feels naturally smooth and healthy especially those affected by cold weather. Herbal blend of calendula and aloe vera which produce soothing and deep moisturizing effect while wheat germ oil gets readily absorbed and rejuvenates the skin

Petroleum 200:  Dr says this is the most effective medicine in homeopathy for dry skin. Has a favourable impact on dry cracked skin that induces itching/ skin scratching. When this condition is exacerbated in winter season in some people, this medicine comes to the rescue.  Homeopathic medicine Petroleum works as an effective natural cure for itching on dry skin. The symptoms that indicate the need for this remedy include dry skin that may be cracked. In some cases, the skin is hard, thick and tends to bleed. The skin may be sensitive and painful. Petroleum is also considered in cases of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis that worsen during the winters. Thick crusty eruptions with redness, itching, and burning and itchy chilblains also indicate the need for this medicine

Alumina 200 is a very effective medicine for dry skin that is accompanied by constipation where stools are dry and hard. Alumina is a natural medicine used to treat itching of skin that leads to bleeding when scratched. Following scratching the skin becomes painful. Itching is most intolerable when getting warm in bed. The skin is dry and rough with cracks. Formication of the skin may also be markedly present. A winter aggravation of the skin complaints is often noted in cases needing Alumina

Sarsaparilla 200 is very effective for dry skin with wrinkles. It is prepared from dried rhizome of plant Sarsaparilla Officinalis also known as Smilax Officinalis. It belongs to the family smilacaceae. Males requiring it complain of unbearable itching mostly on the scrotum and perineum. After scratching there may appear little pimples on this area. These eruptions ooze moisture leading to soreness of the parts. Sarsaparilla Officinalis is a useful treatment for cracked skin that appears on the sides of the fingers and toes. In such cases, the cracks are very deep. Pain, itching, and burning accompany such cracks. Sarsaparilla is also an excellent choice of homeopathic medicine for treating dry, hard and indurated skin . Skin complaints arising in the summer are also treated very effectively with Sarsaparilla Officinalis.

Contents: The Xerosis treatment Kit contains 4 units; 100ml body moisturizing lotion, 30ml sealed dilution bottles of 200 potency as indicated above


  • Silk'n Stay body lotion with calendula, aloevera - apply three times a day on affected area
  • Petroleum 200 2 drops in morning
  • Alumina 200 2 drops afternoon (once a day only)
  • Sarsaparilla 200 two drops in night


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