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Homeopathy Breast enlargement remedies. Dr. advised

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Why Sabal Serrulata in Homeopathy for breast enlargement?

As per Dr. KS Gopi in his blog article "homoeopathic remedies for flat chest in woman"  writes 'sabal serrulata 30 is best remedy for undeveloped breasts. Breasts undeveloped and shriveled with infantile uterus and ovaries. Suppressed or perverted sexual inclination'

Dr. HS Khaneja in his best selling book "Find your Homeopathy Remedy - An Illustrated Guide' says  Sabal Serr is a specific for underdeveloped or shrunken breasts due to the disease of the Uterus. The woman suffers debility both sexual and physical"

Dr Nupur Dubey, a homeopath and popular You Tube presenter recommends Sabal serrulata as a natural and safe remedy for underdeveloped mammary glands. She recommends 10 drops of Sabal serrulata tincture with 1/4th cup of water - Daily Three Times for underdeveloped breasts as also other ovarian problems (like PCOD etc).

Dr Jyoti of homeo-health clinic in her You Tube titled "Sabal Serrulata छोटे स्तन का इलाज ! Most Trusted Breast Enlargement Medicine | Micromastia Medicinesays that Sabal serr ( in 30 or 200 power) is excellent for ladies with micromastia, underdeveloped uterus and ovaries, and low sexual desire. She says homeopathic sabal serrulata offers a natural safe alternative to breast augmentation with implants. 

Probust Kit offers you the goodness of Sabal Serrulata in both internal medication (pills or drops) as well as external application oil (Cute36) to offer you the maximum benefits in breast enlargement

Kit 1: Dr Nupur Dubey Breast Size increase treatment Kit

Dr Nupur Dubey in her You Tube video titled "How to Increase Breast size | Breast size kaise badhaye | स्तनों का आकार कैसे बढ़ायें | Homeopathy" recommends 

  • Sabal Serrulata Q (internal)
  • Iodium 1M (for people having symptoms of thyroid). Thyroid hormones play a role in normal breast development and helping breasts to make milk. When not enough of the thyroid hormones are made, it may lead to under developed breast and insufficient milk supply. Homeopathy Iodium regulates proper thyroid function
  • Alfalfa Tonic (for people who are underweight). Underdevelopment of breast tissue in particular and body mass in general may be the result of malnourishment. Alfalfa tonic acts as a fat producer (breast tissue development) and reverse glandular tissue waste (stop breast shrinkage). This twin action results in breast tissue development. This tissue health determines breast size

Dose: 10 drops of Sabal serrulata Qwith 1/4th cup of water, thrice daily. Iodium 1M once a week - 4 drops, Alfalfa tonic 2 spoons before lunch and dinner

Kit 2: Homeomart Breast enlarger Kit

This kit comes with the goodness of Sabal serrulata in 30c  or 200c potency medicated pills. This breast enhancer homeopathy kit contains: 


Sabal Serr 30 medicated pills -3 to 4 pills 3 times a day

Cute 36 Oil -for external application 2 times  day

Why Cute 36 Oil for fuller breasts? Are you tired of the usual 'breast enhancer bra' and want to have a natural fullness to your chests? Homeopathy offers you natural breast oil in the form of cute 360 by Dr. Raj Homoeo pharmacy

  • It contains the natural goodness of essential herbs like Sabal serrulata Q, Conium 6, Chimaphila Q, Onasmodium 6, and Sepia 12 to improve elasticity and reduce skin dimpling. The powerful extracts have a 3 fold action – it supports cell growth, cell rejuvenation and cell renewal.
  • The natural essential oil blend in these herbal extracts help firm, tone and tighten the skin to deliver smooth and even skin tone while the pectoralis major muscles are invigorated to improve the contours
  • The oil gets well absorbed into your skin and supports the growth of tissues around your bust. The ingredients present in the cream penetrate deep into the cells and nourish them from within.
  • Regular usage cell growth, rejuvenation & renewal because its deep penetration action rejuvenates breast skin cells and nourishes
  • This is a natural herbal product formulated by a homeopath to help maintain healthy breast size and shape
  • Available in discreet packaging
Beneficial action of Cute 36 Oil in breast enlargement Proven indication of the individual ingredients and the sphere of action is as follows:
  • Sabal Serrulata Q: it is used for under developed memory glands or breast. also a good remedy for Shriveled breast. This is a popular remedy for hormonal imbalances causing small cup size
  • Conium: it is a remedy for lax and shrunken breasts.
  • Chimaphila: For atrophy of breasts. Indicated for under developed due to hormonal imbalance. Painful breasts.
  • Onosmodium: A remedy in case of loss of sexual desire. Depressed or lost sexual life in women. Aching in the breasts, when nipples itch.
  • Nitric acid: A remedy for under developed breasts. Sepia: A remedy for depression, anxiety, someone who weeps when telling symptoms and for irritability. Most of it caused by hormonal imbalance. it is also used for anemic conditions

Breast enlargement cream side effects: Free of any contra indications, doctor advise suggested for any underlying medical condition


REPL23 Drops, Homeopathy specialty drops for Breast atrophy, Tumors. Breast atrophy is a condition that many women may experience at some point in their lives. While it can be a natural part of aging, other factors like genetics, rapid weight loss, hormones, medical conditions, malnutrition, post pregnancy or a lack of breast tissue development can cause it too

Dr. K. Gopi indicates homeopathy medicines for Breast lumps here

Bakson's B-shape cream with sabal ser, asparagus for breast firming

Homeopathy Breast Disease Treatment Medicines

Disclaimer: The medicines listed here are solely based on suggestion made by doctor on You Tube whose reference is provided. Homeomart does not provide any medical advise or prescriptions or suggest self medications. This is a part of customer education initiative. We suggest you consult your physician before taking any medicines 

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