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Homeopathy Piles kit with sulphur, Pilen drops, BC17, siddhanth piles mixture

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Doctor recommended Homeopathy Piles Kit with Sulphur, Pilen drops, BC17, Siddhanth piles mixture is a combination of most effective medicine in liquid, tablets form to treat Piles. It provides relief from swollen and inflamed veins in the rectum and anus that cause discomfort and bleeding.

What are Hemorrhoids? They are basically swollen veins in the lowest part of your rectum and anus.They cause discomfort, itching or bleed while straining during bowel movements, obesity or pregnancy.

Piles causes and risks factors 

  1. Abnormal venous dilatation  from constipation and prolonged straining. It leads to  abnormal dilatation and distortion of the vascular channel
  2. Vascular thrombosis - a blood clot forms inside a hemorrhoidal vein obstructing blood flow and causing a painful swelling of the anal tissues.
  3. Damage to the supporting connective tissue within the anal cushion caused by degenerative process in the collagen fibers and fibroelastic tissues
  4. Distortion and rupture of the anal subepithelial muscle by a combination of bad diet, irregular bowels and pressure from toilet strain or prolonged sitting

Why Homeopathy for Piles treatment?

Homeopathy offers credible piles treatment that can help you avoid surgical procedure. An experienced homeopathic doctor advises the most suitable remedies based on his clinical experience to offer you a home treatment option.  With these remedies (detailed below) you can manage the symptoms of piles such as rectal pain and bleeding. Homeopathy offers alternative piles treatment without surgery that is 100% effective if treatment started early.

Homeopathy is considered effective in treating piles because of following reasons 

  1. It relieves pressure on the venous system by regulating the stools and easing constipation.
  2. Medicines like witch hazel (Hamamelis) are reputed to relieve pain and itching
  3. Sulphur provides anti-inflammatory and  numbing effect on affected area to reduce discomfort
  4. The biochemic combination of salts helps make the vein valves stronger which is correlated to the disturbances of the venous system thereby helping your quick recovery
  5. The combined effect of the medicines make hemorrhoid to shrink and eventually shrivel up naturally

Homeopathy offers a gentle and safer alternative to banding. Infrared coagulation, and Sclerotherapy in piles treatment 

Homeopathy Piles kit is recommended by Dr Kirti Vikram, watch his You Tube titled " बवासीर का इलाज सिर्फ 2 महीने में !Siddhant piles combination! Homeopathic medicines for piles?" for more information

Mode of action of medicines in the Homeopathy Piles treatment Kit

  • Sulphur is indicated for large, red, burning and itching hemorrhoids. Sulphur is prescribed in both bleeding and blind piles. Soreness and tenderness at the anus along with a hard, knotty stool. Weakness after passing stool, excessive rectal pain, and a biting sensation at the anus that gets better upon lying down. Treats Irritable skin, worse at night, on getting warm in bed, and from washing
  • Medisynth Pilen Drops a patent formula has proved to be effective in Hemorrhoids of any kind whether internal or external, bleeding or non bleeding. It helps to relieve agonizing pains and to shrink Hemorrhoids. Also has beneficial effect in relieving constipation and gives regular movement to the bowels.

  • Bio-Combination BC17 contains biochemic salt Calcarea flurica which  gives tissues the quality of elasticity. It combines with the organic substance albumin to form organic elastic tissue and is found in the walls of the venous vessels. Kali Muriaticum treats normal dilatation and distortion of the vascular channel
  • Hamamelis indicated for problems of bleeding while passing stools. It is an excellent medicine for venous congestions and bleeding tendencies. It is very effective in controlling hemorrhages (Vascular thrombosis). It can be used confidently with great results in bleeding piles. Soreness or rawness at anus with back ache is also marked
  • Paeonia Officinalis is indicated for ulceration of anus and perineum, purple covered with crusts. It relieves pain in rectum with burning and itching at the anus. Persons needing it have unbearable pain in rectum during and after stool. They have burning and itching at the anus. Anus is also red and swollen
  • Aesculus hip is indicated for severe, sharp, shooting lower backache in lumbo sacral region  with haemorrhoids. Aesculus is mainly a remedy for blind piles.
  • Nux vomica is a top grade remedy for piles (blind piles) with constipation. A person needing Nux Vomica has piles with frequent- ineffectual urging for stool but passes little stool at a time. Relieves hemorrhoids caused by a sedentary lifestyle, and overeating and drinking, especially of spicy and rich foods and alcohol

Kit Contains 7 unit of medicines

  • Sulphur 30c
  • Pilen forte drops
  • BC17
  • Siddhanth piles mixture (contains-Hamamelis Q, Paeonia Officinalis Q, Aesculus Hip Q in 30ml bottles). 3 units of 30 ml
  • Nux Vomica 30c


  • Sulphur 30c2 drops in morning once daily
  • Pilen forte drops8 to 10 drops in a tablespoon of water 2-3 times daily before meals
  • Biocombination BC17 tablets3 tablets twice daily
  • Siddhanth Piles formula (Hamamelis Q, Paeonia Officinalis Q, aesculus hip Q) – Mix 10 ml each in a 30ML bottle
  • Nux vomica 30c2 drops in night


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