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ADEL 2 (apo-HAM) Drops for Hemorrhoids Relief: Natural & Effective Treatment

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ADEL 2 (apo-HAM) Homeopathy Drops: Effective Relief for Hemorrhoids

Indications: Specifically formulated for inflamed, burning, and bleeding hemorrhoids, as well as proctitis, ADEL 2 (apo-HAM) drops offer a powerful solution for those suffering from these uncomfortable and often painful conditions.

Highly Effective Against Piles/Hemorrhoids: These drops are a reliable remedy for both burning and bleeding hemorrhoids. They are also beneficial in alleviating discharge from the anal canal, providing comprehensive relief.

ADEL 2 (apo-HAM) Key Ingredients and Their Benefits:

  1. Acidum Nitricum 4x: Targets stabbing pains and minor bleeding at the junction of skin and mucous membranes, while addressing inflammation.
  2. Aesculus Hippocastanum 6x: Known for preventing oedema, strengthening capillaries, treating venous blockage and painful varicose veins, and alleviating burning sensations associated with hemorrhoids.
  3. Anacardium 4x: Improves intestinal excretion and overall digestive processes.
  4. Collinsonia Canadensis 4x: Unblocks the portal vein to ease constipation, and enhances cardiac efficiency.
  5. Ignatia 4x: Relieves mental and emotional strain, reducing the likelihood of digestive cramps that can lead to hemorrhoids.
  6. Melilotus Officinalis 6x: Prevents thrombosis and venous blockage, expands blood vessels, and addresses lymph stagnation and chronic headaches.
  7. Sedum Acre 4x: An ancient anti-inflammatory agent, also reducing pain post-purgation.
  8. Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris 4x: Effective in stopping bleeding, treating stabbing pain, and cleansing the body, particularly in conditions like uric acid diathesis, which is crucial in treating and preventing hemorrhoids.

ADEL 2 (apo-HAM) Recommended Dosage:

Adults should take 15–20 drops, three times a day in 1/4 cup of water.

Packaging: Comes in a 20ml sealed bottle for quality and safety.

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