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Stings and Bites relief Homeopathy First Aid Remedies

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Bites and stings from arthropods (shell-cased animals with multiple legs and no spine) are common and largely inevitable because of the number of offending species and their distribution throughout our home surroundings and environment. Soft-tissue injuries from animal bites and insect stings are frequent causes of the emergency clinic or hospital visits.

Fortunately, in most people, bites, and stings from arthropods produce only self-limited reactions, which can usually be managed with cold packs, analgesics or first aid agents, and topical creams. In the few encounters that produce serious reactions, prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment result in a good outcome in nearly all cases. Although many cases follow a short and benign clinical course, life-threatening complications may occur in some cases. Patients with systemic anaphylactic reactions to bee or wasp stings need specific immunotherapy

Difference between an insect bite and a sting?

A bite is when an insect (like a mosquito, flea, or bedbug to feed on blood) or animal uses its mouth to puncture human skin during the attack. Insect bites create a skin itch. A sting is when an insect uses another body part, such as a barbed stinger at its tail end, to pierce the skin and inject venom (like poison).

Why homeopathy as first aid for stings and bites?

Homeopathic medicines are most effective as they are usually derived from primary sources (the insect itself) like apis mel (bees), pulex (mite), and other herbal sources and therefore are safe, natural, and effective. Symptoms like itching and swelling are treated well. They are quick acting and provide relief within minutes. They can be used as good first-aid remedies for home or outdoor activities

Homeopathy medicines list for Stings and Bite Relief

  1. Acetic acid 30 - bad effects from stings and bites are cured by the use of this remedy
  2. Apis mel 30 - for bees stings. Bee venom that contains Melittin that causes pain redness and swelling at the sting site. In rare cases, a life-threatening allergic reaction may occur causing difficulty breathing, tongue swelling, nausea and unconsciousness
  3. Ammonium causticum Q - give this remedy by inhalation in cases of unconsciousness due to a snake bite. It is a powerful cardiac stimulant
  4. Arnica montana Q - apply externally for wasp stings and give Cantharis 200 internally
  5. Cedron Q - bites of serpents and poisonous insects are antidote by this remedy
  6. Cistus Can 30 - for bites of mad dogs and other mad animals. Locally as a wash to arrest fetid discharge
  7. Echinacea Q - a general but a good remedy for stings and even bites of venomous animals like snake
  8. Euphorbia prostata Q - it is said to be an infallible remedy for bites of snakes, especially rattle snake. dose 15 drops every 10 minutes (not available)
  9. Guaco 30 - for stings of scorpions. Also apply drona Q locally
  10. Golondrina Q - an antidote to snake poison. its use renders the body immune to the influence of snake venom. May be used as a preventive at places where incidents of poisonous snake bites are common.
  11. Hypericum per 3x - bites of bugs. There is burning at the site of bite
  12. Indigo tinc. 30- pure powder of remedy placed on the wound caused by bites of snakes and spiders cures the effects of poison
  13. Lachesis 200 - for bites of dogs that are not mad. also for bites of leeches
  14. Ledum pal. Q and 200- for bites of all animals, rats, cats, dogs, scorpions etc. apply mother tincture Q locally and 200 internally. it acts as an anti-tetanus remedy
  15. Lyssinum 200 - dog bites
  16. Pulex irritans 30 - flea bites and bites of the dust mite. there is prickly itching of the skin
  17. Staphysagria 30 - bites of mosquitoes
  18. Urtica urens Q - a good remedy for bee stings. use orally in drops and apply externally at the site of the bite

Complete Sting & Bite Kit: consists of 12 medicines comprising 7 medicated pills, 4 Mother Tinctures (30ml sealed units), 1 unit of 25 Gms Tablets

Dr Kirti advise Scorpion sting treatment combination

Dr talks of scorping treatment mixture with specific homeopathy remedies in his YouTube video titled 'Treatment of Scorpion bite? sign and symptoms | Homeopathic Medicine|बिच्छू डंक का उपचार '

Symptoms: Localized burning and tingling sensation, slurred speech, restlessness, muscle twitching, salivation, nausea, vomiting, and seizures

After the scorpion sting, the patient should take following medicine

  • Silicea 200 - 2 to 3 drops on the tongue. This expels embeded sting part of scorpion in affected area

After 10 minutes take the following combination

  • Aconite Nap 30 - for immediate pain upon sting, patient frightened, fear of consequences, breathlessness
  • Ledum pal 30 - effective medicines for punctured wound especially pin point prick
  • Hypericum 30 - for burning and stinging pain with redness in affected area
  • Scorpion 30 or Lachesis 30 - If scorpion 30 is not available, replace with Lachesis 30. This medicine neutralizes the scorpion venom effect on body

Dr advise Dosage: The mixture of above 4 internal medicines (Scorpion bite combination) give 2 drops every 10 minutes interval for 2 hours. After that the mix can be given every hour for next 4-5 hours 

Kit Contents: 5 units of 30ml dilutions (sealed units)

Dr K S Gopi advised Homeopathy medicines for Filariasis & Lyme Treatment

Filariasis is an infectious disease that spreads through mosquito bites. Some people have no symptoms. Others may have inflammation, swelling or fever. Filariasis can lead to lymphedema (fluid retention) or hydrocele (swelling in the scrotum).

For Filaria preventive, Dr K S Gopi advises; Give Capsicum 30 - 4 times daily, and Calcarea fluorica 30X - 4 times daily for one week

(Kit contains 2 units - 1 unit of 2 dram medicated pills + 1unit of 25 Gms Biochemic tablet)

Lyme disease is transmitted to humans through the bite of infected blacklegged ticks (deer tick) and is commonly caused by bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi. It causes fever, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans

Dr K S Gopi identifies 4 main remedies for lyme disease treatment , he says the selection depends upon the individuality of the patient , considering the mental and physical symptoms

  1. Ledum Pal 30  - A specific remedy for  insect bite. A purplish color at the site of bite.  Appearance of rash, which is better for cold compresses. General irritability and restlessness
  2. Arnica Montana 30 - Severe soreness at the bite site. Bruising or purplish discoloration of skin. Bright red rash appear with much tenderness. Fever. General  soreness and bruised feeling .
  3. Belladonna 30 - High temperature with throbbing headache and reddish face. Cold feet and hands. Bright red rashes appear, which is hot to touch
  4. Mercurius Sol 30 - Fever with perspiration, especially at night. A patch of red, raised rash appear. Moist appear at the site of the site. General weakness and muscle pain. All symptoms are worse at night.

(Kit contains 4 units of 2 dram medicated pills)


Bahola Stincura drops (external) for scorpion bite treatment - contains Enchinacea Ang 3x and Natrum Muriaticum 1x that neutralizes the adverse effects of poisonous creatures

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