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Effective Homeopathy Medicines for Ear Blockage and Tinnitus Relief

Find Relief from Ear Blockage and Tinnitus with Our Homeopathy Collection

Homeopathy Otalgia Medicines

Homeopathy Ear Infection Medicines

Aconitum Napellus 30: Effective in initial stages, triggered by extreme cold or heat. Belladonna 200: Ideal for intense, throbbing ear pain and sensitivity, particularly after a throat infection. Accompanied by high fever and extreme body heat.
Calcarea Picrata 12X: Eases ear pain caused by boils in the external ear. Chamomilla 30: Effective for stitching ear pain, worsened by touch, with ear pressure and blockage sensation. May cause anger and irritability.
Actea Spicata 30: Treats throbbing ear pain during sneezing or nose blowing. Kali Mur 30: Useful when ear discharges are white.
Allium Cepa 30: Addresses shooting pain in Eustachian tubes with a cold, aggravated indoors and by warmth. Calcarea Sulph 30: Suitable for ear infections with thick, yellow discharge.
Belladonna 30: Relieves severe, unbearable ear pain with redness in the external and middle ear, leading to delirium. Useful for pain relief in children. Pulsatilla 30: Recommended for ear infections with green discharges.
Chamomilla 30: Specific for childrens earaches, intense pain worsened by warmth and at night. Silicea 30 and Hepar Sulph 30: Excellent for aiding in pus absorption in ear infections. Hepar Sulph is indicated for pus-like discharges and fever with chills.
Capsicum 30: Addresses earache due to ear drum rupture, with pains intensifying at night. Merc Sol 30: Beneficial when ear discharge contains blood along with pus.
Gelsemium 30: Useful for earache during menopause. Psorinum 200: Effective for fetid, offensive, possibly brownish ear discharge with unbearable itching.
Hepar Sulph 30: Treats earache from an abscess, extreme sensitivity to touch, and exposure to cold dry winds. Tellurium 30: Prescribed for acrid, offensive, fishy-odor ear discharge that is irritating.
Manganum 30: Eases pain shooting from ear to teeth.

Homeopathy Medicines for Otitis Media.

Kali Bich 30: Effective for sinusitis-related ear pain. Calcarea Sulph 30: Produces offensive, thick, bloody, and purulent ear discharge.
Lachesis 200: Cures tearing ear pain caused by ear fungus, typically black or white. Hepar Sulph 30: Causes severe shooting pain, possibly from an abscess, with sensitivity to touch and wind. It may lead to ear perforation.
Mercurius Sol 30: Alleviates stabbing ear pain, worse in bed warmth and at night. Kali Bichromicum 30: Results in swollen ears with tearing pain and thick, yellow, sticky, foul-smelling discharge.
Spigelia 30: Eases earache from wax build-up pressure. Merc Sol 30: Leads to middle ear suppuration with profuse, green, thick, acrid, and fetid discharge.

Homeopathy for Meniere's Disease.

Nitric Acid 30: Characterized by yellowish-white, offensive discharge, facial puffiness, tearful eyes, and urine with a strong odor similar to horse urine.
Chininum Sulph 30: Highly effective for Meniere’s disease with periodic attacks. Key symptoms include tinnitus, roaring sensations in ears. Pulsatilla Nigricans 30: Known for thick, copious, bland, and fetid discharge.
Phosphorous 200: Top remedy for Meniere’s disease with echoing ear sounds. Notable for hearing impairment to human voices, often in lean, thin individuals. Tellurium Met. 6: Causes middle ear catarrh with acrid discharge smelling like fish pickle, accompanied by itching, swelling, and throbbing in the ear canal.
Theridion 30: Ideal for Meniere’s disease with marked vertigo on least motion, extreme nausea, and vomiting. Sensitive to noise, discomfort with loud sounds, and vertigo when eyes are closed. Capsicum 200: Treats chronic ear suppuration with thick, yellow pus discharge, itching, and burning in ears, painful bone swelling behind the ear, worsened by touch, and perforated eardrum.
Ammonium Iodide 30: Suitable for younger individuals with dull headache and vertigo.
Chenopodium 30: Effective for deafness to human voice, sensitivity to other sounds, especially high-pitched, with buzzing in the ear.
Chin. Sal. 30: Addresses deafness and tinnitus.
Natrum Sal. 200: Beneficial for vertigo and deafness with ear noises, especially suited for progressive deafness.
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