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Homeopathy for Leucorrhoea, Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual Disorders

Dr Pranjali recommends

Homeopathy medicines list for Irregular Periods, Delayed Painful Menses, Vaginal complaints, Uterine disorders etc., Refer our blog article here

76 results
SBL Pelvorin Tablets for Prompt Management of Leucorrhoea
Baksons Fem Aid homeopathy Syrup in 115nl, 450ml pack for delayed menses, missing periods, painful menses (menstrual cramps), enures normal uterine activity
Blooume 24 Menstrusan is indicated for absence or cessation of menstruation, insufficient flow, painful menstruation ( dysmenorrhea) and white discharge.
Wheezal Homeopathy Leucorine Tablets for White Vaginal Discharge (Leucorrhoea)
Wheezal WL48 Fibroid Uterus Drops for Irregular Bleeding in Females
Medisynth Utronic Syrup for Uterine Ailments
Allen Gynical Homeopathy Syrup for Gynaecological Problems
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Iron supplements for anemia in homeopathy
Mayons EvesCare Hygiene Gel for Vaginal Lubrication
Isotropin Female Oral Spray 1 Oz. (30Ml)
Isotropin Female Oral Spray 1 Oz. (30Ml)
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Blooume 23 Menosan used for relief from symptoms like hot flushes, palpitation and irritability associated with menopause.
Bakson Pelvi Aid Tablets for Irregular and Delayed Menses
Bakson Menso Aid Syrup, homeopathy for  menstrual complaints
Blooume 46 Ashokasan Tonic - Reduces Bleeding in Women
Adel 15 Fluofin drops for Leucorrhoea (Vaginal discharge)
Ashoka Elixir Drops (fertility)
Ashoka Elixir Drops for fertility
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Allen A22 Leucorrhoea Drops - Homeopathic medicine for Menstrual Disorders
Allen A36 Homeopathy Drops for Dysmenorrhoea (Painful Periods)
Dr.Reckeweg R10 Climacteric drops for Irregular menstruations, Leucorrhoea, Flushes of heat
Dr.Reckeweg R20 drops  (Women) for dysfunction of Endocrine, Pituitary, Goitre
Dr.Reckeweg R28 homeopathy  drops for Dysmenorrhea, Amenorrhea, Irregular periods
Homeopathy Dr.Reckeweg R50 drops for hip hoint pain
Dr.Reckeweg R75 Dysmenorrhoea drops for Labour pains, Cramping pain
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC15 for Menstrual Troubles
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC26 for easy Parturition (Delivery)
Dr.Bakshi B31 Mensin drops for painful menstruation
Dr.Bakshi B7 Climacteric Drops for irregular menstruation (menopause) ushes of heat, physical weakness, psychic exhaustion, headaches and irregular menstruation associated with menopause
Dr.Bakshi B55 Fem Rheuma Drops  for bone ailments in females
Doliosis D37 Menopause drops
SBL Dysmin Tablets for Dysmenorrhoea or Painful Menstruation
Bakson B37 homeopathy endocrine drops
Dr Raj Femol Uterine Syrup for Leucorrhoea, irregular menstruation
Medisynth Phytofit Tablets for weight regulation
schwabe Sabal Serrulata 1X Homeopathy Mother Tincture Tablets, Urinary trouble, Sexual vitality
Similia Utero Vit Tonic for Dysmenorrhea, Leucorrhea, Irregular Menses
76 results
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