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Homeopathy for Leucorrhoea, Dysmenorrhea, Menstrual Disorders

Disorders of menstruation & their homeopathic management - a book by A.C. Cowperthwaite, M.D with clinical classification, definition, aetio-pathology, clinical features, prognostic significance, and their homeopathic treatment.

Dr Pranjali recommends

Homeopathy medicines list for Irregular Periods, Delayed Painful Menses, Vaginal complaints, Uterine disorders etc., Refer our blog article here

77 results
Irregular periods medicine kit, oligomenorrhea, doctor recommended homeopathy for irregular menstruation
Sepia Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M
top  Leucorrhoea, Leukorrhea treatment medicines homeopathy
Best Homeopathy Medicines for Leucorrhoea
From Rs. 80.00 Rs. 390.00
Schwabe Magnesium Phosphoricum Pentarkan Tablets new  pack
Abroma Radix Homeopathy 2 Dram Pills
Homeopathy Uterine Fibroids treatment medicines Thlaspi B, Fraxnius Am, Aurum Mur, Thuja
Wheezal Homeopathy Leucorine Syrup, Leucorrhoea, White discharge
Dysmenorrhea Homeopathy Combination medicines for Menstrual Disorders
homeopathy medicine for PCOS polycystic  ovaries
Schwabe Hertone Utrotonic Homoeopathic Medicine for Amenorrhoea, Menstrual irregularities
Schwabe Biocombination BC15 Tablets for Menstrual Trouble, Irregular periods
Wheezal Homeopathy Femo Cordial Syrup for leucorrhoea, menstrual complaints
King & Co Agnus Femin K1 Drops for Menstrual Disorders, Amenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea
SBL Calcarea Ova Tosta 3X for White vaginal discharge
Wheezal Homeopathy Mensorine Drops for Irregular Menses (periods)
Medisynth Femacol drops
Hersute Homeopathy Medicine for  Unwanted hair growth
Schwabe Millefolium Pentarkan tablet for prolonged Menstruation, Excessive Uterine Bleeding
Allen M pausal Drops for climacteric troubles, palpitation, irregular haemorrhages
Allen Menstrol Homeopathy Leucorrhoea Tonic, Menstrual Colic, Pruritis vulvae
Haslab Ashoka Elixir Tonic (An Ideal Woman Tonic)
Allens Homeopathy Leucorrhal-drops-for-Vaginal-discharge
Adel 31 Upelva drops for Menstuation Complaints, Irregular Periods
Homeopathy Lachesis 2 Dram Pills 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M
Hapdco Mensol syrup Amenorrhea, Menorrhagia, Leucorrhoea, Ovaritis (Inflammation), Dysmenorrhoea, Metrorrhagia,
Allens Dysmen drops for Menstrual problems
Hahnemann pharma Menso syrup - women health tonic
best menopause tablets safe and natural Klimaktolan
Hahnemann pharma Ferrum iron tonic
Hahnemann pharma Ferrum iron tonic
Rs. 98.00 Rs. 108.00
Hahnemann pharma Femolin Tonic for leucorrhoea, menstrual problems
Allen Leucocure homeopathy Tablets for Leucorrhoea
Allen A74 Homeopathy Drops, Hormonal imbalance & Endometriosis
Wheezal Homeopathy Famiplan Tablets for irregular menses/periods
St George Jossocca Tonic - An Ideal Tonic  for Women
Schwabe Biocombination BC13 Tablets for Leucorrhoea, Vaginal discharge 20 Gms Pack
Bhargava Leukona F Syrup for White Discharge in Females
77 results
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