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Fourrts PCO drops for Ovarian Cysts, Irregular Menses

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Size: 30ml

Discover Fourrts Homeopathy PCO Drops: Your Holistic Solution to PCOS

🌸 Embrace Balance & Well-being! 🌸

* Holistic Approach to PCOS: Dive deep into the roots of PCOS with a treatment that understands the intricacies of your body.

* Alleviate Symptoms: Experience relief from the distressing symptoms of PCOS, ensuring a smoother daily life.

* Promote Hormonal Harmony: Our unique blend works diligently to restore and maintain hormonal balance, the key to overall well-being.

🍃 Nature's Potent Blend for Optimal Health: 🍃

Benefit from the synergy of powerful homeopathic ingredients:

* Apis Mell 6C: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

* Lycopodium 6C: Traditionally used to support liver function and hormonal balance.

* Colocynthis 6C: Recognized for alleviating abdominal discomfort.

* Lachesis 6C: Often used to address circulatory and hormonal issues.

* Belladonna 6C: Renowned for its effects on sudden symptoms and pain relief.

* Thuja 6C: A holistic remedy for various health concerns, promoting overall balance.

🌼 Why Navigate PCOS Alone? Let Fourrts Homeopathy PCO Drops be your trusted companion in this journey. Embrace a life of balance, health, and vitality. 🌼

Choose holistic. Choose health. Choose Fourrts Homeopathy PCO Drops.

Medical Bulletin - Fourrts Homeopathy PCO liquid

Homeopathic Fourrts PCO Liquid drops are formulated to target and tackle Polycystic Ovary (PCO) concerns. It offers a holistic approach to treating this condition, effectively alleviating symptoms and promoting hormonal balance. It works by gently stimulating the body's natural healing mechanisms, encouraging a harmonious equilibrium within the ovaries.

PCOS due to hormonal imbalance

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a complex hormonal disorder that primarily affects people with ovaries. It involves a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors that lead to a variety of symptoms and health issues. While hormonal imbalances are a key component of PCOS, the exact causes and mechanisms behind the disorder are still being researched.

The hormonal imbalances associated with PCOS typically involve:

  1. Insulin Resistance: Many individuals with PCOS exhibit insulin resistance, where the body's cells don't respond effectively to insulin. This can lead to elevated levels of insulin in the bloodstream, which in turn can stimulate the ovaries to produce excess androgens (male hormones). Androgens play a role in the development of many PCOS symptoms, including acne, excessive hair growth (hirsutism), and irregular menstrual cycles.
  2. Androgen Excess: Elevated levels of androgens, such as testosterone, are common in individuals with PCOS. This can disrupt the normal ovulation process and lead to the development of small cysts on the ovaries. The combination of androgen excess and disrupted ovulation contributes to irregular menstrual cycles and difficulty conceiving.
  3. LH and FSH Imbalance: Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) are two important hormones involved in the menstrual cycle. In people with PCOS, there's often an imbalance between these hormones, with higher levels of LH relative to FSH. This can contribute to irregular ovulation and the development of ovarian cysts.
  4. Estrogen Imbalance: Estrogen, a female sex hormone, can also be imbalanced in PCOS. Elevated androgen levels can interfere with the normal balance of estrogen, which may affect the regularity of menstrual cycles and contribute to symptoms like irregular bleeding.

It's important to note that PCOS is a complex condition with a wide range of symptoms that can vary from person to person. Not everyone with PCOS will experience the same symptoms or hormonal imbalances. Diagnosis is typically based on a combination of symptoms, physical examinations, and medical tests, including hormone level measurements and ultrasound imaging of the ovaries.

Management of PCOS often involves a combination of lifestyle changes, medications, and, in some cases, assisted reproductive technologies. Lifestyle changes may include adopting a healthy diet, regular exercise, and managing stress. Medications can help regulate menstrual cycles, manage insulin resistance, and address specific symptoms such as excess hair growth or acne.

If you suspect you have PCOS or are experiencing symptoms related to hormonal imbalances, it's important to consult a healthcare professional for accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.

Fourrts PCO drops Indication:

  1. PCOS, ovarian cysts, irregular menses, early/late variable bleeding
  2. Cystic ovaries, PCOD-related complaints of hormonal dysfunction 
  3. Obesity, Hair fall, Hirsutism
  4. Unwanted hair growth, pain in the abdomen, etc.

PCO liquid drops homeopathic composition & mode of action in PCOS treatment :

Each ml contains;

  1. Apis Mell 6C - It is adapted to people who have a tendency to get inflammation in various body parts like eyes, joints, and urinary tract. It relieves burning, smarting, and scalding pain that is felt while urinating or after urinating. It also helps to manage attending complaints of weak urine flow, frequent urge to urinate and blood-stained urine
  2. Colocynthis 6C - This medicine works well when there is cramping pain. Pain is marked on the left side with relief on bending double (upper part of the body bent forward and downward).  Colocynth is also useful for treating deep stitching pain as from pricking by needles. It is also indicated with sharp pain in the right pelvic region. Lastly, it is a very suitable medicine for managing cramps during menses.
  3. Lycopodium 6C
  4. Lachesis 6C - It is a beneficial medicine when there is sharp shooting pain, especially in the left ovary. Females who need it have dark menstrual flow which has an offensive smell. The periods can be short and scanty. The lower abdomen may be sensitive. It is also a well-indicated medicine when there is menstrual colic that begins in the left ovary.
  5. Belladonna 6C - It is prominent for cases having throbbing pain in the ovary (recurring pain at regular small intervals) mostly in the right ovary. In some cases, there is lancinating (piercing) pain in the ovary or a burning sensation in the ovarian region.
  6. Thuja 6C in equal proportion - It is indicated for cutting or shooting type of pain. It is mostly present on the left side. Sometimes, there is a squeezing type of pain also. Females needing it may have too early and too short menses. The menstrual flow is also scanty.


  • Adults: 3-6 drops dilute in 15ml-20ml of water to be taken 3 times a day OR as directed by the physician.
  • Use the compound at least 10 minutes before OR 30 minutes after meals.

Presentation: 30ml glass bottle alcohol 84%

Storage: Keep in a cool dry place & away from children.

Tips: Customers often added Hertone Syrup with Fourrts PCO Drops

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