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Best Homeopathic Remedies for Fatty Liver

How Homeopathy Can Alleviate Fatty Liver Symptoms?

  • Bryonia Alb 30: Best for fatty liver and liver pain, improving with rest and worsening with movement. Key symptom: stitching pain alleviated by lying on the painful side.

  • Chelidonium Maj. Q: Top choice for fatty liver with symptoms of enlarged, tender liver, and pain radiating to the right shoulder blade. Benefits from hot drinks and experiences constipation with hard, round stools.

  • Cardus Marianus Q: Effective for sensitive left liver lobe with symptoms of fullness and nausea. Notable for golden urine and knotty stools.

  • Calcarea Carb 30: Suitable for fatty liver in individuals who are overweight with chronic constipation. Dislikes milk and craves indigestible items like chalk.

  • Boldo Q: Addresses liver congestion with symptoms of a burning sensation and loss of appetite.

  • Lycopodium Clavatum 200: Ideal for congested liver with gastric issues like flatulence and acidity. Symptoms worsen in the evening and improve with hot food and drinks.

  • Phosphorus 200: Helps with fatty liver characterized by weak digestion and sour belching. Prefers cold food and drinks.

  • Nux Vomica 30: Recommended for liver issues due to alcohol, with symptoms of pain and heaviness in the stomach worsening after eating.

  • Dolichos 30: Prescribed for liver-related itching and jaundice, with intense nocturnal itching.

  • Myrica Cerifera Q: Used for liver disorders with accompanying heart complaints and symptoms like jaundice and a weak, irregular pulse.

  • Podophyllum Pel. 30: Suitable for sore, painful liver, better with rubbing. Indicated for a sluggish liver with diarrhea and a yellow-coated tongue.

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