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Bio Combination Medicines

Important information about homeopathy Biocombination medicines

The Biochemic theory states that diseases occur due to imbalance in the vital cell salts and by giving potentized cell salts, such disturbance or imbalance can be corrected. If a person is found to have symptoms, which are not fully covered by a single salt, more than one salt is given in combination. Based upon the tissue affinity and symptoms, the cell salts have been combined in universally accepted 28 different combinations and denoted as BC1 -28. Each combination works for a specific set of symptoms or a specific condition like cough, fever, constipation, diarrhoea, tonsillitis etc. and is widely used amongst infants, children and adults, without any side effects.


General Dosage of homeopathy biocombination medicines

Adults: 4 tablets four times daily,

Children: 2 tablets four times daily (if applicable),

Infants: 2 tablets two times daily (if applicable),

or as advised by your physician.

The extra soft tablets from Dr.Reckeweg, SBL, Dr.Schwabe dissolve almost instantly on the tongue.

28 results
Bjain Biocombination No 10 Tablets for Enlarged Tonsils
Bjain Biocombination No 11 Tablets for Fever
Bjain Biocombination No 20 Tablets for Skin Diseases
Bjain Biocombination No 21 Tablets for Teething Problems
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic combination Tablets BC2 for Asthma
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC23 for Toothache, Bleeding Gums
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC7 for Diabetes
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC8 for Diarrhoea (loose motions)
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC13 for Leucrorrhoea, Vaginal discharge
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC15 for Menstrual Troubles
Dr Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC18 for Pyorrhoea, Bleeding Gums
Dr.Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC 19 for Rheumatism
Dr.Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC3 for Colic (abdomen pain)
Dr.Reckeweg Biochemic Combination Tablets BC4 for Constipation
SBL Bio Combination No.17 Tablets for Engorged Rectal Veins (Piles)
SBL Bio Combination No.18 Tablets for Pyorrhoea - Treats Gum Disease
SBL Bio Combination No 24 Tablets for Debility and Exhaustion
SBL Bio Combination No.27 Tablets for Lack of Vitality
SBL Biocombination BC26 Tablets for Easy Parturition
Schwabe Biocombination BC1 Tablets for Anaemia, Tremor, Weakness
Schwabe Biocombination BC12 Tablets for Headache, Cerebral problems
Schwabe Biocombination BC14 Tablets for Measles, Sneezing, Nasal & Eye discharge
Schwabe Biocombination BC22 Tablet for Scrofula (Glandular Tumors)
Schwabe Biocombination BC25 Tablets for Acidity, Flatulence, Dyspepsia, Indigestion
Schwabe Biocombination BC28 Tablets, General Tonic for Health & Wellness
Schwabe Biocombination BC5 Coryza Tablets for Sneezing, White Nasal discharge
Schwabe Biocombination BC6 Tablets for Cough, Cold & Catarrh
Schwabe Biocombination BC9 Tablets for Dysentery, Mucus & Blood in Stools
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