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SBL Biocombination 18 Tablets - Natural Relief for Gum Boils, Toothaches, and Gum Health

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Introducing SBL Biocombination 18 Tablets – Your Natural Dental Health Solution!

🦷 Say goodbye to gum discomfort and tooth woes with SBL Biocombination 18 Tablets! 🌿

Are you dealing with gum boils, toothaches, sensitive teeth, or unpleasant breath? Our expertly crafted formula is here to provide you with the holistic dental care you deserve.

🌟 Key Benefits of SBL Biocombination 18 Tablets:

- Relieve Gum Boils
- Soothe Sensitive Gums
- Strengthen Loose Teeth
- Alleviate Toothache
- Combat Gum Abscess
- Stop Spongy, Bleeding Gums
- Neutralize Foul Breath

🌿 Natural Ingredients, Effective Results 🌿Our tablets contain a precise blend of Schuessler salts

Experience the gentle power of homeopathy and regain your dental well-being. SBL Biocombination 18 Tablets are your trusted companion for a confident and healthy smile. Embrace natural dental care today! 😁

Medical Bulletin - SBL Biocombination 18

SBL Bio Combination No.18 Tablets for Pyorrhoea is indicated for Spongy and inflamed gums that bleed easily. Plus in gums, foul breath, toothache, teeth sensitive to cold

Biocombination remedies, also known as Biochemic combinations or Schuessler salts, are a unique category of homeopathic medicines. These remedies were developed by Dr. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler, a German homeopath, in the late 19th century. The concept behind biocombination remedies is based on Schuessler's theory of Biochemic Therapy, which suggests that certain mineral deficiencies or imbalances in the body can lead to various health issues, and restoring these minerals to their proper levels can promote healing and well-being.

Biocombination remedies are composed of 12 essential mineral salts, which are often referred to as "tissue salts." These mineral salts are believed to be vital for the proper functioning of cells and the body as a whole. They are prepared in a highly diluted form, following the principles of homeopathy, where the substances are serially diluted and succussed (shaken vigorously) to create remedies that are safe and gentle.

Each biocombination remedy is a combination of these tissue salts, tailored to address specific health concerns or imbalances in the body. They are commonly used in homeopathic practice to support and promote the body's natural healing processes. Biocombination remedies are considered gentle and generally free from side effects, making them suitable for people of all ages, including infants and the elderly.

Some common uses of biocombination remedies include addressing digestive issues, promoting bone health, supporting respiratory health, and aiding in conditions like colds, coughs, and skin problems. 

Composition of SBL Biocombination 18 

  • Calcarea fluorica 3x
  • Siliceab6x
  • Calcarea sulphuric 3x

Indications of SBL Biocombination 18 

  • Gum boil,  gums sensitive to cold,
  • Unnatural looseness of the teeth, toothache, abscess at the root of teeth,
  • Spongy bleeding gums
  • Pus in gums and foul breath.

Action of Biochemic medicine in SBL Biocombination 18 

  1. Calcarea fluorica - 3x Gum-boil, with hard swelling on the jaw, looseness of the teeth, with or without pain, toothache, with pain if any food touches the tooth.
  2.  Silicea - 6x Gums sensitive to cold air. Boils on gums. Abscess at the root of teeth. Sensitive to cold water.
  3.  Calcarea sulphuric - 3x Sour, soapy, acrid taste in the mouth. Yellow coating at the base of teeth.

 Dosage of SBL SBL Biocombination 18 

Adults: 4 tablets every three hours or four times a day.

 Children: 1 to 2 tablets 4 times a day.

Biocombination 18 Tablets is also available in Schwabe, Dr.Vashisht (100gms pack), Dr.Reckeweg

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