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Dr advise Tooth Pain fast relief Gargle, Mouthwash

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Tooth pain relief medicines in Homeopathy

Wondering 'How to stop tooth pain fast at home?' Get natural emergency tooth ache relief in homeopathy with the power of four well known homeopathy mother tinctures (herbal concotion for Gargle/mouthwash)

Dental (tooth) infection, decay, injury, or loss of a tooth are the most common causes of tooth ache or dental pain. Tooth pain may also occur after an extraction (tooth is pulled out)

Homeopathy medicines for tooth pain are of natural origin and don’t have any side effects. The use of homeopathic medicines is recommended when the symptoms are of mild to moderate intensity. In severe case medical attention and doctor supervision advised. Plantago is a leading homeopathy medicine for toothache due to cavity, Hepar Sulph for throbbing tooth pain due to abscess, Merc Sol for pulsating type of toothache with swelling of gums. Arnica 30 is a very effective  remedy for pain in teeth with soreness in gums that occurs after filling of teeth. Dr Gopi says “ Arnica act as an accurate pain relieving medicine”. Toothche from wearing false teeth.

Tooth pain can strike any time and if it is in the night you might not even be able to sleep. These homeopathic tincture combination will help tooth pain fast, quicken the healing process without any side effects. 

Dr Kirti Vikaram recommends a oral gargle combination of 4 mother tinctures for quick relief from tooth pain.

Watch his You Tube vide titled “ Homeopathic Toothache fast kill combination | दांत के दर्द को मिनटों में ठीक करें !” to know more. He recommends

Mother Tincture tooth pain (tooth ache) killer combination for fast relief in minutes 

Action of above tinctures in tooth pain relief

Homeopathic medicine Plantago is a natural cure for toothache. Plantago is of help in all those cases where the teeth ache and are sensitive. Teeth show caries and most persons requiring Homeopathic remedy Plantago have increased salivation in their mouth with toothache. Plantago also gives good results when there isa swelling of cheeks along with toothache. The pain radiating from teeth to ears is best controlled with Plantago. Plantago can be used by all those persons in whom the pain in teeth extends to the ear.

Belladonna is very beneficial for relief for tooth pain like throbbing and tearing pain due to inflammation. Patient may have fever with pain

Kreosotum is a top homeopathy remedy in toothache. Here the pain is due to decayed teeth but no signs of inflammation or gumboil.

Calendula is a well indicated medicine for cases in which an abscess occurs following some surgical procedure. The remedy has anti-inflammatory properties corresponding to its main action in injuries and inflammations. It promotes healing

The 4 tinctues should be mixed in equal quantity

how to use (dose): toothache combination 20 drop 3 times a day with some water only for gargle

Kit Contents: Contains 4 units of 30ml sealed Mother tinctures

Additional recommendations

Dr Kirti recommends Dr Reckeweg R35 drops (internal) for toothache relief . He says this is very useful for tooth pain during dentition in children also. Watch his Youtube titled "दांतों का दर्द ! Toothache! Homeopathic German medicine for toothache ? explain!" for more info. Recommended dosage: reckeweg R 35, 10 to 15 drops with some water 3 times a day

Dr Kirti recommends Wheezal Hekla Lava Toothpaste for stained teeth, pyorrhea, Gingivitis, bad odour, tooth cavity and tooth sensitivity. Watch his You Tube video titled" A toothpaste for pyorrhea tooth pain sensitivity & cavity ? Wheezal Dental cream | homeopathic" for more info. Recommended usage: Brush Twice  a day morning and night

Combo Offer: Tooth Pain relief Gargle Kit (120ml)+R35 (22ml)+Hekla Lava Toothpaste(100 Gms) 12% off

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