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Tooth decay (Caries) Treatment Homeopathy Medicines

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Homeopathy provides an alternative option of non-operative cavity treatment that can be a safe helpful method to control caries lesion progression in primary teeth. Homeopathy medicine not only controls or halts lesion activity but also facilitates a natural enamel repair process (by using minerals from saliva)

Causes: lack of oral hygiene, bacteria build-up in your mouth, frequent snacking, sipping sugary drinks

Dr. Swapnil sagar Jain of Niramay homeopathy recommends Kreosote for caries in children. Watch his YouTube video titled "Rotten Teeth /दांत के कीड़ों की दवा/tooth decay/caries treatment" to know more

He recommends Kreosote (Kreosotum) 200 for caries in adults and children with the following symptoms

  • Gums turning grey or black
  • Sensitive Gums that tend to bleed easily
  • White discharge
  • Bedwetting in children

Kreosotum (Beechwood Kreosote) is a mixture of phenols obtained from this distillation. Materia medica indication of Kresote in oral conditions; red, bleeding. Very painful dentition; the child will not sleep. Very rapid decay of teeth, with spongy, bleeding gums; teeth dark and crumbly (Staph; Ant c). Putrid odor and bitter taste. Rapid decomposition of fluids and secretions, and burning pain

The doctor says Kreosote provides 100% success in the above cases. He says for children the dosage is 2 drops once a week (for 4-5 weeks). For adults, dosage may depend on the patient's symptoms and the extent of relief needed. In acute bleeding cases, 2 drops may be given 3-4 times a day or in chronic cases, 2 drops 4 times a week.

Dr K S Gopi recommends Caries (Tooth Decay) Homeopathy remedies


  1. Staphysagria 30 - teeth rapidly become black, and when decay has commenced, rapidly break down. sensitiveness of the teeth to the least touch. aching after eating or drinking
  2. Plantago major 30 - rapidly decay and falls out. sordes. sore bleeding gums.
  3. Phosphorus 30 - teeth become discolored grey and hollow. bleeding gums. discharges from teeth sockets
  4. Mezereum 30 - rapid tooth decay. blunt, elongated, feeling in the teeth
  5. Kreosotum 200 - if teeth turn black and decay
  6. Bacillinum 1000 (1M) - teeth with pits or holes in them, from defective enamel

Note: above medicines are available in 2-dram medicated globules. Customers can order the medicines in 30 ml dilutions also by special request (rates may change). A complete Kit with 6 medicated pills is also available

For best results, the medicines should match the indicated symptoms or as advised by your doctor

Single or multiple Individual remedies may be selected in drop-down options. -

Other indicated Homeopathy remedies for Caries treatment

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