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SBL Stobal Cough Syrup. Dry and wet cough, throat irritation, laryngitis

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About Stobal Homeopathy Cough Syrup

Also known as Stodal (earlier name). SBL Stobal Cough Syrup is effective in all types of cough (dry & wet), irritation in throat, cough associated with bronchitis, laryngitis, tracheitis and in whooping cough. Available in sugar free variant also

Most cough syrups in the market contain narcotic derivative like codeine which has narcotic effect. This can lead to addition as well as reduce mental activity causing drowsiness. These cough syrups should not be given to children as well as to pregnant and lactating mothers.

SBL's stobal cough syrup with no narcotics helps in facilitating recovery from cough and wheezes and thus, often helps in avoiding usage of antibiotics. Stobal+ cough syrup is a safe and effective remedy, and is well suited for all age groups. It has no narcotics. Safe for pregnant women, children and elderly persons.

Indications of stobal

  • Effective in all types of cough
  • Cough associated with bronchitis, laryngitis,
  • Tracheitis (inflammation of trachea) and in whooping cough

Stobal Ingredients

SBL's stodal cough syrup is a clinically proven product and contains well balanced homeopathic ingredients like Pulsatilla nigricans 3X, Justicia adhatoda 3x, Rumex crispus 3x, Ipecacuanha 3 etc. 

Mode of action of the homeopathic ingredients in Stobal Cough Syrup

Justicia adhatoda 3x: is a highly efficacious remedy for acute catarrhal conditions of the respiratory tract. Coryza with cough, hoarseness, paroxysmal cough with suffocating obstruction of respiration, dyspnoea, symptoms of asthma and whooping are also covered by this ingredient. It is indicated for managing cases in which there is fluent coryza with constant sneezing. It is accompanied with watering from the eyes. Cough may also be present.

Rumex crispus 3x is indicated for coughs caused by incessant tickling in the back of the throat. It acts on dry coughs aggravated by inspiring cold air, which cause stringy and tough expectoration. Rumex is known to diminish the secretion of mucous membranes. Rumex is given when cough arises from tickling sensation in the throat pit. It is severe and almost constant. It tends to worsen from talking and inhaling cold air. There appears a sensation of the feather in the throat. Along with this, scanty expectoration arises with difficulty.

Ipecacuanha reduces spasmodic irritation of the chest. It acts on dyspnoea, chest pain, incessant and violent cough, wing and attacks of spasmodic and suffocative cough with nausea. A person needing it has a spasmodic cough that ends in vomiting. It mostly worsens from eating. Along with this, mucus rattling in the chest is there. The chest feels tight, along with suffocation.

Stobal reviews: Dr Pranjali reviews this as a very useful homeopathy cough medicine in dry & wet cough, removes phlegm, relievs difficulty in swallowing. Good homeopathic medicine for cough and sore throat, useful homeopathic medicine for cough and cold in infants, khansi cough ka ilaj

Stobal side effects:  Nil, no contra indications.

Stobal Sugar Free comes in 180ml only

Now get Stobal in the form of cough Lozenges, available buy now. Each Jar comes with 250 Lozenges

Dosage  One tablespoon 3-5 times a day for Adults and teaspoon 3-5 times a day for children
Manufacturer SBL Pvt. Ltd
Size & Price
60/115/180/500ML, 55/100/150/260 Rs resp


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