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BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup, Allergic dry cough, Spasmodic cough

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About BBP Tussitol 

BBP Tussitol cough syrup helps in treating cough due to different causes like bacterial or viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, cough due to post nasal drip. Allergic dry cough, spasmodic coughs and wheeze.

BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup contains homeopathic goodness like Senega, Nat sulph, Ferr phos , Kali mur , Ipecac, Antim tart, that provide effective expectorant effect and soothes the throat.

Allergic cough is caused by your immune system's response to an allergen, rather than by an infection like a flu or cold cough. 

Postnasal drip cough: Secretions from the nose that drain down into the throat, causing congestion and cough. Postnasal drip is usually caused by allergies or the common cold

BBP Tussitol Ingredients and mode of action

Justicia Q, Senega Q, Lobelia Q, Ipecac 6, Antim Tart 6, Nat Sulph 6, Ferr Phos 6, Kali Mur 6.

Mode Of Action of individual ingredients in BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup :

  • Justicia Adh - Dry Cough from sternal region all over chest, hoarseness, larynx, painful paroxysmal cough with sneezing. Cough with severe dyspnea, whooping cough worse at night.
  • Senega - Cattarrhal symptoms of respiratory tract, ratting of chest, oppressed breathing difficult raising of tough mucous in the aged. periodical asthmatic attacks.
  • Ipecac - Dyspnoea, constriction of chest, violent cough with every breath chest seems full phlem but does not yield to coughing.
  • Anti tart - Great rattling of chest but little is expectorated, coughing & gaping consecutively. Rapid sport breath and suffocation.
  • Nat Sulph - Humid asthmatic Cough, Short breath, Aggravated in damp rainy weather.
  • Farr Phos Beginning of all cold/cough, acute, short and spasmodic cough.
  • Kali Mur - All Complaints of the respiratory tracts viz Bronchitis, laryngitis. Croup. Pneumonia etc. Thick white expectoration with loud barking cough.
Dosage Adults, Two teaspoon of BBP Tussitol Cough Syrup 4 times a day. Children, One teaspoon full 3 times a day or as directed by the physician.
Manufacturer Bangalore Bio-Plasgens
Form Syrup

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