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Piper Nigrum Homeopathy Dilution 6C, 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M

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About Piper Nigrum Homeopathy Dilution

Also known as Black Pepper

Hindi Name : Kali Mirch

Part Used: Dry unripe fruit.

Homoeopathic Uses

Headache: severe headache, as if temples were pressed in, pressure in nasal and facial bones. bursting in eyeballs. sensation of burning and pressure everywhere.

Gastric symptoms:  gastric discomfort. full feeling. flatulence. colic and cramps.

Dyspnea: difficulty in breathing. cough with pain in chest in spots, feels as if spitting blood. 

The medicine is effective for sensation of burning and pressure everywhere.      

Other Indications: Bleeding (external), premature ejaculations, anorexia, bad breath, caries

Contains: Potassium, A Phellandrene, A Pienene,  works as analgesic, alexeteric

Potency:  lower potencies

What doctors recommend Piper Nigrum in Homeopathy? 

Dr K S Gopi recommends Piper Nigrum 30-Cramps in the tongue and heaviness of the tongue

Dr Santosh Padhy recommends Piper Nigrum as best homeopathic medicine for Sneezing, Burning & Pressure in different parts of body.

Dr. Zahoor  says Piper Nigrum  for heaviness in the head with headache, painful facial bones, and eyes, cough with pain in chest and itchy nose like symptoms can also be treated using Piper Nigrum.

Piper Nigrum as per Boericke Materia Medica

Sensation of burning and pressure everywhere in body

Mind -Sad, apprehensive. Unable to concentrate; starts at any noise.

Head -Heavy headache, as if temples were pressed in; pressure in nasal and facial bones. Eyes inflamed and burning. Red burning face. Bursting aching in eyeballs. Nose itches; sneezing; nosebleed. Lips dry and cracked.

Throat -Sore, feels raw, burns. Burning pain in tonsils.

Stomach -Gastric discomfort. Full feeling. Great thirst. Flatulence. Tympanites. Colic and cramps.

Chest -Dyspnśa, cough with pain in chest in spots, feels as if spitting blood. Palpitation, cardiac pain slow intermittent pulse. Great flow of milk.

Urinary -Burning in bladder and urethra. Difficult micturition. Bladder feels full, swollen; frequent inclination without success. Priapism. Effective in burning sensation in urethra and bladder, hard micturition, swelling and prolonged erection of the penis.

Dose -Low attenuations.

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