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Hahnemann Bach flower Oak for Despondency despair

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Bach Flower Oak Indication: Despondency despair, but never cease efforts.

Also known as Quercus robur. The Common Oak

Emotional state of person needing:  The exhausted fighter brought to his knees, keeps struggling bravely and never gives up.

Person before treatment: Fighter, superhuman endurance, stiff upper lip, Rocky

Person after treatment: Able to withstand great stress with courage and persistence

About Bach Flower Remedy

Dr. EDWARD BACH born in mosely Warwichshire concluded that sickness and diseases were not primantly due to physical causes, but to some deeper harmony with in the sufferer himself.

He observed that body loses its natural resistance to diseases and become easy prey to any infection or from of illness due to distress in mind such as fear, worry, over anxiety, importance which depleted the vitality of an individual.

Between 1930 and 1936 He devoted his whole time to the search for harmless remedies amongst the wild flowers of countryside. He discovered 38 flower Remedies containing healing properties with the help of which the sufferer could again strength to overcome his anxieties, his fears, depression and so assist in his own heating in a natural way.

 Bach Flower Properties

Bach flowers Remedies affect the emotion and correct emotional disharmony, and imbalance in the person, which gave the feeling of physical well-being.

Salient Features:

  • Only 38 remedies therefore easy remembrance.
  • No elaborate head racking study. Easily understood
  • Very simple
  • Non-habit forming and absolutely without any side effects.
  • Can mix up to three medicines and be given for chronic diseases.
  • Can be repeated as often as required. Even up to 3-5 times a day as there is no problem of over closing.
  • No withdrawal symptoms.

Bach Flower Remedy: Descriptive Materia Medica

Unlike the Gorse people who give up trying when events and conditions seem hopeless, or they have been told or felt their health cannot be bettered. Those with the Oak state of mind keep struggling, never giving up hope, never ceasing their efforts to find a cure or to improve their condition. They feel despondent and often suffer from despair, but they still continue to try everything and hope against hope, for better health. They differ from the Cerato state of mind in the respect, that the Cerato people will try one thing after another because they mistrust their own judgment, but the Oak people will try many things because of the hope within them that something will eventually help them.

They will persevere and fight strongly, to get well and are disappointed and discontented with themselves if their health interferes with their work. They are reliable and dependable people, so that others tend to lay their burdens and responsibilities on their shoulders and rely on them. As one patient remarked "I am buying them up all the time, and now my nerves are frayed and strained."

The Oak people are not weak-willed or easily influenced as are the Centaury people, but they have a strong sense of determination and responsibility and of their own free will like to help others. They can therefore work too hard, become the mainstay of the family, patiently and quietly plodding along from day to day, hiding their tiredness or ill-health from others. They differ from the Vervain folk also, the latter "live on their nerves" and are highly strung, the Oak folk like the tree itself, can stand great strain, are patient and full of common sense. But there may come a time a breaking point, when despondency and despair are beyond their endurance both mentally and physically and they may suffer a nervous breakdown.

The positive aspect of this remedy, in Dr. Bach's words: "Brave people, fighting against great difficulties without loss of hope or effort."

Bach Flower, Cases treated:

Miss I. M., aged 54, was a nurse and social worker, busy all the time, always under extreme pressure, and yet ready to help everyone. She also had the responsibility of a sick friend. She became very depressed and despondent at times owing to her ill health. She had an enlarged liver and frequent migraine. She felt the work, which she loved doing was becoming too much for her. She said she was always sleepy and inclined to day-dream.

Remedies given were: Oak for her struggle to continue her work in spite of her physical difficulties and the depression. Clematis for the day-dreaming and sleepiness. After one month she reported she had only one episode of sick headache and felt generally, with more vitality. The remedies at her request were repeated three more times when she said "I have turned the corner. I am on a much more even keel and now do not drop into those bouts of frightening depression."

Oak in Bach Flower Mixes:

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Olive, Oak for Fatigue

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Oak, Olive for Professional Exhaustion

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Heather, Impatiens, Oak for Allergy

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Oak, Olive, Red chestnut for Pregnancy

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Oak and Olive for Getting Pregnant

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Wild Oak, Willow, Gentian for Appetite loss

Bach Flower Remedy Mix Hornbeam, Oak, Cerato for Pre period Symptoms

Presentation: 30ml, 100ml

Price : Rs.99 for 30 ml, get upto 35% off for best price

Dosage 5-10 Drops 3-4 times day or as directed by physician.
Manufacturer Hahnemann Pharma
Form Drops

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