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High Blood Pressure German Homeopathic Combinations

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German homeopathic medicines for high blood pressure (BP  or hypertension) are available in India from three brands; Schwabe, Reckeweg and Adel. We present 3 combinations of German homeopathic high BP medicine as indicated in company brochure

German BP Combination No.1: Schwabe Rauvolfia Serpentina 1x tablets+Viscum pentarkan drops+ BC16 tablets

Schwabe recommends Rauvolfia Serp 1x tablets for its hypotensive and neuro depressive activities manages high BP effectively. Alleviates associated symptoms such as irregular beats, emotional excitability, irritative conditions of central nervous system. Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed 2 tablets 2-3 times daily

Viscum pentarkan is indicated for hypertension with weak heart, it has a regulating influence on the arterial blood flow and reduce associated subjective complaints. Dosage: Unless otherwise prescribed 10-20 drops 3 times daily

BC16 tablets help conditions of nervous exhaustion, irritability, hysteric behavior, confusion and impaired memory that is associated with hypertension. Dosage: Adults 4 tablets, children 2 tablets 3-4 times daily

Note: Schwabe additionally recommends Essentia Aurea Gold drops for hypertension in general with cardia weakness,

German BP Combination 2 Reckeweg R85 drops+BC16 tablets+Vita C15 tonic

Dr.Reckeweg R85 drops contains allium sativum, kali phos and valeriana among others to have a lowering effect on high blood pressure. Dosage 10 drops 3 times dailu, in chronic cases 5-10 drops 6 times daily. 

Vita C Tonic (Forte) is recommended by Dr Reckeweg every time prior to stressful situation (that may trigger high blood pressure or stress induced hypertension). It also invigorates nervous system. It also contains zincum met for irritability, restlessness of legs. Dosage 2 teaspoons morning & evening for 6 days and once daily thereafter

BC16: refer description above

Contents: R85 (30ml) -1, Vita C C15 (10ml ampoules) - 3, BC16 (25 Gms) -1

German BP Combination 3:  Adel 8 co-HYPERT drops+NEU-regen tonic+BC16 tablets

Adel 8 co-HYPERT drops helps reduce and control high blood pressure particularly where no recognizable cause can be diagnosed. Also relieves hypertension due to blood vessel elasticity issues, psychosomatic processes and renal insufficiency Contains ferula moschata (for nervous heart action and irritated pulse), Iberis amara (hypertensioned heart strain)

NEU-regen restorative helps overcome strain & exhaustion from fast paced modern life. Contains conium mac (addresses fear, depression, hypochondria), Cinchona (nervous consitions), Delphinum Staphysagria (treats nervous hyperstimulation with irritability, fits of anger), piper methysticum( lightens moods of excited and exhausted states, natural tranquiliser), Avena Sativa (loss of sleep due to stress, worry, restlessness)

BC16: refer description above

Contents: Adel 8 20ml -1, NEU-regen 10ml ampoule -3, BC16 25 Gms -1

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