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Dr. Reckeweg R60 Blood Purifier Drops: German Homeopathic Solution for Detoxification

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Discover the Power of R60 for Blood Purification

Revitalize Your Health with Dr. Reckeweg R60 Blood Purifier Drops! This unique German homeopathic formula is your key to purifying your blood and rejuvenating your skin. Packed with nature's best like Conium and Sarsaparilla, R60 not only detoxifies your system but also ensures glowing skin and improved overall well-being. Whether you're dealing with skin problems, glandular issues, or general toxicity, R60 offers a safe, effective, and holistic solution. Say goodbye to impurities and welcome a healthier, more vibrant you with R60 - the natural way to purify your blood and boost your health.

Natural Ingredients for Effective Detox and Skin Health

Dr. Reckeweg R 60 is a homeopathic patent formulation designed for purifying the blood in the human body, available in drop form. This unique blend combines various homeopathic herbs, including key ingredients such as conium and fumar, which are effective against blood impurities, swollen lymph glands, and skin issues. Additionally, it contributes to the overall improvement of the humoral composition, which pertains to the body's fluids

Indications :  Impurities of the blood, unclean skin (e.g. pimples), swelling of Iymph glands, blood purifying remedy. General improvement of the humoral composition i. e. of the blood and other vital fluids needed in all circumstances of illness and more so in protracted illnesses. Scrofulosis.

Understanding the Impact of Toxins on Blood Health: The Vital Role of Detoxification

Daily exposure to toxins from various foods and environmental pollutants results in these impurities being absorbed into our bloodstream. The lungs play a critical role in filtering these toxins, a process essential for blood detoxification. This detoxification aids in bolstering the immune system and enhancing skin health, as well as promoting overall healthy bodily changes. Impure blood can lead to a range of symptoms, including pimples, skin discoloration, boils, headaches, jaundice, wrinkles, hair loss, premature aging, and weakened eyesight. Factors contributing to blood contamination can range from obesity and poor eating habits to diabetes, hormonal imbalances, inadequate sleep, a diet that leads to fermentation, and a lack of exercise. Without appropriate treatment, these conditions can escalate into more severe health issues, such as heart attacks, paralysis, and hypertension.

Ingredients & benefits of R60 

Aranea D. D12, Conium D30, Fumar Of D6. Hep. Sulf D12, Galium D12, Juglansd6, Myosotis A,D6, Sarsaparilla D6, Scroph. Nod.D6.

  • Conium: Addresses glandular swelling and paralytic weakness, promoting lymphatic health. Treats hardening and enlargement of glands, paralytic weakness (asthenia) of limbs with sweat.

  • Gallium Aparine: Acts as a diuretic and treats bodily dyscrasias, contributing to detoxification. Treats general disordered state of the body (dyscrasis), increased passing of urine (diuretic) and ulcers.
  • Hepar Sulfuris: Aids in healing boils, abscesses, and purifying the blood. It promotes blood purification in human body by healing of weaken tissue that is caused by boils, pus and swollen area containing accumulation of pus (abscesses). It also treats swollen lymph glands and blood impurities.
  • Juglans Regia: Known for its blood-purifying properties.

  • Sarsaparilla: Supports skin health, particularly useful for eczema and delayed developmental issues in children accompanied by eczema (skin patches become rough and inflamed with blisters which cause itching and bleeding).

  • Scrophularia Nodosa: Effective for swollen lymph glands, damp skin conditions, and cold damp weather ailments.

General Indications for Dr.Reckeweg R 60 drops

The self-healing powers of the body during an illness is triggered by the biological homeopathic specialties of Dr. Reckeweg and Co.Gmbh, Bensheim, which acts as a specific stimulus in treatment.

The pharmaceutical properties of each of the individual ingredients complement one another in their effect on the individual symptoms and illness (stage)

The indicated quantity of Dr.Reckeweg R 60 dropsshould be taken before meals with some water unless otherwise prescribed by doctor. Medicines indicated for external use should be applied to the affected area and gently rubbed until absorbed by skin.

Contra Indication for Dr.Reckeweg R 60 drops

  • The medication (Dr.Reckeweg R 60 drops)should not be taken if patient develops any hypersensitivity to any of its ingredients
  • Generally medications should not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding unless prescribed by a doctor
  • Pls keep medications out of reach from children.
  • Homeopathic medications should be kept out of direct light and stored at a constant temperature, not over 30 degree Centigrade (86 degree F)
  • This being a natural product, it may sometime precipitate slightly or become cloudy, but this does not affect the quality and effectiveness of the product. If this happens, shake the product well before using.
  • Once you break open the seal, medications should be used up quickly
Dosage 5 to 15 drops taken 2 or 3 times daily in water before meals

Drops given according to age. In chronic cases 1 or 2 times daily
Size 22 ml glass bottle
Manufacturer Dr.Reckeweg and Co.GmbH
Form Drops


Complimentary combinations suggested by Dr.Reckeweg

Combating Acne with R60+R53: A Holistic Approach to Clearing Blood Impurities and Enhancing Skin Health

R60+R53 Acne due to blood impuritiesAcne can often be a result of blood impurities, a condition where toxins and waste substances accumulate in the bloodstream. These impurities can disrupt hormonal balance and the natural oil production in the skin, leading to clogged pores and bacterial growth - prime factors for acne development. Additionally, the body's attempt to eliminate these toxins through the skin can exacerbate skin inflammation and acne outbreaks. Therefore, maintaining blood purity is crucial for skin health and preventing acne. This combination helps you clear blood impurities and resultant swelling of lymph glands. It has a regenerative action on connective tissues and diseases of skin.

R60+R23+R21: Targeting Skin Diseases through Blood Purification - A Comprehensive Treatment Approach

R60+R23+R21 - for skin diseases due to impure blood: Skin diseases such as rashes, eczema, and psoriasis can often be linked to impure blood. When the blood is overloaded with toxins or waste products, it can lead to inflammatory responses in the skin, manifesting as various skin conditions. This underscores the importance of detoxification and blood purification in maintaining healthy skin. This combination brings about a constitutional improvement in cases associated with skin diseases by increasing body reactivity.

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