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Dr.Bakshi B63 Kidney Drops for Proteinuria, Albuminuria

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Elevate Your Kidney Health with Dr. Bakshi's B63 Drops

Revitalize Your Kidneys, Revive Your Life with Dr. Bakshi's B63 Kidney Drops. Embrace the power of homeopathy to transform your kidney health naturally. Dr. Bakshi's B63 Drops are your ally against kidney discomfort, offering relief from albuminuria and proteinuria, and supporting your kidneys' natural function. With a blend of carefully chosen ingredients, each drop is a step towards balanced health. Choose B63 Kidney Drops and take control of your kidney health today. Available exclusively at HomeoMart – where health meets nature

Homeopathy B63 Kidney Drops: A Holistic Approach to Kidney Health

Dr. Bakshi's B63 Kidney Drops offer a natural and effective solution for those seeking relief from various kidney-related ailments. Crafted with precision, these homeopathic drops aim to alleviate symptoms associated with kidney disorders, such as exhaustion, backache, and pain in the kidney region, as well as conditions like albuminuria and proteinuria. Dr. Bakshi's liquid preparation is designed for enhanced absorption and swift action, providing an advantage over traditional globule medications.

Understanding Kidney Disorders

The kidneys play a crucial role in filtering waste and excess water from the blood, a process essential for maintaining overall health. When these vital organs are compromised due to diseases stemming from various causes, symptoms can range widely from high fever (in cases of infection) and edema to bloody urine, lower back or flank pain, hypertension, and changes in urination patterns, including decreased output or complete suppression.

Optimizing Kidney Function Naturally with Dr. Bakshi's Formula: Key Ingredients of B63 drops and Their Benefits

  • Helonias Dioica 12x: Specifically targets kidney-related discomfort, offering relief from albuminuria symptoms. It is known for addressing aching and burning sensations across the lumbar region, indicative of kidney stress or fatigue.

  • Kalium Arsenicosum 4x: This ingredient plays a critical role in managing chronic nephritis accompanied by edema. It also addresses conditions related to heart pathology, providing relief when urine is scanty and contains pellicle, a thin layer or film, an indication of underlying kidney issues.

  • Phosphorus 6x: Phosphorus is beneficial for those experiencing a burning sensation in the back and pain as if the back were broken. It treats turbid, brown urine with red sediment, symptoms often associated with kidney disorders that involve inflammation or infection.

  • Plumbum Metallicum 12x: Known for its action on the urinary system, Plumbum Metallicum helps in cases of frequent, ineffectual urges to urinate (tenesmus), addressing conditions where urine is albuminous and has a low specific gravity, pointing towards kidney dysfunction.

The carefully selected ingredients in Dr. Bakshi's B63 Kidney Drops work synergistically to provide comprehensive support for kidney health. From soothing pain and discomfort in the kidney area to addressing the underlying causes of albuminuria and proteinuria, each component brings its unique action to the formula, ensuring a holistic approach to treatment.

  • Dosage: For effective relief, take 10-15 drops in water 3 times daily before meals. In acute cases, the dosage can be increased to every 2 hours, up to 6 times a day, until improvement is noted, after which it should be reverted to the standard dosage.

  • Manufacturer: Bakson Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., a trusted name in homeopathy, ensures the highest quality and efficacy of the B63 Kidney Drops.

  • Form: Available in liquid drop form, ensuring easy administration and rapid absorption for quick relief.

Dr. Bakshi's B63 Kidney Drops stand out as a holistic and effective solution for managing kidney health, offering a natural alternative to those seeking relief from the discomfort and symptoms of kidney disorders.


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